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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
nature reserve
▪ Also with us was Jim McGeoch, naturalist and official warden for the latter nature reserve.
▪ Care would be taken not to harm the environment in the nature reserve there, which was designated a world heritage area.
▪ In only six years it has become a significant nature reserve in its own right.
▪ It is a nature reserve, with not a single permanent human inhabitant.
▪ Julie was cut down beneath a nearby tree on the beautiful nature reserve 220 miles north of Durban.
▪ The 325-acre fen, headwaters of the Waveney river, will be designated a national nature reserve.
▪ Wildlife enthusiasts may prefer to visit the nature reserve islands of Oxney and Thanet.
nature reserve

n. An area of land managed to conserve wildlife or plant habitat or other natural features.

Nature reserve

A nature reserve (natural reserve, bioreserve, (natural/nature) preserve or (national/nature) conserve) is a protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study or research. Nature reserves may be designated by government institutions in some countries, or by private landowners, such as charities and research institutions, regardless of nationality. Nature reserves fall into different IUCN categories depending on the level of protection afforded by local laws.

Nature reserve (Australia)

Nature reserve (Australia) is the title of a type of protected area used in the Australian jurisdictions of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. The term “nature reserve” is defined by state and territory statutes rather than by a single national statute. As of 2014, 1767 out of a total of 10339 protected areas listed within the Australian National Reserve System were “nature reserves.”

Usage examples of "nature reserve".

The Nansens have kept some of their property by turning it into a nature reserve and themselves into its caretakers.

Although the committee told us that they hoped that, since Tongling had recently been declared an open city to visitors for the first time, the dolphins and the semi-nature reserve might bring tourists and tourist money to the area, it was very clear that this was not the primary impulse.

This was part of the Nature Reserve that had been set aside a millennium ago when the rising population of System Capella had threatened to spoil the planet.

The allotments being something of a parish nature reserve, the over-abundance of hearty birdsong tore the million-dollar bum and his Irish companion grudgingly from the arms of good old munificent Morpheus.

During the twentieth century, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had taken possession of the mountain and set it aside as a nature reserve.

It was one thing being back in his home system in a cabin in a nature reserve, but civilization was making him edgy.

The boys at the nature reserve on Barro Colorado would probably have wrung her neck for this.