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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an oil refinery (=a place where oil is treated by an industrial process)
▪ an oil refinery in Perth
▪ The Amerada Hess Corporation oil refinery, with a capacity of 545,000 barrels per day, was also severely damaged.
▪ The new facility abuts tract homes and a defunct oil refinery.
▪ Some years before lie had resigned from the forces for their sakes and was personnel manager of an oil refinery in Perth.
▪ Her father was an oil refinery worker until she was nine.
▪ When oil was first imported this was the place chosen for an oil refinery.
▪ The plant will produce electrical power from oil refinery residues.
▪ Like many other West Lothian settlements, the village grew around a shale oil refinery.
▪ Why do you think some people opposed the building of oil refineries near Milford Haven?
▪ Where are the main sugar refineries and why are they in these places?
▪ I travelled five miles of busy docks on the Overhead Railway, passed flour mills and sugar refineries and massive bonded warehouses.
▪ But Doumer built a refinery in Saigon, where a blend was concocted that burned quickly, and thus encouraged consumption.
▪ S., Exxon, Mobil and Chevron, all have sold or closed refineries in the past couple of years.
▪ an oil refinery
▪ Baldwin Inc. last month fired 200 workers at its Crockett, California, refinery, citing high raw cane sugar prices.
▪ I was the lowest paid person on the refinery.
▪ Lagoven said its heating oil is mostly derived from its refinery at Amuay in the western state of Falcon.
▪ Near Irvine and the port of Ardrossan, on the west coast, there is another large oil refinery.
▪ Pan music, the latent harmony in metal, resurrected from debris on the wharves and refineries of Trinidad by illiterate laborers.
▪ Quickly he generated an international order book, building refineries and tanks all over the world.
▪ The company also plans to invest in some of its remaining 11 refineries to make them more efficient.
▪ Two years before the refinery became operational, however, Montevideo severed all links with Moscow.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Refinery \Re*fin"er*y\ (-?), n.; pl. Refineries (-?z). [Cf. F. raffinerie.]

  1. The building and apparatus for refining or purifying, esp. metals and sugar.

  2. A furnace in which cast iron is refined by the action of a blast on the molten metal.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1727, from refine + -ery. Originally in metallurgy and sugar-making; of petroleum by 1865.


n. A building, or a mass of machinery, used to produce refined products such as sugar, oil, or metals.


n. an industrial plant for purifying a crude substance


A refinery is a production facility composed of a group of chemical engineering unit processes and unit operations refining certain materials or converting raw material into products of value.

Refinery (disambiguation)

A refinery is a chemical engineering production facility.

It may also refer to:

  • Refinery CMS, a web content management system
  • The Refinery, a restaurant in Florida

Usage examples of "refinery".

Tiban was assigned to work in the refinery complex north of Baku city.

This would be better than executing the vice commander in front of international newsnets, better than blowing up the Baku oil refinery.

Now the surface had a rusty sheen to it, mirroring a redness in the sky that came, Ralph Bales believed, from garbage pumped into the air by refineries outside of Wood River, across the Mississippi.

How would the refineries, the factories, the mills, the farms, all the rest of it, work without biped labour?

Currently, however, thanks to Pierre Celsus, the rage had now become that lovely child of the petroleum refinery, the fluidized reaction, in which hot gases having composition A streamed up through a turbulent mass of tiny catalyst particles, while simultaneously suspending that mass, to emerge at the top of the bed with composition B.

So City Councilman Ladrone has this plan requiring oil to be gelled as a routine step in transporting it by sea to refineries, not just as an emergency response in case a tanker cracks open.

Emerging from the shrubs and landscaped lilies, Magnolias, Gladiolus and Hydrangeas, as the air had then cooled much and the end of late summer was marked by the first cold front that had brought cleansing rain which had pulled down the chemicals that the bursting refineries were issuing forth.

In particular, there was a Black Sea Fleet port at Kerch itself, together with a major refinery and military petroleum storage facility at Arsincevo.

A major pipeline from the rich oil fields of the Caucasus came through the town of Chuska on the Taman Peninsula, then crossed the strait underwater, emerging south of the Kerch naval base and running through the Arsincevo refinery complex.

South of the naval base facilities at Kerch, and just offshore from the tank farm and refinery complex at Arsincevo, an enormous offshore fueling dock was connected to the shore by a bridge and a massive bundle of petroleum loading lines.

Swamp landfill, which are areas near several refineries, and Exxon petrochemical, specifically.

Given our existing defense perimeter, both the refinery sites and mineheads continue susceptible to enemy lobber fire.

We hit such lobber positions quickly and hard as soon as they show themselves, but rebuilding the refinery goes slowly for now.

He carried it across to the thatched rondavel that served as laboratory and refinery for the Harkness Mine, and Ralph and Vicky hurried after him, and crowded into the tiny room behind him.

The great prison spread out in a flat valley below them, brilliantly illuminated by the yellow glare of overhead lights, as surreal an industrial confection as a giant oil refinery.