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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Consequently, the lytic activity of faecal water was decreased. Dietary phosphate did not interfere with these intestinal effects of calcium.
▪ This includes dietary phosphate and calcium restriction as well as aluminum hydroxide antacids.
▪ Supplementary dietary phosphate decreased the fatty acid concentration only on the low calcium diet.
▪ The bile acid concentration in faecal water also decreased with increasing dietary calcium, and this was not influenced by dietary phosphate.
▪ These protective effects of calcium are not inhibited by a fourfold increase in dietary phosphate.
▪ Quantification of these interactions is essential for a proper discussion of the intestinal effects of dietary calcium and phosphate.
▪ Consequently, precipitation of luminal calcium by dietary phosphate should inhibit these effects.
▪ This inhibition was partly counteracted by increased dietary phosphate.
▪ As shown earlier, taurine conjugated bile acids are not precipitated by calcium or calcium phosphate.
▪ These include the development of tetany and the deposition of calcium phosphate in soft tissues.
▪ In contrast, the unconjugated, carboxylic, bile acids are easily precipitated by calcium phosphate.
▪ Over the past decade many synthetic bone fillers have been made, almost all of which are calcium phosphate or carbonate-based ceramics.
Calcium supplementation increased the intestinal concentrations of insoluble phosphate, which indicates formation of insoluble calcium phosphate.
▪ Increased dietary calcium increased faecal phosphate because the formation of insoluble calcium phosphate inhibits the absorption of phosphate.
▪ The second interferon-induced enzyme adds a phosphate group to a protein that is essential for the synthesis of new proteins to begin.
▪ Transferases are enzymes that catalyze the transfer of groups, such as amino and phosphate groups, between compounds.
▪ Addition of this phosphate group impairs the function of the essential protein, and viral protein synthesis fails to begin.
▪ In the next step enzymes native to the infected cell add two more phosphate groups to make acyclovir triphosphate.
▪ These conformations influence the position of the phosphate group with respect to the grooves of the double helix.
▪ Irvine has presented a detailed analysis of the controversy regarding the role of these two inositol phosphates in regulating calcium entry.
▪ The formation of inositol phosphates was determined as described.
▪ In some cells, there are suggestions that these inositol phosphates may directly activate specific channels in the plasma membrane.
▪ There is growing evidence, therefore, that inositol phosphates may have direct effects on calcium channels within the plasma membrane.
▪ Obviously, careful monitoring of the serum phosphate level is appropriate.
▪ In the latter circumstance, the antacid should simply be stopped for a period of time and the serum phosphate monitored.
▪ It is therefore impossible to predict with certainty what amount of supplementation will result in what increment in the serum phosphate concentration.
▪ An additional reason that serum phosphate may fall is that it may shift into cells.
▪ Conversely, potassium and phosphate are the principal intracellular cations and anions, respectively.
▪ Intravenous phosphate has been recommended for lowering the serum calcium when other measures have failed.
▪ Obviously, careful monitoring of the serum phosphate level is appropriate.
▪ The algae feeds on nitrogen and phosphates which come into the water from agriculture and sewage.
▪ The problem had hit Britain now because we were feeding the algae with phosphates and nitrates and causing blooms.
▪ The repressor also recognizes sequence-dependent distortion or flexibility of the operator phosphate backbone, conferring specificity even for inaccessible base pairs.
▪ The second interferon-induced enzyme adds a phosphate group to a protein that is essential for the synthesis of new proteins to begin.
▪ When cleaned, non-ferrous metals are best brought to a bright finish before priming with zinc chromate or zinc phosphate.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Phosphate \Phos"phate\, n. (Chem.) A salt of phosphoric acid.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a salt of phosphoric acid, 1795, from French phosphate (1787), from phosphore (see phosphorus) + -ate (3).


n. 1 (context chemistry English) Any salt or ester of phosphoric acid. 2 (context US regional dated English) A carbonated soft drink sweetened with fruit syrup and with some phosphoric acid. vb. To treat or coat with a phosphate#noun or with phosphoric acid

  1. n. a salt of phosphoric acid [syn: orthophosphate, inorganic phosphate]

  2. carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid


A phosphate is an inorganic chemical and a salt of phosphoric acid. In organic chemistry, a phosphate, or organophosphate, is an ester of phosphoric acid. Of the various phosphoric acids and phosphates, organic phosphates are important in biochemistry and biogeochemistry ( ecology), and inorganic phosphates are mined to obtain phosphorus for use in agriculture and industry. At elevated temperatures in the solid state, phosphates can condense to form pyrophosphates.

Adding and removing phosphates from proteins in all cells is a pivotal strategy in the regulation of metabolic processes. Phosphorylation and dephosphorylation are important ways that energy is stored and released in living systems.

Usage examples of "phosphate".

Besides containing the volatile oil, Aniseed yields phosphates, malates, gum, and a resin.

It is said, however, that some of the deposits contain considerable quantities of crystalized salts of ammonia, magnesian phosphates, rich in ammonia, but which have been rejected by masters of vessels taking in cargoes, under the supposition of its being sea salt and calculated to injure the sale and value of the guano.

The resulting solution is treated with a small excess of ammonium phosphate and the cobalt again precipitated by the cautious addition of ammonia exactly as before.

Nevertheless, when I gave some phosphate of lime, which is a most powerful stimulant, to several submarginal tentacles already considerably inflected, but not yet in contact with some phosphate previously placed on two glands in the centre of the disc, the exterior tentacles on the same side were acted on.

Now, superphosphate of lime is composed necessarily of soluble phosphate of lime and plaster, or sulphate of lime, formed from a combination of the sulphuric acid, employed in the manufacture of superphosphate, with the lime of the bones.

It is used for the purpose of separating phosphoric oxide from bases and from other acids, and also as a test for phosphates and arsenates.

The branny portion of a kernel of wheat consists of various nutritive elements, with more than five times the amount of phosphate of lime contained in fine bolted flour.

Bone putty is a mixture of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate and tetra calcium phosphate.

This is shown by weaker solutions of the phosphate acting when dropped on the discs, or applied to the glands of the exterior tentacles, or when leaves are immersed.

They make it out of air, water, coal tar, disodium phosphate, vegetable gum, and artificial flavoring.

The only major development was the exploitation of the phosphate deposits of Makatea, an atoll north of Tahiti in the Tuamotu group.

In sixty-eight Australia grants full independence and the chiefs take over the Nauru Phosphate Corporation, which is exporting two million tons of gull poop a year.

The first territory to build on the precedent created by the Cook Islands was Nauru, the tiny phosphate island under Australian administration.

A quarter of a century later, however, the Nauruans were unwilling to accept that sort of solution, and after some years of hard bargaining, became independent in 1968, winning at the same time complete control over their phosphate ore on which previously they had been receiving small royalties.

At one time I felt convinced that morphia acted as a narcotic on Drosera, but after having found in what a singular manner immersion in certain nonpoisonous salts and acids prevents the subsequent action of phosphate of ammonia, whereas other solutions have no such power, my first conviction seems very doubtful.