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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyx \Pyx\, v. t. To test as to weight and fineness, as the coins deposited in the pyx. [Eng.]


Pyx \Pyx\, n. [L. pyxis a box, Gr. pyxi`s a box, especially of boxwood, fr. py`xos the box tree or boxwood. See Box a receptacle.] [Written also pix.]

  1. (R. C. Ch.) The box, case, vase, or tabernacle, in which the host is reserved.

  2. A box used in the British mint as a place of deposit for certain sample coins taken for a trial of the weight and fineness of metal before it is sent from the mint.

  3. (Naut.) The box in which the compass is suspended; the binnacle.

  4. (Anat.) Same as Pyxis.

    Pyx cloth (R. C. Ch.), a veil of silk or lace covering the pyx.

    Trial of the pyx, the annual testing, in the English mint, of the standard of gold and silver coins.
    --Encyc. Brit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "a box," especially the vessel in which the host or consecrated bread is preserved, from Latin pyxis, from Greek pyxis "box-wood; a box," from pyxos "box-wood; box-tree," of uncertain origin.


n. 1 The small container used to hold the consecrated bread of the eucharist. 2 A box used in the British mint as a place of deposit for certain sample coins taken for a trial of the weight and fineness of metal before it is sent from the mint. 3 (context nautical English) The box in which the compass is suspended; the binnacle. 4 (context anatomy English) pyxis

  1. n. a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay [syn: pix, pyx chest, pix chest]

  2. any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept [syn: pix]


A pyx or pix (, transliteration of Greek: πυξίς, boxwood receptacle, from πύξος, box tree) is a small round container used in the Catholic, Old Catholic and Anglican Churches to carry the consecrated host ( Eucharist), to the sick or those otherwise unable to come to a church in order to receive Holy Communion. The term can also be used in archaeology and art history to describe small round lidded boxes designed for any purpose from antiquity or the Middle Ages, such as those used to hold coins for the Trial of the Pyx in England.

PyX (vector graphics language)

PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and static SVG files. It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface. Complex tasks like 2d and 3d plots in publication-ready quality are built out of these primitives. Its goals are similar to those of other metalanguages for PDF drawing, such as TikZ or Asymptote.

PyX is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2. It was originally the graphics library for Pyxplot. Although Pyxplot no longer depends directly on Pyx, it continues to incorporate substantial pieces of the PyX codebase.

Pyx (disambiguation)

Pyx may refer to:

  • PyX (vector graphics language), vector graphics library
  • The Pyx, a 1973 Canadian film
  • Pyx, a host container
  • Trial of the Pyx, a UK quality assurance procedure for newly minted coins
  • Pyx Lax, a Greek rock band
  • Pyxis, a constellation, abbreviated as Pyx

Usage examples of "pyx".

Pyx gambit, though excellent, may have to be set aside, for now, so that he may mass all his efforts on rebuttal of the Asiento allegations.

When he more closely examined the vessels he found in one pyx a number of Hosts, and so fetching thither from the church a consecrated altar-stone which it was the custom to carry when the Viaticum was taken to the dying in order that the ciborium might be decently set thereon, he covered the stone with a corporal or a friar linen cloth and reverently placed it beneath the pyx.

Just as they entered the room, where a large number of people were already gathered, the superior, catching sight of the pyx which Barre had brought with him, fell once more into convulsions.

I got on with the service, and at last took the pyx, and took thereout the sacred wafer, whereupon was a deep silence through all those rooms, which troubled me, I think, more than all which had gone before, for I knew well it did not mean reverence.

Beyond the columns lay the choir enclosure and the high altar, with pyx and tabernacle, behind which towered a monumental downlighted crucifix.

Barre hearing the murmurs, hastened to begin the exorcisms, first advancing to the superior to offer her the holy sacrament: but as soon as she caught sight of him she became terribly convulsed, and attempted to drag the pyx from his hands.

The prior of the Carmelites next advanced and made the same declaration, taking the oath in the same manner, holding the pyx over his head.

When a country fellow was collecting wood and dry leaves in a little copse hard by the city he found, wrapped up in a linen cloth beneath some dry brambles and bracken and dead branches of trees, two pyxes or ciboria containing particles which some three years before had been stolen from a neighbouring church, the one of which was used to carry the Lord's Body to the sick, the other being provided for the exposition of the Sanctissimum on the feast of Corpus Christi.