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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ We're remodeling the basement this winter.
▪ But remodelling the local administration had little effect; real power remained in the hands of the leading citizens of Mondovi.
▪ In the next two months the port will make a pitch to investors to remodel the Ferry Building.
▪ Old building have been remodelled, their heavy facades retained.
▪ She remodelled it with careful fingers, then held it close to the flame.
▪ The pressure to remodel old pubs is of course nothing new.
▪ Three hundred years later his house was remodelled by another successful bourgeois - this time a wealthy Oxford brewer.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Remodel \Re*mod"el\ (r?-m?d"?l), v. t. To model or fashion anew; to change the form of.

The corporation had been remodeled.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1789, from re- "back, again" + model (v.). Related: Remodeled; remodeling.


vb. To change the appearance, layout, or furnishings of.

  1. v. do over, as of (part of) a house; "We are remodeling these rooms" [syn: reconstruct, redo]

  2. cast or model anew; "She had to recast her image to please the electorate in her home state" [syn: recast, reforge]

Usage examples of "remodel".

These channels make the membrane permeable to ions or molecules, which can then enter the cell and act as signals for the initiation of the biochemical cascades which ultimately lead, in ways that I shall describe in the next chapter, to the synthesis of new synaptic membrane components and hence to synaptic remodeling.

Succeeding to the premiership Asquith remodeled the Cabinet more nearly in his own image.

Later on she was sunk or scuttled, then perhaps refloated, renamed, remodeled, or, for all I know, scrapped.

She is also currently overseeing the remodeling of the Van Sant mansion and the lobby of the Montgomery Hotel.

If an ornament originating in the constructional character of a woven fabric, or remodeled by it, and hence rectilinear, should be desired for a smooth structureless or featureless surface, the difficulties of drawing the angular forms would lead to the delineation of curved forms, and we would have exactly the reverse of the order shown in Figs.

One reason Suffolk shows profits when he remodels an apartment house is because he makes contractors underbid each other.

The Africans seemed to prefer trees for their hives, but they were capable of attacking an anthill, driving out the ants and remodelling the hill for themselves.

Well, sex, love, and art intermingled when Boomer eased the remodeled Airstream into her apartment house parking lot.

Zanita had her druthers, remodeling Tyberius Augustus Evans was not a task she would have voluntarily taken on, but a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

He had nodded with learned patience as Gamay ticked off the remodeling projects she had piled on their plate.

Lured by affordable housing, rehabbers had been buying like crazy and slowly increasing the property value by rebuilding, remodeling, and repainting.

Vincenzio taught Galileo to sing, and to play the organ and other instruments, including the recently remodeled lute, which became their favorite.

A few eyebrows had been raised two years ago when Winston and Shane had bought a broken-down old manor, Beck House, in nearby West Tanfield, remodeled it, and moved in together.

Shane had originally bought the old manor with the intention of selling it once they had rebuilt the ruined parts, remodeled the old-fashioned kitchen and bathrooms, added garages, and cleared away the wilderness which covered the neglected grounds.

Titania, when she saw the remodelled packing-case that served Bock as a retreat.