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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
belated recognition/realization/acknowledgement
▪ The statement was a belated acknowledgement that the project had not been a success.
▪ In short, rationality is a condition of the full realization of the meaning of higher education.
▪ Here at last she had achieved the full, joyous realization of her ideas of Niagara.
▪ This was attributed to a growing realization of the extent of the economic malaise and the need for painful measures.
▪ Instances of the second more sudden realization are rarer.
▪ She looked up with the sudden realization that he was a head taller than she was.
▪ A slight chuckle escaped from her throat, the result of a sudden realization that she was thinking in terms of cotton.
▪ Then sudden realization that it would not stop.
▪ His mind could not take in all the implications of this sudden realization.
▪ Real understanding comes with the realization that a spacecraft can not remain in orbit unless the force of gravity is acting.
▪ And right then I came to a realization: 1 am Mr Hartmann.
▪ When we are honest, we come to the humbling realization that in each abuser is a piece of us.
▪ I have come to the realization that life is unjust in many ways.
▪ As she continued her oratorical massacre, he came to a sober realization.
▪ How had the managers come to this realization?
▪ The need for analogue computers will grow with the realization that whole new fields will be opened up by evolutionary computing.
blinding realization/clarity/revelation etc
▪ Because then it was that she knew, with blinding clarity, what had been there for some time now.
▪ It had come to him as a blinding revelation when he was but a small child.
▪ But they can also be seen as communicatively motivated, the realization of available resources to get a message across.
▪ Classical elite theorists had sought to show that liberal democracy was a utopian ideal incapable of realization.
▪ It was fabulous, gorgeous in its excess, the ultimate realization of some untrammeled private fantasy.
▪ Large-scale expectations may depend for their realization on changes in society and its value patterns.
▪ Nothing is more exhilarating than the realization that you can make money by doing work that you love.
▪ That is the same life-changing realization that Shamsiddeen and other hajji say they found in Mecca.
▪ What Simmel accomplishes is a realization of the inseparability of the positive and negative consequences of these social transformations.
▪ When you have parity of power, that promotes understanding and the realization that all employees are interdependent.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Realization \Re`al*i*za"tion\ (r[=e]`al*[i^]*z[=a]"sh[u^]n), n. The act of realizing, or the state of being realized.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "action of making real," from realize + -ation. Meaning "action of forming a clear concept" is from 1828. Related: Realizational.


n. 1 The act of realizing; an act of figuring out or becoming aware. 2 The act of realizing; the act of making real. 3 The result of an artistic effort.

  1. n. coming to understand something clearly and distinctly; "a growing realization of the risk involved"; "a sudden recognition of the problem he faced"; "increasing recognition that diabetes frequently coexists with other chronic diseases" [syn: realisation, recognition]

  2. making real or giving the appearance of reality [syn: realisation, actualization, actualisation]

  3. a musical composition that has been completed or enriched by someone other than the composer [syn: realisation]

  4. a sale in order to obtain money (as a sale of stock or a sale of the estate of a bankrupt person) or the money so obtained [syn: realisation]

  5. the completion or enrichment of a piece of music left sparsely notated by a composer [syn: realisation]

  6. something that is made real or concrete; "the victory was the realization of a whole year's work" [syn: realisation, fruition]


Realization or realisation may refer to:

Realization (tax)

Realization, for U.S. Federal income tax purposes, is a requirement in determining what must be included as income subject to taxation. It should not be confused with the separate concept of Recognition (tax).

Realization (Eddie Henderson album)

Realization is the debut album by American jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson recorded in 1973 and released on the Capricorn label.

Realization (climb)

Biographie, or Realization, is a sport climbing route on a crag on the southern face of the Montagne de Céüse near Gap and Céüse, France.

The first person to successfully climb Biographie was Chris Sharma, who did not grade the climb. It is generally considered to be . Among the routes that have been repeated by anyone else except the author, Biographie is the first ascent to be recognized with a 9a+ rating making it the most difficult at that time. However, in 1996 Fred Rouhling proposed even harder grade for his unrepeated climb Akira. Since 2001 there have been ascents of other routes which are recognized and rated to be more difficult.

