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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Burun's eldest son was a tall rangy man with a lot of muscle and sinew.
▪ But the problems have been ongoing since the loss of Smith, a big, rangy junior who had all-star potential.
▪ His glance met hers for a brief, breathtaking moment, before he started forward, his stride slow, and rangy.
▪ Mr Workman was a tall rangy Presbyterian with crew-cut greying hair and was an inveterate pipe-smoker.
▪ She saw him turn and look at her, lean and rangy, hands thrust impatiently into pockets.
▪ There were long shelves of books and a rangy philodendron had grown over the top row.
▪ Where Pollock's painting is rangy, splashy, spontaneous, Johns's Target is uptight and laboriously thought out.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rangy \Ran"gy\ (r[=a]n"j[y^]), a. [From Range, v. i.] Inclined or able to range, or rove about, for considerable distances; apt or suited for much roving, -- chiefly used of cattle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"having a long, slender form" (as an animal suited to ranging), 1845, from range (v.) + -y (2). Also "adapted for ranging" (1868). Of landscapes, "hilly," 1862, Australian English. Related: Ranginess.\n\nAs a rule, we hold that the Jersey should be "growthy," deep-flanked, and loose-jointed, and should have, generally, the characteristics which farmers know as "rangy."

["American Agriculturalist," November 1876]


a. 1 slender and long of limb; lanky 2 prone to roaming around. 3 Having or permitting range or scope; roomy; commodious.

  1. adj. tall and thin and having long slender limbs; "a gangling teenager"; "a lanky kid transformed almost overnight into a handsome young man" [syn: gangling, gangly, lanky]

  2. adapted to wandering or roaming

  3. allowing ample room for ranging

  4. [also: rangiest, rangier]

Usage examples of "rangy".

Handsome, rangy, wildly various, they were bound in total loyalty, not by oath but by the simple, unquestioning belongingness of part of one organism.

They grew with each stroke, baby fat giving way to rangy preadolescent bodies that with another stroke bobbed with the extra flesh and hair of maturity.

Well, our farm was on a good little flat, with a big mountain in front, and a scrubby, rangy country at the back for miles.

Sun-burnt and rangy, the man Cordelia assumed was an Aussie faced down the two youths.

It was the novice, Berit, a rangy, raw-boned young man whose face was split with a broad grin.

The sight of his tall, rangy form bright with painted patterns where breechclout or medicine blanket did not cover him, the craggy features surmounted by a bonnet of eagle feathers, brought memories of last time to me across the years like a fist.

Skimmerhorn, for all about him he saw an abundance of the very stock he wanted: long rangy cows ready for repeated breeding, lanky steers ready to put on fat once they got settled, hefty pre-potent bulls good for years of service in building a herd.

Where Delacroix was tall and rangy, his sister was petite in shape with a body most men would find delectable.

He was rawboned, large and rangy, a man of endurance and strength, a UDT man with pararescue and other paramilitary experience.

A rangy, strungout dog of a guy, shirtless in jeans with blond hair worn ridgeback style.

Five decades of running traplines for nutria and muskrat had left him rangy and quick, impervious to injury.

Behind him were two other caped and cowled figures, the acolytes known as Voices, a stocky one dressed in red and a tall rangy one wearing blue.

The Hit Man is there, Thomas Hearns, sinister and rangy, with a cobralike jab that had once cut him so badly the flesh hung down into his eyes.

The third was rangier, with long hair and a beard that even in the leaching moonlight Duffy knew must be coppery red.

They were taller and rangier, with huge humps over their shoulders, and the span of their horns was so wide as to appear grotesque, the weight almost too much for even their heavy frames to support.