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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

name of a high, barren limestone region around Trieste; used by geologists from 1894 to refer to similar landforms. The word is the German form of Slovenian Kras.


n. (context geology English) A type of land formation, usually with many caves formed through the dissolving of limestone by underground drainage.


Kilometer-square Area Radio Synthesis Telescope (KARST) is a Chinese telescope project to which FAST is a forerunner. KARST is a set of large spherical reflectors built on bowl-shaped limestone sinkholes, in a karst landform in China. It will consist of about 30 individual elements, each about 200 meters in diameter. A site survey of 288 suitable locations was performed in Pingtang county, Guizhou province, and optimal sites will be chosen towards signal performance.

Karst (disambiguation)

Karst usually refers to Karst topography, a landscape shaped by the dissolution of layers of soluble bedrock.

Karst may also refer to the following:

  • Karst (surname)
  • Karst Plateau , a limestone plateau region in Italy and Slovenia
  • 22868 Karst, an asteroid
  • KARST (Kilometer-square Area Radio Synthesis Telescope), Chinese telescope
  • Karst, a character in Nintendo's Golden Sun video game series
  • Karst Trail, a footpath in Germany
Karst (surname)

Karst as a surname may refer to one of the following persons.

  • Ed Karst (ca. 1931–1992), American attorney and politician
  • Friedrich Karst (1893–1975), German highly decorated Generalleutnant in the Wehrmacht
  • Gene Karst (1906–2004), American, first dedicated publicist in the history of MLB
  • John Karst (1893–1976) American professional baseball player
  • John Karst (1836–1911), German born engraver
  • Michael Karst (born 1952), German track and field athlete
  • Raymond W. Karst (1908–1987), an American former member of the United States House of Representatives
  • P.Karst, a standard abbreviation for Petter Adolf Karsten

Usage examples of "karst".

Traditional products of the Croatian karst hinterland -- livestock, leather, agricultural produce -- were exchanged for the artifacts of more developed societies -- jewellery, knives, Carolingian swords.

The great height of the north-western mountains and the karst nature of the Dinaric mountains emphasise their role as a boundary.

Since the Witches of Estcarp had wrought their magic in the Turning, upheaving the mountains and making the land walk and so destroying the invading forces of the Pagar, who had risen to rule in the southern duchy of Karsten, no one knew what lay overmountain in these days.

Karsten got by actual experiment on cupelling copper and lead in equal proportions, a loss of 21.

Ettin and said that he was a blank shield from past service with the Borderers, one who thought of returning to Karsten.

After dropping down karst highlands, she meandered across grassy steppes, winding into oxbows, breaking into separate channels and rejoining again as she wove her way south.

He could even see plumes of mist, the exhaled breath of hidden caves, rising straight and calm from the splintered landscape of karst and sinkholes below him.

She ran in the wake of the fighters as they moved through the woods like a wolfpack, gathering lost and terrified fugitives and shepherding them back toward Karst.

Karst is a topography created through the chemical weathering of limestone geology containing at least eighty percent calcium carbonate.

Behind Amalfi, Karst began to sing, in an exceedingly scratchy voice, but very softly- a folk tune of some kind, obviously.

Within six hundred million Martian years, life itself retreated, evolving to more hardy forms, leaving behind fossil sea beds and karsts and, last of all, the Mother Ecos and the magnificent aqueduct bridges.

When we refugeed from Gae to Karst, the old skinflint charged me a penny for a loaf of bread—a whole penny!

For in these moments of supreme effort when I had commanded Ice Tongue I believed I had burned out of me most of Tolar memory —even as the Witches of Estcarp burned away their controls when they set the southern mountains to shivering down on Karsten invaders.

Not only was he one learned in the stern art of war (which was of vast use to Estcarp, for that torn and age-worn land was then locked in struggle with Karsten and Alizon, her neighbors), but he had that which the Wise Women could not countenance in a man, some of the Power for his own.