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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Brennan has worked diligently to recast the company's image.
▪ A fundamental shift in the emerging essence of the fishnet organization is the recasting of problems as dilemmas.
▪ It forces the investigator to recast his ideas from the beginning.
▪ Susan intuited that the Dream was evolving fast, recasting its inhabitants, twisting its externals.
▪ The sociological models described so far needed to be recast.
▪ The substantive powers of the Weimar President have been recast and redistributed.
▪ Without exception, their names had been changed and their commitments recast after the Communist Revolution.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Recast \Re*cast"\ (r[=e]*k[.a]st"), v. t.

  1. To throw again.

  2. To mold anew; to cast anew; to throw into a new form or shape; to reconstruct; as, to recast cannon; to recast an argument or a play.

  3. To compute, or cast up, a second time.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from re- + cast (v.). Of literary works and other writing, from 1790. Theater sense is from 1951.


n. 1 The act or process of recasting. 2 (context linguistics English) An utterance translated into another grammatical form. vb. 1 To cast or throw again. 2 To mould again. 3 To reproduce in a new form.

  1. v. cast again, in a different role; "He was recast as Iago"

  2. cast again; "The bell cracked and had to be recast" [syn: remold, remould]

  3. cast or model anew; "She had to recast her image to please the electorate in her home state" [syn: reforge, remodel]

Recast (manhwa)

is a six-volume Korean manhwa series written and illustrated by Seung-Hui Kye and originally published in South Korea by Daewon C.I. from November 15, 2003 to November 15, 2004. The series was licensed in English by Tokyopop, who released the first volume on November 7, 2006, and volume 6 on June 10, 2008. The series has also been licensed in German by Tokyopop Germany, and in French by Tokebi.

Recast (language teaching)

A recast is a technique used in language teaching to correct learners' errors in such a way that communication is not obstructed. To recast an error, an interlocutor will repeat the error back to the learner in a corrected form. Recasts are used both by teachers in formal educational settings, and by interlocutors in naturalistic language acquisition.


Recast may refer to:

  • Recast (language teaching), a language teaching technique
  • Recast (comics), a Korean comic

Usage examples of "recast".

One of the lengths to which they went was the establishment of patriarchal religion and the recasting of a father figure as the producer of the show, although from the very beginning, the cosmogonic principal had been feminine.

The marshaling of the organelles, the development of the eukaryotic membrane, energy by ingestion, colonies, differentiation, the notochord, the brain, the first croak of distress, courtship, self-expression: the word has always been permanently restless, wanting only to repeat imperfectly, recast what it has been until then.

His tactility is thus unnecessarily, and cruelly, recast as fetishism at this point since society has no precedent to grant males the full enjoyment of sight and touch.

Struck to decoct the gist out of and then recast in rather less uptown and more basic studential prose.

Recast by that play of resharpened force, he experienced a range of emotion that surpassed any word to describe.

Asherah somehow caused him to be conquered -- so when the deuteronomists reached Jerusalem, they recast the Adam and Eve story as a warning to the leaders of the southern kingdom.

Overdepressed in defeat, as oversanguine in victory, the King of the Franks ordered the catapults and mangonels he had brought to the siege of Arques dismantled, and retired to seclusion to put his mind in order and recast his shattered plans.

While bedridden, he recast his informal letter to Castelli into a much longer, more referenced treatise addressed to Madama Cristina herself.

The modern belief in a horned devil known as Satan could be traced back to Baphomet and the Church's attempts to recast the horned fertility god as a symbol of evil.

Now that the commissioners have gone, and the king's authority a phantom, now that the last loyal regiment is disarmed, the terrified Directory recast and obeying like a servant, with the Legislative Assembly allowing everywhere the oppression of the Constitutionalists by the Jacobins, a fresh Jacobin expedition may be started against the Constitutionalists with impunity.

With the rise of Darwinian theory, explanations were recast in terms of natural selection and of evolutionary descent.

There, after collating the opinions of several old-time astrologers on the power exerted by novae, he began to recast his own horoscope.

Mendelsohn advised we must recast our plan for new power stations, noisy and polluting, into something that sounded earth-friendly.

The mark of a good defense attorney is his ability to take any given set of facts and recast them in such a light that, presto change-o, as if by magic, what appeared to be absolute is turned into a frame-up or some elaborate conspiracy on the part of the police or government.

Fortunately, if for tune could be said to have worked at all in this business, the two secondary node rings involved in the recasting were the two outermost.