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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Apparently Grijalva has declared himself the moral guidepost for other local pols.
▪ But the mayor had studiously avoided endorsing any of the old pols running.
▪ Forbes is traveling the country at an impressive clip, spreading his flat-tax message and pocketing IOUs from Republican pols.
▪ In his view, Dole is just another Washington pol.
▪ Thereafter the pols rejected Jack as unworthy, and tried to destroy him.
▪ They loved the issues, hated the pols.
▪ They were handshaking, backslapping old-style Texas pols.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1942, American English colloquial shortening of politician.


n. A politician.


n. a person active in party politics [syn: politician, politico, political leader]


Pól is a masculine given name in the Irish language.

Pol (housing)

A pol (, pronounced as pole, ) in India is a housing cluster which comprises many families of a particular group, linked by caste, profession, or religion. Pols are typical of urban centres in Gujarat especially of Old Ahmedabad.

Pol (HIV)

Pol (DNA ymerase) refers to a gene in retroviruses, or the protein produced by that gene.

Products of pol include:

Usage examples of "pol".

Aunt Pol, her splendid eyes ablaze and a fiery nimbus about her, strode through the hall.

The heavy door exploded inward, blasted into splinters, and Aunt Pol stood in the shattered doorway, her white lock ablaze and her eyes dreadful.

Cas and Pol were demigods from her vessel brought back to life after twenty-five hundred years, but their sadness in viewing the Agora, the ancient marketplace, was real.

Pol moved through the market, chewing baklava, licking fingers coated with honey.

Pol seemed much more convivial than Tia recalled him ever being, and completely happy with his brawn, and Chria had that relaxed look of a brawn with the perfect partner.

Pol laughed and made a few softie jokes while Alex and Chria tied up all the loose ends that needed to be dealt with.

Pol, and I had the honour of being present at the wedding--as a fiddler.

Hij schrok zo van de alarmerende onzekerheid van een houding op twee benen zonder steuntje, dat hij nauwelijks merkte dat zijn pols met twee vrij sterke handen werd vastgepakt en hij overeind werd geholpen.

Those who had taken Kenna as an obese caricature of a stupid, crooked pol over the years had generally not survived in the political arena long enough to correct their thinking.

His name was Nol Pol, and he had turned himself over to the Cambodian army only a week before.

Cambodian Nol Pol had been deftly brought into the discussion, and was treated by all of them as an equal.

Creasy picked up one of the submachine-guns and then asked Nol Pol a question in French.

Jens and Jennings stood by the door, watching as Nol Pol climbed into the driving seat of the lead jeep.

Both Nol Pol and Creasy were wearing the Trilux night sights strapped to their heads.

The soldier backed away about a metre, but his gun was still pointed at Nol Pol.