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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Collins' recordings are being reissued on CD.
▪ A.. You might be able to get your ticket reissued at the lower price.
▪ As a result Ferranti had to write off £215million, reissue its annual report and negotiate financial support from its bankers.
▪ Atmel said it had no plans for the shares beyond reissuing them for employee stock plans.
▪ If, as I hope, the book is soon reissued in paperback, the author might consider three small improvements.
▪ The Collins Garden Guides, 24 titles in all, are reissued in March at £3.99.
▪ The govern-ment demanded satisfaction, and it was reissued.
▪ The series has been widely welcomed and used, and a number of its volumes are being reissued in a different format.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reissue \Re*is"sue\ (r?*?sh"?), v. t. & i. To issue a second time.


Reissue \Re*is"sue\, n. A second or repeated issue.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from re- "back, again" + issue (v.). Related: Reissued; reissuing. The noun is attested from 1805.


n. 1 Something that has issued, or been issued again. 2 A second or subsequent printing of postage stamps from old plates. vb. 1 To issue again. 2 To reprint a series of postage stamps from old plates. 3 In patent law: to permit a patent with ministerial errors to be corrected and enforced for the remainder of the original term of the patent.

  1. n. a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale [syn: reprint, reprinting]

  2. v. print anew; "They never reprinted the famous treatise" [syn: reprint]

  3. issue (a new version of); "if you forget your password, it can be changed and reissued"

For the reissuing of print material see Reprint

In the music industry, a reissue (also re-release, repackage, or re-edition) is the release of an album which has been released at least once before, sometimes with alterations or additions.

Usage examples of "reissue".

Golightly The Nipper Lanky Jones Blue Baccy Nancy Nutall and the Mongrel Our John Willie AUTOBIOGRAPHY Our Kate Catherine Cookson Country Let Me Make Myself Plain WRITING AS CATHERINE MAR CHANT House of Men Heritage of Folly The Fen Tiger THE GILLYVORS Catherine Cookson CORGI BOOKS THE GILLYVORS A CORGI BOOK 0 552 13621 2 Originally published in Great Britain by Bantam Press, a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd PRINTING HISTORY Bantam Press edition published 1990 Corgi edition published 1991 Corgi edition reissued 1991 Copyright Catherine Cookson 1990 The right of Catherine Cookson to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

I need to publicly thank a number of people whose efforts have played an important role in making this multi-volume Anvil reissue possible.

First and foremost, Henry Cate, who first urged me to start an Anvil reissue and who has been extremely helpful in tracking down the multitude of stories scattered across many magazines over a period of decades.

After a lapse of a few weeks the Bank of Burma will reissue the letter.

Except for a specialist reissue in a tiny edition, these stories have been unavailable since they first appeared in fiction magazines a hundred years ago.

It did seem reasonable that they have their gear with them, rather than needing a reissue that would take days at best.

Since Anvil himself prefers the original magazine version of the stories to their later reissue in novel format, it is those original versions which appear in this anthology.

Imagine made its debut in the Spring and included reissues of Del Rey titles deemed suitable for young teenagers, which sometimes resulted in minor editing.

From that time on, there came a stream of reprints and reissues of his earlier work, as well as a constant flow of new stories and novels.

Even death, it seems, won stop us, since Heinlein has already published a posthumous book and reissues of his old novels are in the works.

Originally reprinted by Ghost Story Press in 1994, David Tibet and GSP also reissued L.

A collected series of Sonja Blue stories has recently been reissued by White Wolf Publishing in a special illustrated tenth-anniversary edition.

PRINTING HISTORY Macdonald edition published 1967 Corgi edition published 1990 Corgi edition reissued 1991 Copyright Catherine Cookson 1967 The right of Catherine Cookson to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in accordance with Sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Boon are proud to bring back these sought after titles, now reissued in beautifully matching volumes and presented as one cherished collection.

In 1981, the Reagan administration reissued the ban under Executive Order 12333, which has been adopted by every subsequent administration.