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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a means of communication (=a way of talking to someone, for example by phone, writing etc)
▪ Newspapers are still an important means of communication.
communication breakdown (=when people do not talk or are unable to talk)
▪ The misunderstanding was the result of a communication breakdown.
communication cord
communication skills (=the ability to communicate well with people)
▪ The nurse must use her communication skills to help the patient feel at ease.
communications satellite
wireless communications
▪ It was surmounted by a small clock and like the shelter at the Crystal Palace, was in direct telephone communication.
▪ Employers have the clearest and most direct channels of communication to enormous numbers of people.
▪ Because everyone knows they have a direct channel of communication to the Palace, their ear is sought.
▪ No grave sites to sweep, no azaleas and oranges to decorate a shrine, no direct communication with the dead.
▪ Since Sussex offered the most direct line of communication with Normandy, it received special attention.
▪ Examples include direct forms of communication, appraisal, and individualised performance related pay.
▪ There was virtually no direct communication between employers and examination boards.
▪ Sight is also used in a more direct form of communication.
▪ The importance of effective nurse-patient communications can not be overemphasised.
▪ He also placed great emphasis on effective and unfettered communication.
▪ The conference on Using effective communications to build environmental credibility will take place in London on 24-25 March 1992.
▪ Or you might benefit from courses or seminars in topics such as strategic planning, writing, or effective communication.
▪ Of course communication is two-way, and the mood of the recipients is also important for effective communication.
▪ Promote effective two-way communication between employees at all levels to understand better the problems and concerns that affect productivity; 7.
▪ It had become evident that a simple and effective means of communication was required, and the radio was the next step.
▪ Even courses in effective communication rarely include instruction on media use.
▪ The third security concept is the electronic two-way communication system.
▪ Memory has gone virtual, scattered throughout the global fishnet of electronic and human communication.
▪ After all, electronic communications has many similarities to the oral technologies which pre-dated the written word.
▪ The result was an electronic communications run on the Capitol.
▪ None of these nations attempts major efforts across all of the electronic and communications fields.
▪ What averted catastrophe was the introduction of widespread electronic communications, especially for education and entertainment.
▪ Indeed, we have, in the past, returned comments to students on paper rather than via electronic communication.
▪ The electronic communication has forged bonds among staff and third-grade families that are the strongest at Logan, said Principal Francine Schaffer.
▪ Its size allows for good communication and good relationships.
▪ The other one thought the most important thing was good communications and rapport.
▪ Mr Spicer also plans to look into ways of encouraging better communication between police forces and local authorities.
▪ We always attempt to maintain good communications.
▪ It will be even more important for a school to have good communications with parents and the local community.
▪ You just have to have good communication between the team.
Better techniques, better documentation systems, better communication between all members, better customer liaison and contracts.
▪ When you have good avenues of communication there is less chance of being surprised or ambushed by events.
▪ We are also working hard to develop internal communication with staff.
▪ In the former, internal communications are often sluggish; a change mandated in March may not be implemented until November.
▪ Cruickshank countered that getting out an developing stronger internal communication has been one of his priorities.
▪ The development of internal communication systems will increase efficiency by sharing information, thus reducing waste and duplication of effort. 4.
▪ The Company recognises the importance of internal communication and consultation.
▪ There is a need for good internal communications, and an accepted policy on enquiry handling.
▪ Not only was Buckinghamshire small, its inadequate internal communications served to check the evolution of a true county town.
▪ The network functions more smoothly with better internal communication.
▪ Thirdly, there are certain aspects of mass communication which are sometimes overlooked in media education.
▪ Almost every photographic aberration is now legible because of its constant recurrence in all the vehicles of visual mass communication.
▪ The mass media of communication are also important.
▪ Those who say conventions have lost their meaning in this era of presidential primaries and mass media communications miss one thing.
