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n. (context colloquial usually childish English) A domestic cat (subspecies ''Felis silvestris catus'').


n. informal terms referring to a domestic cat [syn: kitty, puss, pussy, pussycat]

Usage examples of "kitty-cat".

He had visited his share of lower elementary school classrooms since beginning to chronicle the adventures of Pat the Kitty-Cat, and he had seen a lot of drawings, big grinning mommies and daddies standing under yellow Crayola suns, weird green landscapes festooned with bold brown trees, and this looked like something that had fallen out of one of those pictures, whole and intact, somehow made real.

If they were kitty-cats, they had to sleep elsewhere, but in human form we tried to be a big pile of puppies.

Just outside the Augusta city limits was a roadhouse that went by the charming name of The Big Lost Weekend Bar and Grille (Whopper Spareribs Our Specialty, The Nashville Kitty-Cats This Fri and Sad).