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red carpet

n. A strip of red carpet that is laid for a VIP to walk on.

red carpet

adj. special treatment or hospitality; "the maitre d' gave them the red-carpet treatment" [syn: red carpet(a), red-carpet(a)]

red carpet

n. a strip of red carpeting laid down for dignitaries to walk on

Red Carpet (software)

Red Carpet is a package management system for Linux kernel-based operating system that was developed as part of the Ximian desktop. Ximian and therefore Red Carpet is now owned by Novell Red Carpet supports most of the popular Linux distributions and maintains their software installation through the RPM package database. The name Red Carpet has officially disappeared and the software renamed to ZENworks Linux Management, to match Novell's existing software distribution platform.

Red carpet

A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events.

Red Carpet (band)

Red Carpet is a house/ electronica production act from Belgium, consisting of DJ/producer/ remixers Den Hetrix and Raffaele Brescia, with Ramona Korber on vocals. In 2004 their piano-driven track "Alright" became one of the biggest club hits to come out of Ibiza, and in turn became a major dance smash across Europe and in the United States, where it entered the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart at #21 for the week ending December 18, 2005. It reached #58 in the UK Singles Chart.

Red carpet (disambiguation)

A red carpet is a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for VIPs to walk on when entering or leaving a building or vehicle.

Red carpet may also refer to:

  • Red Carpet (software), a Linux software management tool
  • Red Carpet (band), a Belgian house/electronica production act
  • Red Carpet, Calgary, Canada
  • Red Carpet (film), a 2014 film
  • Red Carpet, a 2015 song by Namie Amuro

Red carpet may also be:

  • A part of the storyline in the Greek tragedy Agamemnon, from the trilogy The Oresteia, by Aeschylus (458 BC)
  • Red Carpet Club, United Airlines airport lounges
  • Echis pyramidum aliaborri, a viper species known as the red carpet viper
  • Xanthorhoe decoloraria, a moth commonly known as a "red carpet"
Red Carpet (Nova TV)

Red Carpet was a showbiz magazine programme produced by Nova TV. It was a popular programme in Croatia, with reporters and journalists that report world and local showbiz information, as well as stories about famous people, fashion and various modern events.

Red Carpet also aired sarcastic episodes about Croatian celebrities known as Bijele udovice (trans. White widows).

The editor and host was Daniel Delale, and co-hosts were Ana Stunić and Ivana Nanut. In 2010, the show aired on Sundays at 11 pm.

The production ceased in 2012.

Red Carpet (film)

Red Carpet is a 2014 South Korean romantic comedy film written and directed by Park Beom-soo.

Red Carpet (Namie Amuro song)

"Red Carpet" is a song recorded by Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro. It was written, composed, arranged, and produced by Matthew Tishler, Paula Winger, and Stephanie Lewis, with co-writing credits by Japanese musician Tiger. The single also included the B-side track "Black Make-Up", which was used for the Japanese anime series One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia (2015). It premiered on December 2, 2015 as her seventh non-album single, both digitally and physically. Musically, "Red Carpet" is a pop ballad, influenced by R&B music.

Upon its release, the track garnered generally favourable reviews from music critics. Some critics had praised the songs production, composition and Amuro's vocal delivery. However, some felt that the B-side track was somewhat better. It achieved moderate success in Japan, peaking at number two on the Oricon Singles Chart and five on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart. An accompanying music video was shot by Hisashi Kikuchi; it features Amuro walking in a small town center. A special customisation function was included on the DVD single, allowing customers to change colours of Amuro's clothing in the video. With additional promotion through Japanese commercials and television shows, the song has been performed on her Livegenic Tour (2016).

Usage examples of "red carpet".

The Governor only hoped that Mounthatten hadn't seen two members of the airport staff rolling up the red carpet and placing it in the Rover's boot.

She wanted to sit in the dark church, which was readied for the wedding with the white ribbons and bows and the red carpet down the aisle, and talk to Ellie, to try to explain to Ellie why she had broken her vow, why she was doing this, and how it was all going to work out.

Carved and gilded, with huge lion's paws at the ends of its legs, the throne was a massive chair at the top of four white marble stairs, with a strip of red carpet leading up to it.

One large red carpet covered the floor, with gold thread outlining roses.

There, standing on the plush red carpet of the second step, was Hanuman.

It had a rust-red carpet, five green filing cases in a row under an advertising calendar, an old costumer in the corner, a few walnut chairs, net curtains over the windows.

A small oblong reading lamp on the desk shed glow on polished wood, but less on the shabby red carpet, and the long heavy red drapes across the outer wall.