▪ That sort of mistake was almost inconceivable, in an age of mass communications.
▪ The second great new agent of mass communication was the radio.
▪ It is the most powerful medium for mass communication so far devised.
▪ The seminar is open to people involved in mass communication and theological training from around the world.
▪ Banks, through modern communications and worldwide correspondents, provide assistance to customers engaged in international trade.
▪ Meanwhile, modern media of communication make citizens more aware than before of alternatives to their own beliefs and customs.
▪ With modern methods of communication throughout the world, our perceptions are constantly being enlarged and our attitudes and values are shifting.
▪ Globalization does bring the death of distance, through the consolidation of markets and the use of modern communications and transportation.
▪ Fortunately, in the eighties we have begun to recognise that modern communication skills go far beyond the concept of advertising.
▪ A modern ship with the most modern communications.
▪ Detail some of the features of modern hotel communication systems. 15.
▪ At the heart of any work in modern communications must be the use of the best and quickest communication systems.
▪ There are signs that these damaging limitations to free and open communication can be overcome.
▪ They are an asset we can safeguard through open, honest communications.
▪ It encourages open communication, and learning about processes of living in mutually beneficial ways.
▪ That structure stresses open communications and collaboration, and it humanizes the organization by eliminating the number and pictorial importance of levels.
▪ It is the antithesis of open, honest communication.
▪ Although unusual for an executive and a union official, that was essential to their desire for open communications.
▪ An open communication style, it seems, can help in the early identification and swift solution of problems.
▪ And they continued to use open communications, information sharing, and improvisation as the primary fuel for change.
▪ Indeed, as chief executive Corrado Passera pointed out, Olivetti has a history of investment in the personal communications sector.
▪ Meanwhile, new technologies such as personal communications services -- a new generation of cellular phone -- also will spur demand.
▪ Television is the most personal and intimate communication medium there is.
▪ The only positive line of local-central political communication was the Bolshevik Party network.
▪ Regardless of how fantastic our political visions are, it is important to understand the processes of political communication that support them.
▪ With television cameras in the Chamber, new forms of political communication can take place.
▪ Our questions seek to get at communications behavior as well as feelings about political communication.
▪ The administration became the channel of political communication and interest aggregation in the absence of parties and politicians.
▪ And a fourth explanation is that voting is primarily an expression of citizenship, social solidarity, and political communication.
▪ Our model of political communication does not presuppose a view that the mass media are omnipotent.
▪ We have already examined exposure to political communication in the press, radio, and television.
▪ And there was poor communication between civilian and military air controllers and the aircraft.
▪ Doble pointed to one prime example of poor communication between elected officials and constituents: the health care reform debate.
▪ Very inconsistent, much having to do with poor communication between coach and players.
▪ Part of this was certainly just poor communication.
▪ Without labels, verbal communication is impossible.
▪ Communication is the life-blood of all relationships Verbal communication between two people is the way an important relationship usually starts.
▪ Self motivation, initiative, excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail will, however, be vital.
▪ The physical part made up for the shallowness of verbal communication.
▪ Those who find verbal communication difficult will have to rely on what we call corporal communication.
▪ Written and verbal communication between the plant management and Hanes management about the results of the implementation increases.
▪ It can be very time consuming and it often depends on unstructured verbal communication because of this.
▪ The context in the eye movement study was unusual in that only verbal communication was possible.
▪ The other partners include Qualcomm, a digital wireless communication developer, and Cartell, a Michigan-based wireless equipment manufacturer.
▪ Soon after Guglielmo Marconi discovered wireless communication, dabblers throughout the world began puttering with transmitters.
▪ By managing the directory, VeriSign has data it can use to market wireless communications and other services.
▪ One possibility for overcoming shortcomings in local distribution is wireless communication technology, including microwave cellular telephony.
