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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In psychotherapy we began to discuss what Charles thought and felt about his life as a whole.
▪ She leaves her studio two mornings a week to drive in to the office in Rockland where she sees psychotherapy patients.
▪ She was offered psychotherapy, but this proved ineffective and it was concluded that Jenny lacked insight into her problems.
▪ The chapter concludes with some examples of how insights gained from psychotherapy can be useful in social work practice.
▪ The fundamental reason for this is a fact of ego-psychology which the individualistic fallacy and the therapeutic tunnel-vision of modern psychotherapy obscures.
▪ These drugs can raise spirits enough to permit daily functioning and raise the motivation capacity for psychotherapy, too!
▪ These ideas from psychotherapy help our background understanding of emotional experiences in the later part of the life-cycle.
▪ When possible, psychotherapy is done in a professional office.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Psychotherapy \Psy`cho*ther"a*py\, n. [Psycho- + therapy.] (Med.) Psychotherapeutics.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1892 in modern sense, from psycho- + therapy, in model of French psychothérapie (1889). In early use also of hypnotism. Related: Psychotherapeutic.


n. The treatment of people diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders using dialogue and a variety of psychological techniques.

  1. n. the branch of psychiatry concerned with psychological methods [syn: psychotherapeutics, mental hygiene]

  2. the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means


Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a person change and overcome problems in desired ways. Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual's well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills. Certain psychotherapies are considered evidence-based for treating some diagnosed mental disorders.

There are over a thousand different psychotherapies, some being minor variations, while others are based on very different conceptions of psychology, ethics (how to live) or techniques. Most involve one-to-one sessions, between client and therapist, but some are conducted with groups, including families. Psychotherapists may be mental health professionals such as psychiatrists or psychologists, or come from a variety of other backgrounds, and depending on the jurisdiction may be legally regulated, voluntarily regulated or unregulated (and the term itself may be protected or not).

Psychotherapy (journal)

Psychotherapy is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Psychological Association on behalf of APA Division 29. The journal was established in 1963 and covers research in psychotherapy. The current editor-in-chief is Mark Hilsenroth ( Adelphi University).

Usage examples of "psychotherapy".

It was her own do-it-yourself enchantment, a kind of self-hypnosis, substitute for God knew how many thousand dollars worth of psychotherapy.

If a psychodynamic clinician and a cognitive clinician discuss their teen male clients who love online fantasy games, they may discover some significant overlap in their concepts of psychopathology and psychotherapy.

Old Twentieth psychotherapy, before psychopharmacology, and probably was no more useful than that old game in treating a specific, nameable mental illness.

I started giving my psychotherapy patients little lecturettes about how to help themselves with rewards, desensitization, etc.

Freud banned hypnotism from his system of psychotherapy and, as an entirely illogical consequence of this ban, hypnotism came to be largely neglected in surgery and general medicine, where it is of such inestimable value as a nonpoisonous anesthetic, as a raiser of resistance to infection, as an improver of morale, as a promoter of healing and an accelerator of convalescence.

Whether one is a Freudian or not, this is still the most accurate and succinct summary of all forms of uncovering psychotherapy, and it simply points to an expansion of ego, an expansion of I-ness, into a higher and wider identity that integrates previously alienated processes.

Let's see if we can understand why self-instruction--the most cost effective source of help--has been neglected or mishandled, while expensive and questionable sources of help have flourished, such as individual psychotherapy, psychiatric drug prescriptions, chiropractors, faith healing, astrology, mystical channeling or past lives therapy, illegal drugs for pleasure, etc.

According to a modern writer, the single advance of psychotherapy was clean quarters for the madman.

Darling, I've been driven mad by the world's best brainwashers and put back together again by a computer that does psychotherapy, predicts the future and steers a submarine all at once.

You're required to have at least an associate degree in psychotherapy.

I'll need a detailed record of any treatment he's received - medication, electroconvulsive therapy, psychotherapy, everything.

Research has shown that individual and group psychotherapy do harm (relative to no treatment) in about 5-10% of therapy cases (Bergin, 1975.

There are the practices of yoga meditation, dervish dancing, psychotherapy, Zen Buddhism, Ignatian, Salesian, and Hesychast methods of "prayer," the use of consciousness-changing chemicals such as LSD and mescaline, psychodrama, group dynamics, sensory-awareness techniques, Quakerism, Gurdjieff exercises, relaxation therapies,the Alexander method, autogenic training, and self-hypnosis.

In it he asserted that psychotherapy was of relatively minor value in dealing with serious mental disorders and best left to non-medical therapists.

For several years, apparently, she had striven to relieve her shame with conventional forms of exoneration: counseling, psychotherapy.