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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I stretched out a hand, and she was putty - the licking, wagging kind.
▪ Inside is a white brick of plastic explosive, which was kind of like putty.
▪ Make sure the frame is dry, and prime bare wood before applying new putty.
▪ The delicate glasses had felt thick and awkward in her hands, soft as putty but covered in cutting edges.
▪ Use solvent and a putty knife or large screwdriver.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Puttee \Put"tee\, [Hind. pa[.t][.t]i ribbon, brace, tie.] A kind of gaiter of waterproof cloth wrapped around the leg, used by soldiers, etc. [Written also putty, puttie.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "type of plasterer's cement," from French potée "polishing powder" (12c.), originally "pot-full, contents of a pot," from Old French pot "container" (see pot (n.1)). Meaning "soft mixture for sealing window panes" first recorded 1706. Figurative use in reference to one easily influenced is from 1924. Putty knife attested from 1834.


1734, from putty (n.). Related: Puttied; puttying.


Etymology 1

  1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling putty. n. 1 A form of cement, made from linseed oil and whiting, used to fix panes of glass. 2 Any of a range of similar substances. 3 (cx golf colloquial English) A golf ball made of composition and not gutta-percha. v

  2. (context transitive English) to fix something using putty Etymology 2

    n. (alt form puttee English)

  1. n. a dough-like mixture of whiting and boiled linseed oil; used especially to patch woodwork or secure panes of glass

  2. [also: puttied]

  1. v. apply putty in order to fix or fill; "putty the window sash"

  2. [also: puttied]


Putty is a generic term for a material with high plasticity, similar in texture to clay or dough, typically used in domestic construction and repair as a sealant or filler. Painter's Putty is typically a linseed oil-based product used for filling holes, minor cracks and defacements in wood only. Putties can also be made intumescent, in which case they are used for firestopping as well as for padding of electrical outlet boxes in fire-resistance rated drywall assemblies. In the latter case, hydrates in the putty produce an endothermic reaction to mitigate heat transfer to the unexposed side.

Putty (video game)

Putty is a game developed by System 3 and released in 1992 for the Amiga. It was also released on the SNES in 1993, under the name Super Putty in North America and Europe and as in Japan. A release on the Commodore Amiga CD32 was made in 1994, also under the name Super Putty. Despite the extra buttons present on the CD32's controller, the CD32 version made no use of them.

Putty (disambiguation)

Putty may refer to:

  • Putty, plastic material
  • PuTTY, ssh/telnet client and terminal emulator
  • Putty (computer game)
  • Silly Putty, children's toy
  • Putty, New South Wales, a small town north west of Sydney
  • Putty Patrollers, from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Usage examples of "putty".

Tarnally dog gone my shins if this beent the bestest puttiest longbreak yet.

Sophy Bisset was a very pushy sort of girl and Hamish was putty in the hands of pushy girls.

How long are we to be asked to believe, on blind faith, that the child is putty, of which the educator can make either mediocrity or genius, depending on his skill?

The precious bust, the priceless bust, the calm bust, the serene bust, the emotionless bust, with the dandy moustache, and the putty face, unseamed of care--that face which has looked passionlessly down upon the awed pilgrim for a hundred and fifty years and will still look down upon the awed pilgrim three hundred more, with the deep, deep, deep, subtle, subtle, subtle, expression of a bladder.

From what I could determine, the Vissies invaded the Drips, breaking down their waste into manageable putty instead of hard rocks.

The carriages are also to be carefully examined, the trunnion-holes and arms of the axletrees cleaned, and saturated with boiled linseed oil, the cracks filled with putty, and rubbed smooth, and the trunnion-holes black-leaded.

I had finished Buttonhook, and Joanna was stepping back admiring the sparkle of the glass, I fetched the paint and began the tedious job of covering the patchwork of old decayed black paint and pale new putty with a bright green skin.

Bone putty is a mixture of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate and tetra calcium phosphate.

We all felt a glad sense of relief when we saw the Professor calmly restoring the strings of putty to the edges of the door.

It lashed out with long-clawed hands for support, rending lemures to yellow putty.

The background or medium may be paper, glass, porcelain, wood, cloth, wax, putty, silverware, or any smooth, nonporous material.

He gave me a fast glance, just enough to acknowledge my presence, and handed Spiro the putty.

I began to git a little riled, fur when he called me a Myth he puncht me putty hard.

Well, when it 'uz a little pas' midnight, as I reckoned, en I had come fifteen or twenty mile, I see de lights o' a steamboat layin' at de bank, whah dey warn't no town en no woodyard, en putty soon I ketched de shape o' de chimbly tops ag'in' de stars, en den good gracious me, I 'most jumped out o' my skin for joy!

  Thay lookt putty scrumpshus in their Bloo coats with brass buttings onto um & ware very talented drinkers, but so fur as fitin is consarned I'd willingly put my wax figgers agin the hull party.