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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I could see her proudly carrying on her head an amphora to a well and disdaining all admirers.
▪ It is a black-figure amphora showing a tree with ten branches and an owl tethered near by.
▪ Nor were the paintings on the amphora of a kind any museum would dare put on display.
▪ The Northampton amphora, the best vase in the sale, made a record price of £190,000.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amphora \Am"pho*ra\, n.; pl. Amophor[ae]. [L., fr. Gr. ?, ?, a jar with two handles; ? + ? bearer, fe`rein to bear. Cf. Ampul.] Among the ancients, a two-handled vessel, tapering at the bottom, used for holding wine, oil, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "two-handled vessel for holding wine, oil, etc.," from Latin amphora from Greek amphoreus "an amphora, jar, urn," contraction of amphiphoreus, literally "two-handled," from amphi- "on both sides" (see amphi-) + phoreus "bearer," related to pherein "to bear" (see infer). Also a liquid measure in the ancient world, in Greece equal to 9 gallons, in Rome to 6 gallons, 7 pints.


n. 1 (context countable English) A two handled jar with a narrow neck that was used in ancient times to store or carry wine or oils. 2 One of various units for measuring liquid or volume during the Roman Empire, measuring between 18.5 and 39 litres depending on the variant. 3 An at sign (@).

  1. n. an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck; used to hold oil or wine

  2. [also: amphorae (pl)]


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Amphora (disambiguation)

Amphora can refer to:

  • Amphora, a type of ceramic vase with two handles, used for the transportation and storage of perishable goods
  • Amphora (unit), a unit for measuring liquids or bulk goods in the Roman Empire
  • Amphora, the at sign (@), also called asperand and ampersat
  • Amphora (alga), a major genus of diatoms
  • Amphora, a model of semi-closed-circuit mixture rebreather made by Aqua Lung America
  • AMPHORA, a bioinformatics software for meteganomics analysis
Amphora (unit)

The amphora, or amphora quadrantal was a unit for measuring liquids or bulk goods in the Roman Empire, and for estimating the size of ships and the production of vineyards.

The volume of a standard amphora is equal to one cubic foot.

Thus the Roman amphora (one foot ~29.6 cm) contains about 26 litres, Greek amphoras varied from 18.5 L (pous italikos ~26.5 cm) to about 36 L (pous Ptolemaikos ~33.1 cm). The French amphora, also called the minot de Paris, is 1/8 muid or one cubic pied du roi and therefore about 34 litres.

Along with other standard measures and the Roman currency, it gave an added advantage to Roman commerce. A standard amphora, the amphora capitolina, was kept in the temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill in Rome.

The talent, an ancient unit of mass was roughly the mass of the amount of water that would fill an amphora.

Category:Units of volume

Amphora (alga)

Amphora is a major genus of marine and freshwater diatoms. With over 1000 species, it is one of the largest genera of diatoms.

Usage examples of "amphora".

When his complaints were ignored, he tried to run away, believing his absence would mean the end of the Amphora project.

Roy Cosmopolis, the richest man in the Consortium, and the chief backer of the Amphora project.

That was why the Amphora immortality project was so important, because it would shatter even the concept of old age.

Now they were working together on a new project, but at the moment it was Amphora that was on their minds.

I had to bring him along in order to get the Amphora entry code from his robot.

Though gears still slipped, causing it to jerk forward momentarily with hideous grinding sounds, Jockey, Lizardo, Upquark and the Gamester managed to climb down its face, landing beside the opening to the Amphora service shaft.

The Dorje-men hurried to an alternate maintenance node and tried the shaft there, but at the Amphora junction they were engulfed in another avalanche.

The young Amphora scientist snuck a glance at her, torn between his fear of Jockey and his interest in her symptoms.

The accident at the installation was upsetting, but he would get in there himself and set the Amphora engineers straight, just as he did when soapsuds got out of control.

And as that took place, something entered the Amphora installation, something altogether improbable.

Max Rat, while Fin coaxed every ounce of power out of Little Infinity before Amphora got her, for he could feel the influence of its hidden energies on his ship.

Junk Moon had crystallized, successors had to be chosen, and fresh scientists were arriving daily, representing any discipline that might shine light on Amphora and how to destroy it.

The spirituality forced on the young by Amphora had created odd beliefs, the cult of the memorials just one of them.

Jockey took out a cigar, leaned back, and studied the pieces of the Junk Moon, circling where Amphora had been.

Dumpling broke the seal and let a small ladle down into the amphora and then tipped the ruby liquid into a goblet, Thiuda peremptorily grabbed the drink, suspiciously smelled of it, sipped of it, rolled it around in his mouth and rolled his eyes as well.