Realization (systems)

In systems theory, a realization of a state space model is an implementation of a given input-output behavior. That is, given an input-output relationship, a realization is a quadruple of ( time-varying) matrices [A(t), B(t), C(t), D(t)] such that

$\dot{\mathbf{x}}(t) = A(t) \mathbf{x}(t) + B(t) \mathbf{u}(t)$ y(t) = C(t)x(t) + D(t)u(t)

with (u(t), y(t)) describing the input and output of the system at time t.

Realization (probability)

In probability and statistics, a realization, or observed value, of a random variable is the value that is actually observed (what actually happened). The random variable itself is the process dictating how the observation comes about. Statistical quantities computed from realizations without deploying a statistical model are often called " empirical", as in empirical distribution function or empirical probability.

Conventionally, upper case letters denote random variables; the corresponding lower case letters denote their realizations. Confusion results when this important convention is not strictly observed.

In more formal probability theory, a random variable is a function X defined from a sample space Ω to a measurable space called the state space. If an element in Ω is sent to an element in state space by X, then that element in state space is a realization. (In fact, a random variable cannot be an arbitrary function and it needs to satisfy another condition: it needs to be measurable.) Elements of the sample space can be thought of as all the different possibilities that could happen; while a realization (an element of the state space) can be thought of as the value X attains when one of the possibilities did happen. Probability is a mapping that assigns numbers between zero and one to certain subsets of the sample space. Subsets of the sample space that contain only one element are called elementary events. The value of the random variable (that is, the function) X at a point ω ∈ Ω,

x = X(ω)

is called a realization of X.

Realization (linguistics)

In linguistics, realization is the process by which some kind of surface representation is derived from its underlying representation; that is, the way in which some abstract object of linguistic analysis comes to be produced in actual language. Phonemes are often said to be realized by speech sounds. The different sounds that can realize a particular phoneme are called its allophones.

Realization is also a subtask of natural language generation, which involves creating an actual text in a human language (English, French, etc.) from a syntactic representation. There are a number of software packages available for realization, most of which have been developed by academic research groups in NLG. The remainder of this article concerns realization of this kind.

Usage examples of "realization".

Whereas our attention was first drawn to the intensity of the elements of virtuality that constituted the multitude, now it must focus on the hypothesis that those virtualities accumulate and reach a threshold of realization adequate to their power.

We certainly agree with those contemporary theorists, such as David Harvey and Fredric Jameson, who see postmodernity as a new phase of capitalist accumulation and commodification that accompanies the contemporary realization of the world market.

And when inexplicable delays and the accumulation of obstacles made the realization of the expected result amidst the conditions of the present world seem ever more and more hopeless, the growing and assimilative action of faith and fancy expanded the scene, and transferred it to a transmundane state, involving the destruction of the heavens and earth and their replacement with a new creation.

The realization pleased Gabriel as much for the promise of how easy it would be to outmaneuver her as the possibility that not all of her beguiling innocence was tainted yet.

We cannot doubt, however, that the experience of excruciating agony affecting the very nerves upon which he had so often experimented must have brought to the dying man a deeper realization of the pain he had caused than he could otherwise have known.

When Turan the panthan regained consciousness it was to the realization of a sharp pain in one of his forearms.

Asey nodded, and privately decided it had taken an incredibly long time for Miss Pitkin to achieve such a realization.

He had gotten into the scene the first time by suffering a realization that there was something of importance underneath the punny facade.

Her stunned reaction was quickly followed by an urge to laugh aloud at the realization Repp had been jealous.

I thought for a moment that I recalled where I had seen that baffling name of Sleght before, and the prospect of realization filled me with unutterable horror.

And this brought me to the realization that there is something evil and twisted about the campaign process: the traveling, the speechifying, the television spots.

That was his first realization that there was something more beneath the starchy clothing and grim demeanor.

Even as this horrible realization came to her, the first young strid forced its way through the opening, and came ambling across the web toward her on its eight hairy legs.

It was several seconds before the sounds upon the opposite side of the partition jolted my slowly returning faculties into a realization of their probable import, and then of a sudden I grasped the fact that they were caused by Tars Tarkas in what was evidently a desperate struggle with wild beasts or savage men.

Two rival sections of the Colonial Affairs Administration had each recorded that the other was responsible for handling Tharle, out at Xylon-B, and a hundred years was how long it had taken for the realization to dawn that nobody was.