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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A forensic psychiatrist was called in to help solve the mystery of her disappearance as she broke down under questioning.
▪ A forensic psychiatrist beleives the Princess Risborough attacker is a sadist from a poor background.
▪ I have known magistrates - and even one child psychiatrist who viewed it as seriously offensive.
▪ Her father was a child psychiatrist, now in Chicago.
▪ She wanted to stay where she was, at a specialist adolescent residential unit run by a consultant child psychiatrist.
▪ Postal questionnaires were then used to seek the views of local general practitioners and the child psychiatrists working in the Northern region.
▪ Mr Sheffield said a report from a consultant psychiatrist at the hospital stated Mrs Morse had been receiving treatment since 1983.
▪ If such a home places its residents under the care of a consultant psychiatrist, surely it should be called a hospital.
▪ In support of the application he sought a report from the first defendant, an independant consultant psychiatrist.
▪ Further input was secured from consultant psychiatrists working in the new community units.
▪ My advice to you is to see a psychiatrist.
▪ Once a week we went upstairs to see a psychiatrist.
▪ Craig's father Robert says his son is still suffering from nightmares, and has to see a psychiatrist weekly for counselling.
▪ She also told the judge that she is seeing a court-ordered psychiatrist and is taking medication.
▪ When he was seen by psychiatrists, he copied the symptoms of madness.
▪ Patients allocated to normal care were given outpatient appointments to see a psychiatrist or social worker, but non-attenders were not pursued.
▪ I had been seeing a psychiatrist for the problem.
▪ Davis also told the psychiatrist and a Napa police detective that beating Arlington had helped him release tension.
▪ Child psychiatrist Dr Goldman has written a book on anorexia in young girls.
▪ Her psychiatrist told her she no longer needed to take tranquillizers.
▪ I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist the following week.
▪ A psychiatrist emphasized the importance of preparing for the emotion of loss and recognizing it when it comes.
▪ Assistance may be sought from psychologists, psychiatrists, or other practitioners if needed.
▪ But top psychiatrist Professor Stuart Fischoff says if Diana underwent treatment it could mean the end of her marriage.
▪ If I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I can go to a psychiatrist.
▪ Instead, he was hospitalized for one month and then apparently released by a psychiatrist.
▪ Madonna said she avoided public appearances, put her home up for sale and talked to psychiatrists about her fears.
▪ The first time he beat her, Theresa resolved that she would force him to see a psychiatrist.
▪ This worker can prescribe and dispense medicine, assuming a major function of a psychiatrist, for less money.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1875, from psychiatry + -ist.A psychiatrist is a man who goes to the Folies Bergère and looks at the audience. [Anglican Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, 1961]\nAn older name was mad-doctor (1703); also psychiater "expert in mental diseases" (1852), from Greek psyche + iatros. Also see alienist.


n. (context medicine English) A medical doctor specializing in psychiatry.


n. a physician who specializes in psychiatry [syn: head-shrinker, shrink]

Psychiatrist (game)

Psychiatrist (also known as Psycho) is a party game in which all but one player takes the role of a patient suffering from the same affliction, and the remaining player is a psychiatrist who must diagnose them with a series of indirect questions.

Psychiatrist (disambiguation)

Psychiatrist may refer to:

  • A psychiatrist, a physician who specializes in the clinical field of psychiatry
  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists, the main professional organisation of psychiatrists in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Psychiatrist (game), or "Psycho"; a party game

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry, which is to say in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, unlike psychologists, and must evaluate patients to determine whether their symptoms are the result of a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental, or a strictly psychiatric one. The translation from Greek and Latin origin is as follows: "Psych"-Greek transliterated meaning breath, life, soul, spirit or mind; "Iatro" is Greek for physician and -ist in Latin comes from "ista or iste" and the pronoun means "that one" or "specialist".

As part of the clinical assessment process they may employ a mental status examination, a physical examination, brain imaging such as computerized tomography (CT/CAT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET) scanning, and blood testing. Psychiatrists prescribe medicine, and may also use psychotherapy, although the vast majority do medical management and refer to a psychologist or another specialized therapist for weekly to bi-monthly psychotherapy.

Usage examples of "psychiatrist".

Local psychiatrists recognized an indigenous depersonalization syndrome.

He ordered Doil to be examined by three statecertified psychiatrists, whose study lasted four months.

A psychiatrist would have a ready diagnosis for Golyadkin: schizophrenia, complicated by paranoia with erotomaniac delirium.

Sam Osterreich, the psychiatrist, was able to add to the list of accomplishments the facts that the memoryless man was also well grounded in Yiddish, Hebrew, several dialects of Plattdeutsch, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.

But when Polen started sounding off on psychiatrists, I just blurted it out.

You see, I talked to some psychiatrists who know a lot about psychoactive medicines.

He took a carrozza one gloomy day and rode all the way to Monte Pelligrino to visit the fantastic tomb of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo, depicted in a famous statue, which Tom had seen pictures of in Rome, in one of those states of frozen ecstasy that are given other names by psychiatrists.

No careful folding this time, and Tanager remembered grimly what the prison board psychiatrist had said in his analysis of the murderer.

Anna van Tuyl was too much the professional psychiatrist not to recognize that her subconscious mind had shrieked its warning.

You thought that psychiatrist, Doctor Philipson, was a vug, and then you thought I was a vug.

To this end the psychiatrist prescribed Benzedrine tablets from the Kremlin pharmacy and within two weeks the General Secretary was a pop-eyed wreck.

Janice recalled the strong, humourless face of the German psychiatrist at their last session and her parting words to them.

Then I saw it was Mannie and Doc Carmichael, another Valley Springs psychiatrist, in the front seat.

Stanford University psychiatrists divided eighty-six women with metastatic breast cancer into two groups - one in which they were encouraged to examine their fears of dying and to take charge of their lives, and the other given no special psychiatric support.

First there was Sandling, unnaturally reserved, a leading psychiatrist introduced as Stebbing and a pale, thin man with alert eyes called Kingman.