▪ Formal organisations have an explicit hierarchy in a well- defined structure; job specifications and communication channels are also well-defined.
▪ This included new forms of magnetic tapes, each of which could hold hundreds of intercepted microwave communications channels.
▪ Official communication channels may be side-stepped.
▪ A sender transmits information through a communication channel to a receiver.
▪ The purpose of the magazine is to provide a communication channel for staff throughout the company.
▪ The communication channels to senior management are more direct.
▪ All available communication channels should be used to promote these techniques.
▪ Authority is top down, and utilizes formal communication channels, usually vertical, and well-defined policies and procedures.
▪ They are particularly angry at the extensive use made of Brendan Bruce, the communications director sacked by Mr Patten.
▪ He returned to the White House to serve Reagan, one of his heroes, as communications director in 1985.
▪ He consulted with communications director Donald A.. Baer about inaugural themes.
▪ Buchanan was a speech writer for Nixon and communications director for Reagan.
▪ Karin Johanson, communications director for the group, said Clinton leads Dole overall by 53 percent to 42 percent.
▪ A piece of communication equipment used to enable computers to send data to and from each other.
▪ Artillery, trucks and communications equipment are still needed, the State Department official said.
▪ Mr Michael had been asked to arrange electronic sweeps of all office communication equipment in the interests of personal security.
▪ The Ottawa-based maker of computerized communications equipment cashed in on optimistic prospects for the Internet, the global computer network.
▪ The deal is part of Intel's expansion into communications equipment and reduces its reliance on its core microprocessor business.
▪ Money center banks, telephone and drug issues gained, while communications equipment, beverage and electrical equipment shares sank.
▪ The programme will oblige us to invest in higher bandwidth communication equipment for data exchange between institutions.
▪ In 1968, Jacobs and Viterbi founded Linkabit, a small company that developed communications equipment for the military.
▪ The four-port Multiprotocol Communications Controller attaches the 220 to synchronous communications networks and up to two adaptors can be used on each system.
▪ The logjam is occurring because of increased demand on the global communications network.
▪ Different sensory modalities, then, are used to convey different types of message, forming an enormously rich communication network.
▪ The Celestri global broadband communications network is expected to be operational by the year 2003.
▪ This is done through exercises such as the study of a communications network, and case studies.
▪ What has arisen from this activity is a clear market for data communications networks.
▪ Forces currently use different equipment with separate computer systems and communications networks.
▪ But it also poses problems and dilemmas which occur in communications policy more widely.
▪ Newly formed governments seek deliberately to reverse their predecessors' communications policies.
▪ Some of them are involved in drawing up legislation which is based on the new communication policy.
▪ Inevitably the question arises: is a communication policy worth it?
▪ Various rhetorics, therefore, colour the discussion of communications policy.
▪ Under each President the relationship between the executive and the broadcasting media remained the central issue of communications policy.
▪ A national communication policy will be a key element in future planning.
▪ Attention will be paid to studying communication problems in situations which are as natural as possible.
▪ The reasons for his success include his ability to determine the best strategies for winning customers and to Correct communications problems.
▪ The communication problem can be overcome in part through the use of interpreters.
▪ Other research illustrates the kinds of cross-cultural communication problem which can arise in interviews and other institutional settings.
▪ We were supposed to have a couple of sororities too, but there was a communication problem.
▪ Then there's the murderous Miyazaki, but he had communication problems of a different sort.
▪ The first major communication problem occurred on the morning of departure.
▪ First, a general model of the communication process is sketched.
▪ It all hangs on how we manage the communication process.
▪ He is particularly good on the communication processes of science.
▪ At every stage in the communication process we can detect the powerful influence of culture.
▪ Up to this point in our discussion we have been preoccupied with the mechanics of the communication process.
▪ A model of the exhibition communication process.
▪ Such a method introduces two serious inhibitions to the communication process.
▪ Hearing no other radio communication and seeing no other aircraft to his left or right, he turned finals.
▪ Secondly, they feared that radio communication between the two forces would reveal their positions to the enemy.
