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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
pita bread
▪ Arrange toasted pita bread on large serving platter.
▪ Every table is treated to a basket of warm pita bread accompanied by a spunky tomatillo salsa.
▪ I drink red wine and heat a pita bread on the gas burner and wrap it around alfalfa sprouts or green linguine.
▪ Lunch here features a fixed menu of sandwiches, salads and individual pita bread pizzas alongside a chalkboard of daily specials.
▪ Mix liquid part of stew with pita bread, moistening thoroughly.
▪ Toast pita bread, tearing into smaller pieces if necessary.
pita bread

n. pita, pocket bread.

Usage examples of "pita bread".

He ordered ham, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash brown potatoes, pita bread, and baklava.

Julianne and Angie, on their perpetual diets, ate salad stuffed into pita bread, while Rob loaded his pita with chicken dijonnaise.

For the first time in Nadir's life, his father began telling him stories about growing up in Jericho, about life on the West Bank, about summers hiking through the Judean Hills with his friends, picking olives and begging for scraps of pita bread from owners of Arab cafes dotted along the Jordan River.

They ritually washed their hands, then said the blessing while eating warm pita bread.

She awoke at dawn, toasted some pita bread, washed it down with milk, and surveyed what she had done.

Some sort of dressing was leaking out through a crack in her pita bread and she lapped it off.

The white-suited waiter brought a basket of flat pita bread and a bowl of green stuff to dip the bread in.

Desdemona finished her sandwich and brushed pita bread crumbs from her fingers.

He politely declined and ordered something more familiar, something with pita bread and shrimp, as I recall.