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Ixtle \Ix"tle\, Ixtli \Ix"tli\([i^]x"tl[-e]), n. 1. (Bot.) A Mexican name for a variety of Agave rigida, which furnishes a strong coarse fiber; also, the fiber itself, which is called also pita, and Tampico fiber.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"thick, flat bread," 1951, from Modern Hebrew pita or Modern Greek petta "bread," perhaps from Greek peptos "cooked," or somehow connected to pizza (q.v.).


Etymology 1 alt. A flat bread pouch used for making sandwiches such as gyros or falafels. n. A flat bread pouch used for making sandwiches such as gyros or falafels. Etymology 2

n. 1 A fiber obtained from the (taxlink Agave americana species noshow=1) and related species, used for making cordage and paper. 2 The plant which yields the fiber.


n. usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling [syn: pocket bread]

Pita (disambiguation)

Pita is a leavened flatbread found in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Pita or PITA may also refer to:

Pita (footballer)

Edvaldo Oliveira Chaves (born 4 August 1958 in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil), best known as Pita, is a former association footballer in offensive midfielder role, currently works as General Manager by Desportivo Brasil.

Pita (film)

Pita is a 1991 Hindi film based on Swedish playwright August Strindberg's play The Father. Directed by Govind Nihalani, the film stars Vimal Bhagat, Satyadev Dubey, Dina Pathak, Irrfan and Shikha Rai in lead roles.

Usage examples of "pita".

Strangely euphotic, she gently replaced it, then raced into the store and filled a-basket with fresh fruit, well as tomatoes, sprouts, cream cheese and pita bread for pocket sandwiches.

Taking pita from a basket, Schnitman dipped a piece in the hummus and snagged a thick glob of the paste.

Just joking yes, yes a figure of speech as they say, I meant the legal profession of course, lawyers all over the land and abroad, pita bread, bagels, baguettes you may even see some children put through college if the.

A tray laden with pita breads, hummus, and olives congeals from the air above her bed, and a wardrobe appears at one side of the room.

He ordered ham, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash brown potatoes, pita bread, and baklava.

Julianne and Angie, on their perpetual diets, ate salad stuffed into pita bread, while Rob loaded his pita with chicken dijonnaise.

For the first time in Nadir's life, his father began telling him stories about growing up in Jericho, about life on the West Bank, about summers hiking through the Judean Hills with his friends, picking olives and begging for scraps of pita bread from owners of Arab cafes dotted along the Jordan River.

They ritually washed their hands, then said the blessing while eating warm pita bread.

She awoke at dawn, toasted some pita bread, washed it down with milk, and surveyed what she had done.

Some sort of dressing was leaking out through a crack in her pita bread and she lapped it off.

The white-suited waiter brought a basket of flat pita bread and a bowl of green stuff to dip the bread in.

Desdemona finished her sandwich and brushed pita bread crumbs from her fingers.

He politely declined and ordered something more familiar, something with pita bread and shrimp, as I recall.

She rattled in Arabic at a fat aproned man behind the counter, and almost at once he smilingly served the humus with a basket of warm pitas and a bowl of olives.

He scooped up all the humus and tehina with the pitas, washed it down with a beer, and was beginning to feel very good and relaxed when Daphna showed up, a man in a blue police uniform following her into the shop.