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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Blair stood at the mirror, redoing her makeup.
▪ I can't read a word of this - you'll have to redo it.
▪ The wallpaper came off and we had to redo the whole thing.
▪ They don't have the money to redo the plumbing right now.
▪ We're redoing the bathroom.
▪ Dissatisfied with the drum parts he had played and recorded on his own, he invited Fleetwood to redo them all.
▪ Marion would remember the times when what Amelia had done had to be redone by some one else.
▪ Much to his credit, the waiter balked at redoing the check.
▪ She is redoing her A-levels in chemistry, physics and biology in the sixth form of a London girls' school.
▪ The new owners had completely redone the place.
▪ The pollsters redid the surveys and found them accurate.
▪ Theorists all over the world had been redoing their sums for nothing.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also re-do, 1590s, from re- "back, again" + do (v.). Related: Redone; redoing.


n. A repeated action; a doing again, refurbishment, etc. vb. To do again.

  1. v. make new; "She is remaking her image" [syn: remake, refashion, make over]

  2. do over, as of (part of) a house; "We are remodeling these rooms" [syn: remodel, reconstruct]

  3. [also: redone, redid]

Usage examples of "redo".

This surprises me, because the cathedral is probably the most overpainted image in New Orleans, done and redone by students and hacks who hawk them to the tourists in Jackson Square.

He hired workmen to come in and redo the whole apartment, and,had a firm furnish it with style and taste.

If a trick goes wrong, even if only in his eyes, he must pick it apart like stitchwork and redo it until he gets it right.

Ideas about redoing it floated through her mind even after she picked up a Michener epic she had started a couple weeks ago.

The floors had been redone, the smell of varnish still in the house, after having been shut up for so long.

She led him by rows of recently converted warehouses, their facades now redone in creamy yellows and warm brick reds, modest exteriors for half-a-million-dollar condos and luxurious penthouse suites.

Graham had redone the landscaping for Gretchen last fall, and had spent a fair share of time inside with her reviewing the plans.

Hudson was as glad to have the place redone as I, and she gave me a free hand in picking things out.

Penn of INDPAK all of a sudden gets the idea to start claiming that now that it's snowing the snow totally affects blast area and fire area and pulse-intensity and maybe also has fallout implications, and he says Lord has to now completely redo everybody's damage parameters before anybody can form realistic strategies from here on out.

She was the type who'd make them redo all the work as soon as she walked in the door.

The bungalows were called the Palms Garden Apartments and they had just been redone.

Angered beyond speech, she was cinched quite interestingly up in a couple of thousand dollars worth of English latex, North Beach leather, and a pair of vintage Smith & Wesson handcuffs that someone had paid to have lovingly buffed and redone in black chrome-the gardener evidently having headed for the hills when he heard Rydell parking Gunhead in the living room.

Going to have to redo some of the secondary configs from scratch again.

I've had to get the framers back in to rip it out and reinstall it, and then the drywallers are standing by to redo the walls, and then the painters will be here to get it painted in time for the party.

I could see where Fiona's art deco taste wouldn't be completely out of place, but I couldn't for the life of me picture these cool, elegant rooms redone in black lacquer, plastic, leather, enamel, curly maple, and chrome.