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n. (context mineralogy English) A body of igneous rock formed beneath the surface of the earth by consolidation of magma


n. large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth [syn: batholith, batholite, plutonic rock]

Pluton (missile)

The Pluton missile was a French nuclear-armed short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) system launched from a transporter erector launcher (TEL) platform mounted on an AMX 30 tank chassis. It was designed to provide the tactical part of French nuclear deterrence during the Cold War.

Pluton (disambiguation)

Pluton may refer to:

  • Pluton, word for dwarf planet Pluto
  • In geology, a pluton is a (originally deep-seated) body of intrusive igneous rock (or type thereof)
  • In astronomy, a proposed but rejected term for a category of celestial bodies ultimately named plutoids
  • Pluton, one of the eight French naval ships with that name
  • Pluton, a Spanish Navy destroyer that fought in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American War
  • Pluton (missile), a French missile
  • Pluton, a village in Pipirig Commune, Neamţ County, Romania
  • Pluton (complex) (radio telescope) - unique system of deep space communications and planetary radar built near Yevpatoria (Ukraine) in 1960
  • Pluton or Plouton, the Greek name of the god Pluto; see Pluto (mythology)
Plutonic redirects here. For the Australian gold mine see Plutonic Gold Mine

In geology, a pluton is a body of intrusive igneous rock (called a plutonic rock) that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling below the surface of the Earth. Plutons include batholiths, stocks, dikes, sills, laccoliths, lopoliths, and other igneous bodies. In practice, "pluton" usually refers to a distinctive mass of igneous rock, typically several kilometers in dimension, without a tabular shape like those of dikes and sills. Batholiths commonly are aggregations of plutons. Examples of plutons include Denali, Cuillin, Cardinal Peak, Mount Kinabalu and Stone Mountain.

The most common rock types in plutons are granite, granodiorite, tonalite, monzonite, and quartz diorite. Generally light colored, coarse-grained plutons of these compositions are referred to as granitoids.

Pluton (complex)

Pluton (at 1980ss – Pluton-M) is a system of deep space communications and planetary radar. It was built in Deep-Space Communication Center (real name "85 радиотехнический центр дальней связи с космическими объектами" - "Eighty-fifth Radiotechnical Center of Distance Communications with Space Objects") near Yevpatoria in 1960, and consists of at least three antennas. Three of them are of the ADU-1000 design, an assembly of eight reflector antennas, each with diameter of 16 metres. At the North station, two receiving antennas were built, and a transmitter was constructed 8.5 kilometres away at the South station.

Each receiving dish has a Cassegrain system with subreflectors mounted on quadrapods in front of the dishes. The dishes were placed on two hull of diesel submarines, welded together and laid down on the railway bridge trusses. The antennas of ADU-1000 were mounted on steerable frames constructed from battleship gun turrets and railway bridge trusses.

The Pluton complex supported all the Soviet space programs until 1978, when the Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope was built, then the Pluton became a backup system for the RT-70. The Pluton complex was the world's highest capacity deep space communication system prior to Goldstone in 1966.

In 1961 it performed one of the world's first radar detection of the planet Venus. In June 1962 it performed the world's first successful radar detection of the planet Mercury. In February 1963 it performed successful radar detection of the planet Mars. In September–October 1963 it performed successful radar detection of the planet Jupiter.

On 19 and 24 November 1962, the words « MIR», « LENIN», and « SSSR» were sent in the direction of the star HD131336 in the constellation Libra. These message ( The Morse Message (1962)) are the first radio broadcasts for extraterrestrial civilizations in the history of mankind.

Sometime around November 11, 2013, one (transmitter) of the three antennas was dismantled.

In 1963 Bernard Lovell was the first Westerner who visited this site. In 2009, Lovell spoke of a claimed assassination attempt in Deep-Space Communication Center during the Cold War where the Soviets allegedly tried to kill him with a lethal radiation dose.

Usage examples of "pluton".

Then I return to my lost world--to the whistling, dry-leaved, thin oaks that are not these giant ones--to the stony little hillsides and treacherous river-pits that are not these secure pastures--to the sharp scents that are not these scents--to the companionship of poor Pluton and Dis--to the Street of the Fountain up which marches to meet me, as when I was a rude little puppy, my friend, my protector, my earliest adoration, Monsieur le Vicomte Bouvier de Brie.

Junon, Mars, Vulcan, Pluton, the inevitable Leon, and the indomitable Turc, and all have for the traveler such a greeting as only a band of big, idle dogs can give.

The three played a family game each evening at a million plutons a point.

Godfather is Pluton, bestower of grain and shekels, who, like Hades -- or old Pikollos -- at tends to the business of the underworld, shady business, templeless business, invisible business, underground business, the big pension, the elevator to the fill level, where they let you in but not out, he can't be bribed, you're there to stay, each and all go to Pluto, whom nobody worships.