▪ His work is in the field of popular education and radio communications.
▪ Ramsey said coordination, which includes radio communication among different disaster-relief groups, had improved greatly since the 1989 quake.
▪ The whole point of radio communications is the very versatility and freedom associated with its use.
▪ While on the road, the convoy remains in radio communication with its headquarters.
▪ A worldwide network of short-wave stations with directional aerials was established, fulfilling Marconi's dream of global radio communication.
▪ When Menzies opened the door to radio communication, he could have had little appreciation of one aspect of its future impact.
▪ The links may involve microwave or satellite communication in the medium to long term.
▪ They should start regional cooperative programmes to share the costs of, for instance, satellite communications.
▪ They also arrange satellite communications and provide other services for their vessels worldwide.
▪ For 1993, however, Marconi Marine, of Chelmsford, provided the first satellite communications terminal ever used on Everest.
▪ For satellite communications, geographical boundary lines are irrelevant.
▪ Added to satellite communications, this could drastically reduce the need, among other things, for commuting in cities.
▪ Like most other parks growing up around Bangalore, it will have its own power, sewage, and satellite communications systems.
▪ The standards will eventually form the basis of all multimedia video communications services and publishing.
▪ ISPs sell little general-interest information, but the communications services they sell are more comprehensive than those of online service providers.
▪ Computer Services Computer Services provide a comprehensive computing and data communications service to all sections of the University community.
▪ Forum participants agreed that organizational and funding issues must be resolved so that new high-speed communications services can be developed.
▪ In addition, the conference plans to assign supplementary frequencies for the steadily rising demands of mobile satellite and other mobile communication services.
▪ It has come to symbolize the difficulties in launching advanced communications services.
▪ First, alternative technological solutions and the types of communication service they may carry are being identified.
▪ The phone box itself may be simply the centre of a wider zone in which it will offer high-speed wireless communication services.
▪ Self motivation, initiative, excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail will, however, be vital.
▪ Tact, diplomacy, flexibility, and communication skills are essential.
▪ Fortunately, in the eighties we have begun to recognise that modern communication skills go far beyond the concept of advertising.
▪ The Rams acted as facilitators, helping the Niners' offense work on its communication skills.
▪ Voice over A course in communication skills at the force's training college in Berkshire.
▪ Early on they amazed us with their valuable ideas and communication skills.
▪ Many doctors feel that medical students still do not receive enough training in communication skills.
▪ Adela had no communications skills when the school opened.
▪ In conjunction with this they produced a communications system designed to offload the text on to a host computer with the maximum possible reliability.
▪ Further, it has never been shown that group tasks require a communication system anywhere near as complicated as human language.
▪ According to Computerwoche, it will need to buy a standardised office communications system, however.
▪ The communication system division, which makes products ranging from fax machines to cordless telephones, employs 8, 500.
▪ The unit includes the proposed Iridium global communications system that will use 66 low earth orbit satellites.
▪ Like most other parks growing up around Bangalore, it will have its own power, sewage, and satellite communications systems.
▪ The success of the organisation will depend, inpart, on the effectiveness of the communications systems in the organisation.
▪ All of the exchanges have upgraded their technology and communications systems to safely handle more trading volume.
▪ It needed nerds tinkering brilliantly in California to create new communication technologies.
▪ One possibility for overcoming shortcomings in local distribution is wireless communication technology, including microwave cellular telephony.
▪ They required the most sophisticated communications technology so that they could transmit their stories and pictures back to their own countries.
▪ Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies, the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.
▪ Languages should be considered a key skill alongside literacy, numeracy, and information and communications technology, the report says.
▪ As communications technology evolves, so will the technology that would allow parents to block obscene or offensive information.
▪ A fourth centre on the use of information and communication technology in education is being planned.
