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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Look at my pix, the resemblance is stunning.
▪ The cry went up for more pix.
▪ With those pix and the copy he would concoct, he would be in line for a handsome bonus.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pyx \Pyx\, n. [L. pyxis a box, Gr. pyxi`s a box, especially of boxwood, fr. py`xos the box tree or boxwood. See Box a receptacle.] [Written also pix.]

  1. (R. C. Ch.) The box, case, vase, or tabernacle, in which the host is reserved.

  2. A box used in the British mint as a place of deposit for certain sample coins taken for a trial of the weight and fineness of metal before it is sent from the mint.

  3. (Naut.) The box in which the compass is suspended; the binnacle.

  4. (Anat.) Same as Pyxis.

    Pyx cloth (R. C. Ch.), a veil of silk or lace covering the pyx.

    Trial of the pyx, the annual testing, in the English mint, of the standard of gold and silver coins.
    --Encyc. Brit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant of pics, 1930 (see pic).


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context informal English) {{non-gloss definition|Plural form of (term: pic) in the sense of "picture".}} 2 (non-gloss definition: Specifically,) motion pictures; movies. Etymology 2

n. A variant of pyx

  1. n. a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay [syn: pyx, pyx chest, pix chest]

  2. any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept [syn: pyx]


Pix or PIX may refer to:

  • Shortened to "pictures"
  • Cisco PIX, an IP firewall and network address translation (NAT) appliance
  • PIX (Microsoft), a performance analysis tool from Microsoft
  • Short for KPIX-TV, television channel 5, San Francisco
  • Short for WPIX, television channel 11, New York City
  • Pyx (alternative spelling), a small round container
  • SET PIX, an English movie channel in India
  • "Pix", abbreviation used by Variety magazine for the phrase motion pictures
  • Noel Pix (born 1977), a German rock and house musician
  • Pix Capri Theatre, a theater on the historic US Highway 51 in Jackson, Mississippi
  • Glass Eye Pix, an independent film studio based in New York City
  • Kid Pix, a bitmap drawing program aimed at children
  • Sunday Pix, a Christian comic book published weekly
  • Moon Pix, the fourth album by American singer-songwriter Cat Power
  • Mary Pix (1666–1709), an English novelist and playwright
  • Pix Brook, a stream that flows through Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England

Usage examples of "pix".

Confidential Report had pix of Wetherall indulging his hobby in the smart lasso competition at the sixteenth annual Wyoming Tech Rodeo.

And the sponsors for the freshman chip implant program want to do some more pix of the experimental classroom to include in their annual corporate report.

Three or four nights later, I was staring in a trance at recent pix of the Pile A jewel cluster when Nguyen stopped by my room.

One of the pix copter pilots, braver than the others, landed and waved to the stragglers to jump aboard.

Then he reached out in the dimness and gently took Zembac Pix, the pothecary, by the throat.

Leaving Zembac Pix in charge of gun and crew, Mal set off to scout out the land, with a particular emphasis on hills.

Zembac Pix went forth and fro and by and by caught up with Mal and Mog and Crew where they were encamped on a threshing-floor.

Zembac Pix assisted him in the wording of it, which was to the effect that the Free Company of Cannoneers had now commenced the arduous duty of defending Land Nor against alien and hostile forces intent upon establishing a governance over the Land aforesaid.

Zembac Pix descended delicately from the scrap of rug bound with a rope cinch which served him for a saddle, and was momentarily seized with a spasmodic contraction of the glottis which impeded his speech and may possibly have been responsible as well for the slight instability of his gait.

Then Zembac Pix, sighing deeply, drew from the firkin of liquor a quantity in a leather cup and offered it to Mallian.

Her hands trembled as she waved the pills in front of the pix and waited for it to scan them.

She stared at the blank pix as if it were a hole through which her life was leaking.

She turned the pix into a mirror so she could see herself as Ed would see her.

She thought some secretary would come on the pix and they would schedule an appointment or something.

She drank two cups of Zest and washed three loads of laundry and vacuumed the entire apartment and never once turned on the pix to watch any of her shows.