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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Jake's a real pussycat once you get to know him.
▪ I am not saying they're all pussycats but if you love and respect them, they will return those qualities tenfold.
▪ I learned to he a pussycat in there.
▪ It is a term of endearment and the source of all the current pussycat titles with their sexy connotations.
▪ Most would-be tough pop-stars are pussycats, but Lewis is still trouble.
▪ The challenge therefore is to separate the pussycats from the tigers and identify aggressive tumours.

n. (alternative form of pussy-cat English)

  1. n. a person who is regarded as easygoing and agreeable

  2. informal terms referring to a domestic cat [syn: kitty, kitty-cat, puss, pussy]


Pussycat is a common term for a pet domestic cat.

Pussycat or Pussy Cat may also refer to:

Pussycat (band)

Pussycat was a Dutch country and pop music group from the Netherlands, driven by the three Kowalczyk sisters: Toni, Betty and Marianne. Other members of the band were Lou Willé ( Toni's ex-husband), Theo Wetzels, Theo Coumans and John Theunissen.

Pussycat (Wyclef Jean song)

"Pussycat" is the second single from Wyclef Jean's third studio album, Masquerade. The song features a sample of " What's New Pussycat?" by Tom Jones.

Pussycat (robot)

Pussycat was a robot that appeared in the TV show Robot Wars. It was unique as it was a pyramid shaped robot that could drive on its base (4 wheels) or on either side (2 wheels + roller) or even on the sides of its wheels until it flipped back onto the tyres. It made its debut in the Third Wars and competed in all series from then onward, bar the Sixth Wars, until the show's final series, the Seventh Wars.

Pussycat was built by the Cold Fusion team, consisting of Robin Herrick and the Gribble family (father Alan and son David), replacing their previous robot, the Bodyhammer. With five titles in side events, it has won more side events than any other robot without ever becoming series champion, its best performance being in the series 4 final, in which it lost to Chaos 2, who retained its title. Pussycat's titles, in chronological order; Series 4 Celebrity Special, Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror (with Diotoir), Extreme 1 Annihilator, Series 7 All Stars, Extreme Warriors War of Independence. It was also the only robot besides Razer to take the All Stars title.

It was driven by David Gribble, considered as one of the best roboteers in Robot Wars, from series 3 until his untimely death in between filming for series 5 and 6. Their new driver from series 6 was Stuart Barnwell. Pussycat's driver in the Extreme 2 Iron Maidens was Alan's wife, Ann Gribble.

Its main weapon was a spinning blade designed by Robin Herrick and perfected by Alan Gribble, replacing the original diamond-coated blade and the hardened blade that shattered against the arena wall, leading to disqualification from the Third Wars.

Usage examples of "pussycat".

Not that anyone sane would like being flung by their tail, but he found it all too easy to degenerate into a purry, lap-sitting, nip-sniffing, kibble-vacuuming, common pussycat, and that alarmed him.

After what the darling little orange pussycat did for us, I have become a born-again cat lover, especially of Petaybean cats.

No wife no whores no mustache (Carol Christmas was thinking) a real weirdo he is but Arab that's nice a Sultan we're in the harem it's my first time again, no a movie, yes a movie the camera moving in technicians all over the place watching me watching eyes watching me fuck the first really high art porn movie deeper ah good deeper first porn flick to win the Academy Award no more Off-Off-Broadway for me watching me watching me fuck millions of men watching me in theaters like that Pussycat we passed jerking their cocks fantasizing me fantasizing and coming don't think of Ronnie don't think don't think Mongoloid the doctor said and I said I never balled a Chinaman didn't understand at first why me why of all the millions of births on the planet that day why me don't think about it don't get sad again just go with it the camera the eye of the .

Nancy talked the barman into turning on the karaoke machine, and then watched in fascinated embarrassment as the old man belted his way through “What’s New Pussycat?

She was back on Tralfamadore, taking care of the baby, but the magazine, which was called Midnight Pussycats, promised that she was wearing a cement overcoat under fathoms of saltwater in San Pedro Bay.

All my life, I've wanted my own goldfish, three yellow rubber duckies, seven stuffed pussycats, a plastic checker game, and two armfuls of slum.

Lawrence suggested, waggling a finger at Sam, "I'll bet those Phase II-ers experimented with that local red berry and they thought the pussycat people were just hallucinations!