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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And it would be rather pointless if I started trying to ape him.
▪ There has been a long and rather pointless debate on this question.
▪ The first and second would be rather pointless.
▪ It's really rather pointless otherwise.
▪ The fact that this was credible only if the youth was retarded made the moral crux which followed rather pointless.
▪ It's also a fairly pointless exercise, too.
▪ Reviews of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals are mostly pointless exercises.
▪ It looked a pointless exercise, facing a passed partner, but West had his reasons.
▪ Speculating like this was always a pointless exercise but it occupied a portion of any day.
▪ The boys grumbled at this, saying it was a pointless exercise.
▪ We are expecting him back on Monday - but if he's only staying for three days it's a pointless exercise.
pointless drug testing on animals
▪ a pointless, brutal murder
▪ a film full of pointless violence
▪ It's pointless to take notes and then never look at them again.
▪ It's pointless trying to speak to the manager -- she's always too busy.
▪ It is pointless to argue about who is more to blame.
▪ Look, it's pointless us both waiting here -- I'll go and find a phone.
▪ Most people think the project is a pointless waste of money.
▪ Never give your students pointless exercises to do -- always provide interesting, meaningful tasks.
▪ Officials say the investigation is pointless.
▪ People stood in groups, making pointless small talk.
▪ She decided it was pointless trying to work while her mind was on other things.
▪ Simon was probably dead, and it was pointless to think he was coming back.
▪ Speculating like that was always a pointless exercise, but he did it nevertheless.
▪ The argument was completely pointless.
▪ The company says it is pointless to compete in the air package holiday market.
▪ We had to change the sheets daily, which always seemed to me to be a pointless exercise.
▪ Bills with bipartisan sponsorship have been introduced in both chambers to repeal this pointless cruelty.
▪ I felt strong; there was a point to a life that had seemed pointless.
▪ Instead of allowing this to be a frustrating and pointless event, ask yourself why you created it.
▪ It could also be said that without evaluation, proper identification of need is pointless!
▪ It was pointless, we were told.
▪ Until Tuesday night, the question seemed almost pointless.
▪ What she thought intolerable was that people could hate each other in a silly, pointless place where peace was possible.
▪ When you watch them you think it almost looks pointless.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pointless \Point"less\, a. Having no point; blunt; wanting keenness; obtuse; as, a pointless sword; a pointless remark.

Syn: Blunt; obtuse, dull; stupid.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "blunt," from point (n.) + -less. Meaning "of no effect, to no purpose" is from 1726. Related: Pointlessly; pointlessness.


a. 1 Having no point or sharp tip; terminating squarely or in a rounded end. 2 Having no prominent or important feature, as of an argument, discourse, etc. 3 Having no purpose; purposeless; unable to effect an aim. 4 (context mathematics English) Without points.

  1. adj. not having a point especially a sharp point; "my pencils are all pointless" [syn: unpointed] [ant: pointed]

  2. serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; "otiose lines in a play"; "advice is wasted words" [syn: otiose, superfluous, wasted]

  3. lacking import; "a pointless remark"; "a life essentially purposeless"; "senseless violence" [syn: purposeless, senseless]

Pointless (disambiguation)

Pointless is a British television game show.

Pointless may also refer to:

  • "Pointless", a 1985 song by Dinosaur Jr. from Dinosaur
  • "Pointless", a 1991 song by Prong from Prove You Wrong
  • "Pointless", a 2007 single by The Brilliant Things
  • Pointless, a 2014 comedy DVD by Dave Hughes
  • "Pointless", a series 7 episode of the British sitcom Not Going Out (which features the game show)

Pointless is a British quiz show produced by Endemol UK for the BBC, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Contestants on the programme, who play in teams of two, are tasked with finding the most obscure answers to general knowledge questions based on pre-conducted public surveys of 100 people from the UK. A correct answer which none of the 100 people in the survey gave is deemed a "pointless" answer. In the main game, a pointless answer adds £250 to the jackpot; in the final a pointless answer is needed to win the jackpot.

The series was first broadcast on BBC Two on 24 August 2009 before it transferred to BBC One in 2011. To date, there have been 15 series, plus 10 celebrity series. Recording for series 15 ended in July 2015. The show has a peak audience of over 7 million viewers and the format has been exported to other European countries.

Usage examples of "pointless".

She chewed her lower lip as a million places sprang to mind, bat driving aimlessly around was pointless.

In the dingy little dining-room of the Albergo Monte Gazza, a mountain inn miles from anywhere, situation arduous for walkers and pointless for cars, tariff humanely adjusted to the purses of the penniless, his poise and finish made him a grotesque.

And if he had to start with pointless exercises on axolotls, he would do so.

Which had been a pointless order, when a score of undressed bibb is were hobbling down the highway with silver bells tied to their wrists and even the officers were staring at them like starving men seeing a plate of roast beef.

Cerise frowned more deeply, wondering exactly what Coigne wanted, and shook speculation away as pointless.

The pathetic men, the frumpy women, the filthy childreneven some pointless girls.

They made pointless plans, compared notes, frantically raced down to Sunter, to Echomire and Ludmead, to Kelltree and Mog Hill, all the way to Badside, over the river to Brock Marsh, to West Gidd and Griss Fell and Murkside and Saltpetre.

She refuses the swimming pool, the quoits, the badminton, the endless, pointless games.

She tried to still some of the anger, the pointless, unnavigable anger inside her.

And it was this Mercile confronted, this intolerable and pointless, relentlessly gouging fire, howling on inside the unobliterated shell.

After I had made him answer a few more annoyingly pointless questions, I wiped his face with a damp cloth, let him rinse his mouth with well-watered wine, and tucked him in again.

It may be de rigueur in academic circles to moan about the myth of Sisyphus and the pointless futility of human existence, but such an attitude is antithetical to the principles of science fiction.

Sisyphus and the pointless futility of human existence, but such an attitude is antithetical to the principles of science fiction.

In all likelihood, the Autocrat had saved dozens of lives this day by blotting out the leaders in this pointless fight.

More important, however, is that the transfer would improve commerce between the Belt and the Triplanetary population, defusing the more volatile Belter Autarchists, who view trade with Triplanetary as both expensive and pointless.