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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The sway of the boat made passengers queasy.
▪ Already I felt numbed by the heat and the smoke, queasy in the stomach.
▪ Felt queasy after, but swung the bat okay and then came back to the hotel, which is small but clean.
▪ If all this studying is making you a bit queasy, count your blessings.
▪ In fact, she felt decidedly queasy.
▪ Opponents who once mocked Mr Berlusconi's tactics as kitsch have turned queasy as opinion polls show them tobe working.
▪ She looked rather queasy, and very anxious.
▪ That queasy asthmatic sensation in your chest, all that smoke and nothing, nothing but smoke.
▪ You notice a funny feeling in your stomach, in fact it feels a little queasy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Queasy \Quea"sy\, a. [Icel. kweisa pain; cf. Norw. kveis sickness after a debauch.]

  1. Sick at the stomach; affected with nausea; inclined to vomit; qualmish.

  2. Fastidious; squeamish; delicate; easily disturbed; unsettled; ticklish. `` A queasy question.''

    Some seek, when queasy conscience has its qualms.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., kyse, coysy, of uncertain origin, possibly from a Scandinavian source, such as Old Norse kveisa "boil," perhaps influenced by Anglo-French queisier, from Old French coisier "to wound, hurt, make uneasy," which seems to be from the same Germanic root as kveisa. But the history is obscure and evidences of development are wanting. Related: Queasily; queasiness.


a. 1 experiencing or causing nausea or uneasiness, often characterized by an unsettled stomach 2 easily troubled; squeamish

  1. adj. feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit [syn: nauseated, sick, sickish]

  2. [also: queasiest, queasier]

Usage examples of "queasy".

One woman gets visibly queasy when I describe punched-out areas of skull and an eyeball that was virtually avulsed, or hanging out of the socket.

The cloying scent of boxwood and moldy clothing made her queasy and she moaned, slung an arm across her eyes to shield the sun, felt the ache spread to every conceivable fiber of her body.

Her queasy stomach revolted at the horrid fetor of the decaying corpse, and she barely managed to spin away before her belly emptied itself.

While I struggled into a fresh set of loose-fitting sweats, I debated whether to collapse on the bed and pass out immediately or get a glass of milk and some snickerdoodle cookies first to raise my cellar-dwelling blood sugar and calm my queasy stomach.

The soles of her boots rose up at right angles to the ground, converging slightly at the toes, and in front of them smoldered a fire of potato plants, flaring up asthmatically from time to time, sending a queasy film of smoke out over the scarcely inclined crust of the earth.

Holding her head high, squeezing her gardenia bouquet, she walked sedately down the aisle, refusing to glance tother side, refusing to admit that she felt queasy.

Thick was sitting on the deck at my feet, his eyes closed, swaying miserably, his music a queasy accompaniment to the rhythm of his body.

She felt like she might hyperventilate she felt so hot and her stomach started to feel queasy even though the clock read six-thirty p.

Though I met the entrance requirements, being masculine and a widower, I was frankly queasy at the thought of witnessing the rapine that Ingerson had described and feared that I could not do so without interfering.

Olive remarked that she thought the daughter of a mechanic and lobsterman would be less sensitive to strong odors, and when she suggested that Candy might be more comfortable working in the fields, Candy admitted that climbing trees also made her feel queasy.

One woman gets visibly queasy when I describe punched-out areas of skull and an eyeball that was virtually avulsed, or hanging out of the socket.

Which leads to a disturbing aspect of the Lawrence-for-governor story: the untenable and queasy position in which it has put this newspaper, and the reporters, columnists and editors who produce it.

Despite her good health, she started feeling queasy before they reached the heliopause of the second M-planet system.

He got up, naked and shaky as he was, and went across the carpet to the bath, with a queasier and queasier stomach.

The smell of herring from the smokehouses was beginning to make her feel a little queasy.