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Popůvky (Brno-Country District)

Popůvky is a small village outside Brno, Czech Republic. The population is about 700. The most heavily used highway in the Czech Republic goes through the center of the village. The village is popular with tourists due to its proximity to Brno. During the time around the Czechoslovakian Grand Prix, Popůvky hosts as many as 50,000 visitors. Popůvky was the birthplace of Wilhelm Puttick (1856-1929), who researched the karst of the Planina Polje (southwestern Slovenia) and significantly contributed to the development of speleology in Slovenia.

Category:Villages in Brno-Country District

Popůvky (Třebíč District)

Popůvky is a village and municipality ( obec) in Třebíč District in the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 77 (as at 3 July 2006).

Popůvky lies approximately east of Třebíč, south-east of Jihlava, and south-east of Prague.


Popůvky may refer to the following places in the Czech Republic:

  • Popůvky (Brno-Country District)
  • Popůvky (Třebíč District)