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n. (plural of virus English)

Viruses (journal)

Viruses is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by MDPI covering all aspects of virology. It was established in 2009. The editor-in-chief is Eric O. Freed.

Usage examples of "viruses".

But after working the last two years for the World Health Organization as an infectious disease specialist, it was inevitable that thoughts of deadly viruses would instantly spring to mind.

Some of the most deadly viruses on the planet are only a phone call away.

Assuming that had been the case, the person would have to have had access to a number of live viruses, not to mention, possess the expertise to develop Dr.

Bruce cared no fig for expansion of the Empire, but he knew there must be viruses sneaking from beast to beast and man to man on the stingers of bugs and flies.

Those were the building blocks of viruses, which were, after all, just scraps of DNA or RNA contained in protein coats.

Much of the incubation period is spent just amplifying those initial few particles into a large enough population of viruses to do their dirty work.

Which had been reduced, Noelle added in her turn, to fifteen hundred by accident and disease before Timshel City was built and the scientists got the alien viruses and bacteria under control.

Timshel settlers against the alien bacteria and viruses, they went one step farther: they engineered a virus that reinforced the natural resistance of the body to disease.

He was interested in the exact mechanisms by which viruses inject themselves into healthy cells inside the human body.

You said Kozinski was working on how viruses alter the proteins in their coats in order to invade cells.

Oh, of course, biological warfare could use viruses as well as bacteria to infect people.

Had they suddenly realized that their work might lead to a magic bullet made out of genetically altered viruses, rather than from toxins?

Those are the ones that coat the outsides of viruses, including altered viruses.

T cells to fight the viruses before they multiply enough to make you sick.

Pretty soon the cell is packed with viruses, and it bursts like a balloon.