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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reis \Reis\ (r[imac]s), n. [Ar. ra["i]s head, chief, prince.] A common title in the East for a person in authority, especially the captain of a ship. [Written also rais and ras.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Ethiopian title, from Amharic ras "chief, head," from Arabic ra's.


n. An Ethiopian king or prince.


RAS or Ras may refer to:

RAS (musician)

Nicholas Furlong (born September 16, 1986), professionally known as RAS, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His work as a songwriter and producer is noted to cross many musical genres, ranging from pop, rock, and dance music, to hip-hop. Furlong has had many chart successes, both in America and internationally. He is best known for working with artists including Avicii, 5 Seconds of Summer, Steve Aoki, All Time Low, Diplo, Good Charlotte, and Waka Flocka Flame.

Usage examples of "ras".

Erde, da Bran und Branwen unterm Rasen sind und meine ganze Sippe tot ist.

Verstorbene unter dem Rasen, dicht an der Kirchhofsmauer, an die er, ohne Sang und Klang damals, noch vor Tag, still und heimlich hinausgeschafft worden.

He sees nothing for it but to put up at Market Rasen, if he should wish for a day with the Burton.