▪ Finally, there is an assessment of potential impacts, on the political world, of the revolution in communication technologies.
▪ We are also working hard to develop internal communication with staff.
▪ In 1968, Jacobs and Viterbi founded Linkabit, a small company that developed communications equipment for the military.
▪ Finally she decided to develop her interest in communications through a master's degree.
▪ The department also runs seminars on developing clinical and communication skills to reinforce the students' experience in the practices.
▪ There is a need for us to develop the communication skills of our horticultural staff to a broader degree than at present.
▪ At first we concentrated on craft and design, then we developed the graphical communications, and then we introduced technological studies.
▪ Team briefing sessions are effective in developing the art of communication.
▪ The purpose of the Classbook is to achieve maximum results in the classroom, in particular by developing the communication skills.
▪ They also establish a framework for communications between the two.
▪ By a government licence under the Act, Mercury Communications, a private company, was authorized to establish a communications system.
▪ They had helped Kyle share the center of attention, engage warmly with the world, and establish two-way communication.
▪ AR-WACC has decided to establish a computerised communication data bank for the Region.
▪ She was just saying something, anything, my name, to establish communication.
▪ The sixth bowl - I establish communication with the immortal spirit.
▪ Wordpower and Numberpower are certificates that have been introduced to help candidates improve their communication and numeracy skills.
▪ Talking it over will help improve communication.
▪ If we can take positive action to improve communication, then the whole community will benefit.
▪ It provided for improved communications between sectors of the divided city.
▪ The therapist hoped this would further improve their ease of communication.
▪ The goal is to improve the communication and flow of information among the sales, customer, and production functions.
▪ Team Worker: supports and reinforces, improves communications, fosters team spirit; stable, extrovert and flexible.
▪ Events were moving at a faster pace than ever before, thanks to improved transportation and communication.
▪ One further possibility is that the extracellular material provides a means of communication.
▪ One part of the problem is that your company did not provide adequate two-way communication while redecorating.
▪ It provided for improved communications between sectors of the divided city.
▪ Windows for Workgroups supersedes Windows 3.1, and will provide information sharing, communication and workgroup application capabilities to Windows users.
▪ For the deaf, welfare officers had to provide a communication and translation service where necessary.
▪ All three will provide you with customized communications software to make the job of connecting easier.
▪ Ninth-century users had their own criteria of utility, and they preferred to use oral alongside written communications in most contexts.
▪ And they continued to use open communications, information sharing, and improvisation as the primary fuel for change.
▪ It is interesting to examine the optical fibre before using it in the communications system.
▪ Language is used primarily for communication.
▪ For example, to use particular channels of communication such as briefing meetings, video programmes, management information notes and so on.
▪ Objectives: A. Use diverse communication methods for wider and more effective delivery of critical public health messages.
▪ They can also be used for communications with the external world outside organizations.
▪ The panels can be used as a visual communication system for stricken users when computer systems fail.
▪ a communication from the IRS
▪ Family Services is offering a workshop called "Better Communication for Couples."
▪ Radio was the pilot's only means of communication.
▪ There were some communication problems during the first phase of the project.
▪ All Loral business lines except the space communications division will be sold to Lockheed Martin.
▪ At the heart of any work in modern communications must be the use of the best and quickest communication systems.
▪ I think the market will be increasingly excited about wireless communication in general, which could include direct-broadcast satellite programming.
▪ Increased speed of communication means that people can act much more quickly and can make trends into self-fulfilling prophecies.
▪ The company said the telephone companies have welcomed the planned upgrade as an opportunity to manage the growth in computer communications.
▪ The importance of effective nurse-patient communications can not be overemphasised.
▪ The second type of communications package are those which both transfer and, where appropriate, translate as they do so.
▪ There were no communications between Sepilok and Dermakot.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Communication \Com*mu`ni*ca"tion\ (k[o^]m*m[=u]`n[i^]*k[=a]"sh[u^]n), n. [L. communicatio.]

