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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ During this same period, the earliest prototypes of the Saga were also being written.
▪ But levied over a period of three years it brought in about £80,000 and became the prototype for later subsidies.
▪ Moreover, this human engine became the prototype for later machines, even though they would be constructed of largely inorganic materials.
▪ Now they are building a prototype detector.
▪ The engineers took the design and built expensive prototypes.
▪ The Alpha project replaces an Intel Corp-based i860 workstation that Olivetti built in prototype quantities and originally planned for volume manufacture.
▪ It says it's already built a prototype.
▪ Simple and efficient, it has been developed beyond the prototype stage with a mark one version now in operation.
▪ Time spent communicating with managers is one of the major bottlenecks in developing new product prototypes and packaging.
▪ The Department of Industry contributed to the cost of developing a prototype, between £600 000 and £700 000.
▪ And you can't develop a prototype system because the users haven't got a clue what they want.
▪ The users can compare all these possibilities and develop a prototype before making up their minds on a final design.
▪ How a T-type m-derived section is developed from a prototype T-section is shown in figure 9.8.
▪ They produced prototype designs for such stores, both from Britain and abroad.
▪ The next stage forward is for early prototypes to be produced.
▪ He also produced a prototype steam locomotive burning indigenous peat, which embodied features of the prototype Southern locomotive.
▪ As the MoMo concept emphasises the individuality of design for each customer, Siemens has not produced any prototype trains.
▪ Both companies already are showing prototypes to would-be manufacturers and customers.
▪ Atkinson showed Sculley the prototype, and the former sugar-water salesman was blown away.
▪ He has filed a patent on his idea, and hopes to have a working prototype by the end of the year.
▪ At the time of the Xerox visit, Apple had a working prototype of a machine that reeked of serious intent.
▪ Baltimore is now cited as the prototype of successful civic entrepreneurship.
▪ No damage to the prototype aircraft was reported after its first test flight.
▪ Pilots have begun testing a prototype of the new aircraft.
▪ The prototype of this particular computer was developed by an American in 1975.
▪ Within a year, the company expects to have a prototype for military use.
▪ Atkinson showed Sculley the prototype, and the former sugar-water salesman was blown away.
▪ He also produced a prototype steam locomotive burning indigenous peat, which embodied features of the prototype Southern locomotive.
▪ Its silent prototype - a 30-metre-long surface craft called Yamato-1 - is to be launched in the next month or two.
▪ The two prototype pumps, installed in the eastern Paris suburbs of Colombes and Rueil-Malmaison, use liquid oxygen.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Prototype \Pro"to*type\, n. [F., from L. prototypus original, primitive, Gr. ?, ?; ? first + ? type, model. See Proto-, and Type] An original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype.

They will turn their backs on it, like their great precursor and prototype.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French prototype (16c.) and directly from Medieval Latin prototypus "original, primitive," from Greek prototypon "a first or primitive form," noun use of neuter singular of prototypos "original, primitive," from protos "first" (see proto-) + typos "impression, mold, pattern" (see type (n.)). In English from 1590s as prototypon.


n. 1 An original object or form which is a basis for other objects, forms, or for its models and generalizations 2 An early sample or model built to test a concept or process 3 (context semantics English) An instance of a category or a concept that combines its most representative attributes. 4 (context computing English) A declaration of a function that specifies the name, return type, and parameters but none of the body, or actual code. vb. To create a prototype of.


n. a standard or typical example; "he is the prototype of good breeding"; "he provided America with an image of the good father" [syn: paradigm, epitome, image]

Prototype (comics)

Prototype is the name of two fictional characters from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. The original Prototype was Bob Campbell, who was replaced by the second Prototype, Jimmy Ruiz. These events happened before the first issue of Prototype and Ruiz was then the first Prototype revealed to the readers.

Prototype (disambiguation)

A prototype is something that is representative of a category of things, or an early engineering version of something to be tested.

Prototype may also refer to:

Prototype (Star Trek: Voyager)

__NOTOC__ "Prototype" is the 29th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, and the 13th episode in the second season.

Prototype (band)

Prototype is an American progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1994. The band's current line-up comprises vocalist/guitarist Vince Levalois, guitarist Kragen Lum, bassist Kirk Scherer and drummer Pat Magrath. Bassists Stephen Gambina and Mike Bear and drummers Damion Ramirez and Nic Ritter are former members of the band. To date, the band has released three studio albums, one live album, two extended plays, three demos (with two others unreleased) and one compilation album, and collaborated on numerous other projects. Several of the band's songs are also featured in video games.


A prototype is an early sample, model,of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. It is a term used in a variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics, and software programming. A prototype is designed to test and try a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one. In some workflow models, creating a prototype (a process sometimes called materialization) is the step between the formalization and the evaluation of an idea.

The word prototype derives from the Greek πρωτότυπον prototypon, "primitive form", neutral of πρωτότυπος prototypos, "original, primitive", from πρῶτος protos, "first" and τύπος typos, "impression".

Prototype (company)

is a Japanese software company established on March 27, 2006 by Toshio Tabeta, a former producer of Interchannel. While still with Interchannel, Tabeta's team was responsible for mainly developing and publishing versions of visual novels originally published by VisualArt's for consumer platforms like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. After Prototype split off from Interchannel, the company still continued to work with VisualArt's. Prototype is also involved in producing mobile phone ports through VisualArt's Motto which Prototype manages. Prototype has also produced a set of drama CDs based on Key's visual novel Clannad.

