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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
knock sb unconscious/cold/senseless (=hit someone so hard that they fall unconscious)
▪ Simon could knock a man unconscious with one punch to the jaw.
▪ a senseless act of terror
▪ It was a senseless and cruel murder.
▪ Smashing up trains is such a senseless form of vandalism.
▪ The suicide was described as a senseless waste of a young woman's life.
▪ They beat him senseless, and left him for dead.
▪ We don't want our men and women to die in a senseless war.
▪ And for that reason it was senseless to be despondent.
▪ It is only their courageous sacrifice and innate nobility that illuminates the bloody and senseless war they are involved in.
▪ It was senseless to be despondent, anyway, even as Tom Ripley.
▪ Knock it senseless every hour when it raised its fanged head and decided to sharpen its nasty little claws.
▪ Motoring organisations slammed senseless drivers for travelling too fast.
▪ That contrast of tender sensibility and senseless brutality was etched into my mind, exposing the utter meaninglessness of violence and war.
▪ The act was senseless and completely unnecessary.
▪ This, not the senseless murmurings of useless words, is what quiets her, tells her she is precious.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Senseless \Sense"less\, a. Destitute of, deficient in, or contrary to, sense; without sensibility or feeling; unconscious; stupid; foolish; unwise; unreasonable.

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things.

The ears are senseless that should give us hearing.

The senseless grave feels not your pious sorrows.

They were a senseless, stupid race.

They would repent this their senseless perverseness when it would be too late.
--Clarendon. [1913 Webster] -- Sense"less*ly, adv. -- Sense"less*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "without sensation," from sense (n.) + -less. Of actions, etc., "devoid of purpose, proceeding from lack of intelligence," it is attested from 1570s. Related: Senselessly; senselessness.


a. 1 Bereft of feeling or consciousness; deprived of sensation; unconscious; insensible. 2 Lacking meaning or purpose; without common sense; pointless; meaningless. 3 Without consideration, awareness or sound judgement; unreasonable; unwise; stupid.

  1. adj. not marked by the use of reason; "mindless violence"; "reasonless hostility"; "a senseless act" [syn: mindless, reasonless]

  2. unresponsive to stimulation; "he lay insensible where he had fallen"; "drugged and senseless" [syn: insensible]

  3. lacking import; "a pointless remark"; "a life essentially purposeless"; "senseless violence" [syn: pointless, purposeless]

  4. (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment [syn: nitwitted, soft-witted, witless]


Senseless is a 1998 American comedy film directed by Penelope Spheeris and written by Greg Erb and Craig Mazin. The film stars Marlon Wayans, David Spade, and Matthew Lillard as college students.

Senseless (game show)

Senseless is a British television dating game show hosted by Tom Price which first aired on MTV UK on June 12, 2006. It is aired each weekday at 11pm.

On each episode a male or female contestant chooses a date from six potential candidates, ranging from the handsome to the foul. However s/he can only do this by touching and smelling them inside a dark room; the contestant does not see any of the dates until s/he eliminates the last one at the end of the show. At the end the contestant wins a date with somebody that could either be his/her dream partner or his/her worst nightmare.

Senseless (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

"Senseless" is a seventh season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Senseless (disambiguation)

Senseless may refer to:

  • Senseless, 2001 novel by Stona Fitch
  • Senseless, 2005 novel by Andrea Jutson
  • Senseless, 1998 American romantic comedy film
  • Senseless (2008 film), 2008 movie based on Stona Fitch's novel
  • Senseless, 1962 short silent film by Ron Rice
  • Senseless (game show), dating game show on MTV UK
  • "Senseless" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Senseless (2008 film)

Senseless is a 2008 film based on Stona Fitch's 2001 novel of the same name, starring Jason Behr and Emma Catherwood, and directed by Symon Hynd.

Usage examples of "senseless".

The flagship ballista and the accompanying human warships closed in on their fateful confrontation, reaching the line that would trigger the senseless slaughter of millions of humans inside the Bridge.

The wolf still lay senseless, and the youth Barin was bleeding from a crease-wound across the temple.

The voice, of a smooth, oily timbre, as if the owner kept it well greased for purposes of amiable speech, was like an echo of the past, when jolly, irresponsible Baron de Batz, erst-while officer of the Guard in the service of the late King, and since then known to be the most inveterate conspirator for the restoration of the monarchy, used to amuse Marguerite by his vapid, senseless plans for the overthrow of the newly-risen power of the people.

A point-blank excuseless refusal was, while possible, a senseless course.

Compared with the senseless brutality of Wirz, the reckless deviltry of Davis, or the stupid malignance of Barrett, at Florence, his administration was mildness and wisdom itself.

With their disintegration, cutthroat capitalism, petty-stateism, senseless competition, and canonized selfishness, they have created want and insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, despair and suicide.

Her face was pale as death, with dark patches round her eyes and darker bruises where the mountebank had struck her senseless.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser faced each other across the two thieves sprawled senseless.

Many is the time, as the weariness of my spirit witnesseth, that I have heard Sah-luma rehearse,--but never in all my experience of his prolix multiloquence, hath he given utterance to such a senseless jingle-jangle of verse-jargon as to-night!

Pushing off, with an exhuberant cry, Panthera effortlessly kicked Outher in the throat, kicked him senseless back into the room, and soared backwards through the air, to land on all fours beside me.

As they lay thus, white-veiled women appeared, who crouched by the heads of these sleepers, murmuring into their ears, and when from time to time they sat up, gave them to drink from cups they carried, after partaking of which they lay down again and became quite senseless.

The Pict stumbled and ran into a tree hard enough to knock himself senseless.

But still, it was the kind of story Prew liked too, weird and unreasonable and senseless, almost occult, yet with a thread of hope still running always through it that maybe his theory that all 530 men were basically alike, all hunting the same phantasmal mirror, was true.

They must honor that pact, he told her, they must honor it even if it was frustrating, unnecessary, or outright senseless to honor it, because not to honor it would create more quaggy willy-nilliness in the world.

While I am not prepared to engage this country by new and unspecified commitments operating under conditions which cannot now be foreseen, yet no greater mistake could be made than to suppose that because it believes war to be a senseless and cruel thing, this nation has so lost its fiber that it will not take part to the utmost of its power in resisting such a challenge if it ever were made.