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n. Any of a group of RNA viruses, of the family ''Picornaviridae'', many of which are pathogenic


n. a group of single-strand RNA viruses with a protein coat


A picornavirus is a virus belonging to the family Picornaviridae, a family of viruses in the order Picornavirales. Vertebrates, including humans, serve as natural hosts. Picornaviruses are nonenveloped viruses that represent a large family of small, cytoplasmic, plus-strand RNA(~7.5kb) viruses with a 30 nm icosahedral capsid. Its genome does not have a lipid membrane. Picornaviruses are found in mammals and birds. There are currently 50 species in this family, divided among 29 genera. These include the Entero-, Aphtho-, Cardio-, Rhino- and Hepatovirus genera. The viruses in this family can cause a range of diseases including paralysis, meningitis, hepatitis and poliomyelitis. Picornaviruses are in Baltimore IV class. Their genome single-stranded (+) sense RNA is that functions as mRNA after entry into the cell and all viral mRNA synthesized is of genome polarity. The mRNA encodes RNA dependent RNA polymerase. This polymerase makes complementary minus strands of RNA and then use as template to make more plus strand. The first synthesized molecule is protein in contrast to all other viruses. So, Overview of picornavirus replication are in order to attachment, entry, translation, transcription/genome replication (one and the same process), assembly and exit.