  1. The act or fact of communicating; as, communication of smallpox; communication of a secret.

  2. Intercourse by words, letters, or messages; interchange of thoughts or opinions, by conference or other means; conference; correspondence.

    Argument . . . and friendly communication.

  3. Association; company.

    Evil communications corrupt good manners.
    --1 Cor. xv. 33.

  4. Means of communicating; means of passing from place to place; a connecting passage; connection.

    The Euxine Sea is conveniently situated for trade, by the communication it has both with Asia and Europe.

  5. That which is communicated or imparted; intelligence; news; a verbal or written message.

  6. Participation in the Lord's supper.
    --Bp. Pearson.

  7. (Rhet.) A trope, by which a speaker assumes that his hearer is a partner in his sentiments, and says we, instead of I or you.

    Syn: Correspondence; conference; intercourse.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French comunicacion (14c., Modern French communication), from Latin communicationem (nominative communicatio), noun of action from past participle stem of communicare "to share, divide out; communicate, impart, inform; join, unite, participate in," literally "to make common," from communis (see common (adj.)).


n. 1 The act or fact of communicating anything; transmission. 2 (context uncountable English) The concept or state of exchange data or information between entities. 3 A message; the essential data transferred in an act of communication. 4 The body of all data transferred to one or both parties during an act of communication. 5 An instance of information transfer; a conversation or discourse. 6 A passageway or opening between two locations; connection. 7 (context anatomy English) A connection between two tissues, organs, or cavity. 8 (context obsolete English) association; company 9 Participation in the Lord's supper. 10 (context rhetoric English) A trope by which a speaker assumes that his hearer is a partner in his sentiments, and says "we" instead of "I" or "you".

  1. n. the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; "they could not act without official communication from Moscow" [syn: communicating]

  2. something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups

  3. a connection allowing access between persons or places; "how many lines of communication can there be among four people?"; "a secret passageway provided communication between the two rooms"


Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning "to share") is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

The basic steps of communication are:

  1. the forming of communicative intent
  2. message composition
  3. message encoding
  4. transmission of the encoded message as a sequence of signals using a specific channel or medium
  5. reception of signals
  6. reconstruction of the original message
  7. interpretation and making sense of the reconstructed message.

The study of communication can be divided into:

The channel of communication can be visual, auditory, tactile (such as in Braille) and haptic, olfactory, kinesic, electromagnetic, or biochemical. Human communication is unique for its extensive use of abstract language.

Communication (Hitomi Takahashi song)

"Communication" is Hitomi Takahashi's 4th single under the Sony Records (gr8! records) label. The single was released in only one format on July 12, 2006, nearly eight months after her last single Aozora no NAMIDA.

Communication (Karl Bartos album)

Communication released in 2003, is the first solo album of Karl Bartos, featuring such songs as "I'm the Message", "The Camera" and "Life". Some editions of the CD comes in a special Burgopak 1 -case, which is unusual in that the CD tray and booklet both emerge sliding out from opposite sides of the case and must be opened together.

According to Karl Bartos, the album is a concept album about electronic media:

The album was re-released on March 25, 2016 on CD and Vinyl, including remastered tracks and the bonus song "Camera Obscura".

Communication (Power Station song)

"Communication" was released as the third single from The Power Station's 1985 debut album. It featured "Communication" (Special Club Mix), "Communication" (Remix) and "Murderess" as the B-side. The remixes were done by Bernard Edwards and Josh Abbey.

The video contained an array of footage showing communication in the world with clips of the band performing the song in the studio.

Communication (disambiguation)

Communication or Communications may refer to:

Communication (Jazz Composer's Orchestra album)

Communication is the debut album by the Jazz Composer's Orchestra featuring compositions by Michael Mantler and Carla Bley performed by Paul Bley, Steve Lacy, Jimmy Lyons, Roswell Rudd, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Fred Pirtle, Willie Ruff, Ken McIntyre, Robin Kenyatta, Bob Carducci, Kent Carter, Steve Swallow, Milford Graves, and Barry Altschul. The album was released on the Fontana label in 1965.

