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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Refashion \Re*fash"ion\ (r?*f?sh"?n), v. t. To fashion anew; to form or mold into shape a second time.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1788 (implied in refashioned), from re- + fashion (v.). Related: Refashioning.


vb. To fashion again or anew.


v. make new; "She is remaking her image" [syn: remake, redo, make over]

Usage examples of "refashion".

Was that the meaning of this near-verbal slip, a message from the interior to refashion the design?

Rachel suggested they cut and refashion the hundredweight sacks into smaller bags.

HE SAT on his bunk in the dark with his pillow in his two arms and he leaned his face into it and drank in her scent and tried to refashion in his mind her self and voice.

Once before, the Space Givers tried to refashion the planet in a generation.

In these split seconds I became aware that this spider-witch, capable of producing from its own fleshly case a string of ectoplasmic gossamer, could thereby reshape and refashion as it chose.

Hence the promise: At such time as it is socially feasible, SUM will begin to refashion us, with our complete memories but in the pride of our youth.

Baghdad recognized that it was locked in a confrontation with the United States, and Saddam and his advisers refashioned their grand strategy around four critical assumptions: 1.

When the Vanished Ones refashioned the abominable flesh of the Foundation Stock into the First Folk, they engendered at the same time the voor, which you humans call lammergeiers, from a lesser sort of bird.

There, for enormous fees and no questions asked, Baker created monstrosities for the entertainment business and refashioned skin, muscle, and bone for the underworld.

The changes of a single century have refashioned him into a muddy-complexioned White man, stuttering and stammering through avenues of despair.

A mightier work than the Pyramids, a finer work than a refashioned chromosome, the ship moved on toward a Saturn which had become the second brightest beacon in the firmament.

With her battered shirt refashioned into a sash that emphasized her slim waist, and one ripped sleeve tying back her unkempt hair, she actually looked rather dashing, if one overlooked the raw flesh that circled her wrists.

Magnus strode along beside the horse, a new man, refashioned into the brother Tycho had never had, his eyes quick, full of purpose, his face rosy in the morning cold.

It plainly needs refashioning, but we cannot take the responsibility of doing it.

The Council assigned something like a third of the resources available for science to biological work, and it does not seem to have occurred to these rulers of the world, preoccupied as they were with the suppression, the excessive suppression, the obliteration even, of deleterious and antiquated separatist doctrines and the refashioning of economic life, that this huge growth of biological enquiry would result in anything more than the extinction of plant and animal diseases, and improvements and economies in cultivation.