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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a lanky sixteen-year-old boy
▪ We were met by a tall, lanky youth called Yusef.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lanky \Lank"y\, a. Somewhat lank; tall, thin, bony and ungraceful.

The lanky Dinka, nearly seven feet in height.
--The Century.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "straight and flat," used of hair, from lank + -y (2); sense of "awkwardly tall and thin" is first recorded 1818. Related: Lankiness.


a. (context informal English) Somewhat lank; tall, slim, and rather ungraceful or awkward.

  1. adj. tall and thin and having long slender limbs; "a gangling teenager"; "a lanky kid transformed almost overnight into a handsome young man" [syn: gangling, gangly, rangy]

  2. ungracefully tall and thin [syn: gangling, gangly]

  3. [also: lankiest, lankier]

Usage examples of "lanky".

Standing beside John Adams, Jefferson looked like a lanky, freckled youth.

The third girl is on her feet, dancing before this areopagus of idiots, with their lanky locks and pot-hats.

The lanky man crumpled to the floor like a kid, breaking into sobs, his face in his arms, his back in a fetal curl.

A chap that could openly laugh and jeer at his own peculiarities must surely be a good sort, so forthwith Banty pitched in heart and soul to arrange all kinds of excursions and adventures, and The Eena planned and suggested, until it seemed that all the weeks stretching out into the holiday months were to be one long round of sport and pleasure in honor of the lanky King Georgeman, who was so anxious to fall easily into the ways of the West.

There were no giant otters, no oversized raccoon, and no lanky, bigmouthed young Anglo.

In an odd jarring switch, at first the lanky hairless alien was a doll less than a hand high carved from the darkest brown bitternut wood, then, abruptly, she was taller than most Ykx, and the pinprick was a portal three wings high.

Skimmerhorn, for all about him he saw an abundance of the very stock he wanted: long rangy cows ready for repeated breeding, lanky steers ready to put on fat once they got settled, hefty pre-potent bulls good for years of service in building a herd.

But it was the motley band who brought up the procession that made the women cross themselves, for these were men of all shapes and sizes, some small as dwarves, some long and lanky as clothespoles, less than a dozen of them, in the ragged remains of what had once been bright clothing in the strangest styles.

Billy Camorra, twenty years old and six-feet-three, draped a lanky leg with garterless sock over his other knee, and began to fabricate a cardboard spitball, fishing around in his pockets for a rubber band.

CAMORRA, slumped grinning in his seat with a long lanky garterless leg draped over the other knee and a quivering rubber band fastened to his forked fingers, put his hand to his nose.

Bob came back tall, lanky, grinny, and rather dumb, and he found John undersized, wiry, masterful, and rather mooney, but strong and purposeful, for a boy.

Ivar, not as tall, and lanky in the way of a young man who never quite got enough food as he could eat growing up.

The lanky Kentuckian regarded him with deceptive mildness in his cold gray eyes.

Il Zoppo was down there, attempting celebrative back flips that were more like lanky pratfalls, and also the Madonna of the Organs and Count Agnello Ziani-Ziani Orseolo and all his bizarre retinue, the Count tipping back his mask and laughing the fierce strident laugh of the Venetian Lion-Planter, Pantalone the Magnificent.

He went with Capodimonte to see the ancient ruins, and he went hunting in the Picuris Range with a lanky acolyte named Weber, and he joined the choral society and sang a lusty tenor.