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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plausibly \Plau"si*bly\, adv.

  1. In a plausible manner.

  2. Contentedly, readily. [Obs.]

    The Romans plausibly did give consent.


adv. 1 (context manner English) In a plausible manner. 2 (context modal English) Not falsifiably, based on available facts and general knowledge.


adv. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence; "he talked plausibly before the committee"; "he will probably win the election" [syn: credibly, believably, probably] [ant: incredibly]

Usage examples of "plausibly".

Their absence was plausibly explained, the next morning, by the young German friend who came in to see the Marches at breakfast.

This motion was plausible, and this time the obstructor spoke plausibly, concealing the temper which really pervaded his opposition.

The contrary might be maintained: that change is more plausibly ranked as a species than is Motion, because change signifies merely the substitution of one thing for another, whereas Motion involves also the removal of a thing from the place to which it belongs, as is shown by locomotion.

And then imagine, quite plausibly, that at the center of this world moves an illegitimate mulatto woman, and that this woman, Cynara, Cinnamon, or Cindy- beautiful and brown- gets to tell her story.

It appeared, by parts of sentences and broken remonstrances, equally addressed to the patron, whose name was Baptiste, and to the guardian of the Genevese laws, a rumor was rife among these truculent travellers, that Balthazar, the headsman, or executioner, of the powerful and aristocratical canton of Berne, was about to be smuggled into their company by the cupidity of the former, contrary, not only to what was due to the feelings and rights of men of more creditable callings, but, as it was vehemently and plausibly insisted, to the very safety of those who were about to trust their fortunes to the vicissitudes of the elements.

Whenever he shaved, the humming small life solid in his hand, what he saw was Lombrosian evidence of a career plausibly honest enough to sell his ideas, his beliefs, to anybody, at any level.

They are more plausibly explained by noncultural taphonomic processes, including carnivore breakage, rodent gnawing, trampling, and modification by river ice.

In the late medieval cures associated with apparitions of the Virgin Mary, most were of sudden, short-lived, whole-body or partial paralyses that are plausibly psychogenic.

By the same reasoning we must conclude that X could plausibly have arisen, directly by a single change, from something slightly different again, which we may call X'.

Could we develop a biological guidance system with the compliance and dispensability of a pigeon but with a man's resourcefulness and ability to infiltrate plausibly?

He'd been working for McKinsey, systematically undermining their GMT-based clients with plausibly terrible advice, creating Achilles' heels that their East-coast competitors could exploit.

What did matter was that the stories could be plausibly presented, and so each traveler would pick a field of business activity in which he had some knowledge.

But if Dad would at least move the thing off dead center--which no one except Nina has done--then, if the Tera awards it to him tomorrow morning, Randy can plausibly argue that it's something other than a computer error.

The number of gigantic architectonic edifices and the number of artistically dressed boulders we can still marvel at today can only be plausibly explained if we assume the primitive erectors of these works to have been giants or beings with techniques unknown to us.

Once the key idea is suggested, the patient often plausibly fleshes out the supporting details.