Prototype (video game)

Prototype (stylized as [PROTOTYPE]) is a 2009 open world action-adventure video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision. The game was released in North America on June 9, 2009, and in southwestern parts of North America as well as Oceania on June 10, and was released in Europe on June 12. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released on July 14, 2015 alongside the sequel as Prototype Biohazard Bundle. Separate versions of the games became available on August 12, 2015.

Set in Manhattan, the game follows a powerful yet amnesiac shapeshifter named Alex Mercer who must stop an outbreak of Blacklight, a plague that mutates individuals into hideous violent monsters. During his quest, Alex tries to uncover his past while also coming into conflict with both the US military and a black operations force called Blackwatch. Parallel to the game's storyline is the ability to play the game as a sandbox-style video game giving the player freedom to roam Manhattan.

The game was a critical and commercial success, with critics praising the game for its originality and engaging gameplay. Many reviewers compared and contrasted it with Infamous, another open world action-adventure game released one month prior to Prototype, by Sucker Punch Productions which features a superpowered protagonist with developing powers in an urban world. However, the gameplay and animations of Prototype are very similar to The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, also by Radical Entertainment.

Prototype (Bodies Without Organs album)

Prototype is BWO's first studio album and was released in March 2005. It was a huge success in Sweden, selling over 80,000 copies – and attained platinum status. Most of the album was written by Alexander Bard and Anders Hansson, but "Son Of A Gun", "Open Door" and "Say I Love You" were also written by Martin Rolinski. Marina Schiptjenko co-wrote "Voodoo Magic" with Bard and Hansson. A mix of "Voodoo Magic" is featured in the Swedish vampire flick Frostbiten. Prototype remains the group's best-selling album, going globally approximately 700,000 units.

Prototype (George Lopez)

"Prototype" is the pilot episode and first episode of the television series George Lopez. The episode centers on George getting promoted after 15 years working on the assembly line and has to fire either his mom or his best friend.

Prototype (1992 film)

Prototype, also known as Prototype X29A is a 1992 post-apocalyptic science fiction film.

Prototype (series)

Prototype is a series of open world action-adventure video games that consists of two main games and two comic book series. The franchise is developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision. The games have been developed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. A remastered bundle, that include both games titled Prototype: Biohazard Bundle was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on July 14, 2015.

Prototype (Spin City)

Prototype is the pilot episode of the ABC sitcom Spin City. The episode was written by Gary David Goldberg and Bill Lawrence, and directed by Thomas Schlamme. It marked the first appearance of Michael J. Fox's character Mike Flaherty.

Prototype (1983 film)

Prototype is a 1983 made-for-television film, starring Christopher Plummer.

Prototype (Viktoria Modesta song)

"Prototype" is a song by Latvian/British singer-songwriter Viktoria Modesta. The song was written by Modesta and Hero and was produced by Roy Kerr.

Music critics were mostly positive toward "Prototype", praising the song's empowering message and Modesta's vocal delivery. A music video for "Prototype" was directed by Saam Farahmand.

Prototype (Experimental Products album)

Prototype is the debut album of garage duo Experimental Products (Mark Wilde and Michael Gross). This album was produced and released by the duo on vinyl in 1982. Wilde and Gross also produced the album's cover art.

It has since become a highly sought after collectors item. In 2008, Vinyl On Demand released an alternate album version with bonus "Garage Tracks".

Usage examples of "prototype".

Darts are also improvised from blady grass by two other methods, each a prototype of the spear and wommera.

The roses were still in bloom, and the peonies, destined to serve as prototypes for countless penwipers, were still just coming out.

Lusitano-French planispheres, which is represented by several specimens, all of which are copies from a prototype which has either been destroyed or has not yet been found.

California State and local governments to prepare an integrated prototype preparedness plan to respond to a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California or to a prediction of such an event.

Then we found an all-night silk screener in Hoxton, and they made up the prototypes for us.

His statement is not inconsistent with the possibility that he had the hunter Shipman chiefly in mind as the prototype of Leather-Stocking, with some characteristics added from other hunters, of whom there were many in the early days of Cooperstown.

Monumental prototypes for the Tibetan terraced stupa have been excavated in Bengal and Bihar.

An earlier six prototypes, tested half a tenner previously, had all failed to work.

All has its origin and prototype in the Triune God, and throughout expresses unity in triplicity and triplicity in unity, without which there is no real being and no actual or possible life.

We are not prototypes of things yet unwombed of Time, but part of a change that is.

The prototype whatsit Ashton had been tinkering with caused a flood of speculation which left a thin sediment of hard fact.

The New York JTTF, which partnered seasoned detectives like Napoli with FBI agents like Anticev, became a prototype for sixty-five similar units around the country.

As the Caledonian savages danced through that long-gone night, a thousand years, perhaps, before the prototypes of Joseph Smith, John Alexander Dowie and Aimee Semple Mc-Pherson envisaged the Star of Bethlehem, a new sun looked down upon the distant land of the Athapascans and another scene--American Indian savages.

On Mangalavid they saw programs about a fusion prototype in Chasma Borealis.

Hephaistion would not consider his proposal, and even Eumenes was skeptical, until Casey put together a hasty, toy-sized prototype to demonstrate the idea.