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n. (plural of reason English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: reason)

Reasons (Angelit album)

Reasons is an album by the Finnish folk music group Angelit, released in 2003 in Finland. The musical tracks consist mainly of traditional Sámi yoiking.

Reasons (disambiguation)

Reasons may refer to:

  • Reasons (argument), considerations which count in favor of an argument's conclusion, a belief, or an action.
  • Reasons (Angelit album), by Angelit
  • Reasons (Omarion album), by Omarion
  • Reasons (film), featuring LisaRaye McCoy
  • Reasons (UB40 song)
  • Reasons (Earth, Wind & Fire song)
  • Reasons (Kotipelto song)
  • "Reasons", a 1973 song by Roger Daltrey from Daltrey
  • "Reasons", a song from Built to Spill's 1994 album There's Nothing Wrong with Love
  • "Reasons", a song from Chris Rea's Wired to the Moon
  • "Reasons", a single from John Farnham's 1986 album Whispering Jack.
Reasons (Earth, Wind & Fire song)

"Reasons" is a love ballad by Earth, Wind & Fire from their sixth album, That's the Way of the World (1975). The album was the group's most successful and contained their hit, " Shining Star". The album served as the soundtrack for the Harvey Keitel film That's the Way of the World that featured the group.

The song features the falsetto singing of Philip Bailey. Although it never charted, "Reasons" has endured. The song, which was written by Bailey, Charles Stepney, Maurice White has appeared on dozens of albums, including almost all of Earth, Wind & Fire's greatest hits and compilation albums.

Reasons (Omarion album)

Reasons is the upcoming fifth studio album by American recording artist Omarion. It is set to be released in 2016 by Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records. The album is supported by four singles, " I'm Up", "Sweet Anita", "I'm Sayin" and "I Ain't Even Done".

Usage examples of "reasons".

The minister begged me to excuse his not answering my letter, but he had good reasons for not doing so.

My carriage stopped at his door, but the porter came out and told me in a polite whisper that his highness had his reasons for not receiving me any longer.

Everyone expressed a wish to know the reasons which could have induced M.

On the occasion of that change Madame F told me, with an appearance of regret, that in Venice we could not, for many reasons, continue our intimacy.

In refusing such an offer you could not have better reasons than those you give, and it would be absurd to try and persuade him that we are not lovers, as the thing is self-evident.

The gondolier, however, had not the same reasons for sparing her feelings, and he called out to us in a stentorian voice that, if we did not keep quiet, we were all lost.

At the play Marcoline did nothing but chatter with Babet Rangoni, who wanted me to bring the fair Venetian to see her, but I had my own reasons for not doing so.

I thought this rather strange behaviour, but still she might have her reasons for acting in this manner, so I did not let my indignation appear.

I replied in Latin prose that I did not care about seeing her mother, telling her my reasons with great plainness.

On our side, consider that, if you had not yourself thrown temptation in my way, I never would have committed towards you an action of which I have deeply repented, for reasons which you do not know, but which you must learn from me.

I had spoken the truth, yet I had not told her all my reasons for being so pensive.

He felt convinced, as I was, that De la Haye had been useful to him only through weak or selfish reasons, that is, that he would have cared little for his soul if his face had not been handsome, and if he had not known that he would derive important advantages from having caused his so-called conversion.

The celebrated painter Mengs imitated that idea in the picture of the Annunciation which he painted in Madrid twelve years afterwards, but I do not know whether he had the same reasons for it as my painter.

Haller replied, cautiously, as he had his reasons for being considered orthodox.

I then told her of the true relationship between Sophie and myself, and the reasons I had for despising her mother.