Communication (Bobby Womack album)

Communication is the third studio album by American musician Bobby Womack. The album was released on September 15, 1971, by United Artists Records. It reached No. 5 on the Billboard R&B chart and No. 20 on the Billboard Jazz Chart in 1972. It included the hit single, " That's The Way I Feel About Cha", which charted at No. 2 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart and No. 27 on the Billboard pop chart. The album became Womack's breakthrough spawning the hit single " That's The Way I Feel About Cha" and a favorite Womack album track, "(If You Don't Want My Love) Give It Back", which Womack recorded three times after the original, the first remake, a slower acoustic version, was issued on the soundtrack of the film, Across 110th Street, and an instrumental by J. J. Johnson's band. The fourth time Womack recorded it was with Rolling Stones singer and musician Ron Wood. Womack recorded his own versions of James Taylor's " Fire and Rain", Ray Stevens' "Everything Is Beautiful" and featured a spoken word monologue in his cover of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David standard, "(They Long To Be) Close to You".

Actress Pam Grier and veteran singers Janice Singleton and Patrice Holloway sung background on the songs "Come l'Amore", "Give It Back" and "Yield Not to Temptation", a song Womack and his brothers, The Womack Brothers (later The Valentinos), recorded over a decade before with Bobby's older brother Curtis singing lead. Ironically, Bobby's brothers sing background with him on the remaining tracks. The album's instrumental background was provided by the legendary Muscle Shoals team. The track "Come l'Amore" was "covered" by James Brown in his Lyn Collins duet single, "What My Baby Needs Now (Is A Little More Loving)" though the lyrics are different and in different keys.

Communication (Nelson Riddle album)

Communication is a 1971 album by Nelson Riddle and his orchestra. It was Riddle's first album for German record label MPS preceding Changing Colors (1973).

Communication (Bugskull album)

Communication is the seventh studio album by Bugskull, released in November 17, 2009 by Digitalis Recordings.

Usage examples of "communication".

The great distance separating America from Europe, the inevitable long delay in any communication with Congress, or worse, the complete lack of communication for months at a stretch, would plague both Franklin and Adams their whole time in Europe, and put them at a decided disadvantage in dealing with European ministers, who maintained far closer, more efficient contact.

With the outlook brighter than it had ever been, Adams began receiving communications from Robert R.

Murray was a man of experience and ability through whom communications with Talleyrand were already established, Adams answered.

There have been no further communications from this Adler person since.

This unfamiliar language, Agro, was obviously the means of communication between crooks who were working toward a common cause.

Communications between Tehran, Beijing, Hong Kong, Toulouse, and Washington were almost blocking the airwaves at the height of the dispute.

Colonel Albright learned that he owed his promotion to the suggestion of the chief signal officer, not General Adamson, and that his detail to the General Staff Corps had been directed by Admiral Leahy himself, as a cover for his secret communications role.

But Kamil checked with his communications security people at Project 858-the Al Hadi unit-and they say someone made an overseas phone call from the bank only minutes before the Amn Al-Khass officers showed up.

It sometimes happened that popes and churches excommunicated one another, each cutting off the other from the communication of the faithful, and delivering over the anathematised person or church to the devil.

Sharpey, and others, have been in communication with Members of both Houses of Parliament to arrange terms of a Bill which would prevent any unnecessary cruelty or abuse in experiments made on living animals for purposes of scientific discovery.

Command back at Little Creek would see to it that the proper communications went out by ELF transmitter to the Archerfish, sitting on the bottom some miles away.

But his people knew the art of such communication long before the first priest of Asti had stumbled upon their secret.

Because e-mail communication is asynchronous, the rate at which you converse is maneuverable.

The expedition therefore had been equipped with special devices for communication as well as with automata that would be able, in the absence of preliminary negotiations through an exchange of signals, to demonstrate the peaceful nature of the expedition prior to landing.

After three years working at communications in Tel Aviv and another year in the field somewhere in the Sinai, Aaron had come to Washington to work with a task force at the Israeli Embassy.