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Pugu (deity)

__NOTOC__ Pugu is the sun god of the Yukaghir of Siberia. Like many other solar gods, he was also seen as a god of justice and law. He is revered as the defender of the oppressed and the punisher of evil deeds. He kills evil demons with his sun-flail in hopes of bringing peace to his land.

He is also identified as Ye'loje, who looked after the oppressed and kept an eye on behavior and morals.


Pugu may refer to:

  • Pugu, a state or people of ancient China
  • Pugu, a Uyghur tribe of the Tiele
  • Pugu, a deity of the Yukaghir
  • Pugu Huai'en, a general of the Tang Dynasty
  • Pugu Hills, a geographical region of Tanzania
    • Pugu, Tanzania, a small town in the Pugu Hills
    • Pugu Hills Forest Reserve, a nature reserve in the Pugu Hills
Pugu (state)

Pugu or Bogu was an ancient civilization or state of ancient China around the mouth of the Yellow River.