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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
family/parental expectations (=expectations that families or parents have for their children)
▪ Parental expectations for a first child tend to be quite high.
parental approval
▪ Students must first obtain parental approval.
parental authority
▪ The younger children are more likely to resist parental authority.
parental choice
▪ The aim is to extend parental choice in education.
parental consent (=from someone’s parents)
▪ Students may not be absent from school without parental consent.
parental leave (=time that a parent is allowed away from work to take care of a child)
▪ Parental leave is often unpaid.
parental leave
parental supervision
▪ The three boys often played outside without a lot of parental supervision.
parental/spiritual etc guidance
▪ Children need moral guidance.
▪ Punitive methods persistently used against a background of rejecting, hostile parental attitudes lead, in the long term, to trouble.
▪ A child's response to death will vary not only in accordance with parental attitudes, but also in accordance with age.
▪ Most writers stress the importance of parental attitudes and parental activities.
▪ Now children began to be weaned traumatically at an early age and subject to parental authority in childhood.
▪ Accompanying the greater caring was an intensification of parental authority.
▪ Now it must fend for itself, without parental care.
▪ Many cultures bias their legacies, parental care, sustenance, and favoritism toward sons at the expense of daughters.
▪ In the teenage years, parental care takes different forms.
▪ When parental care is inadequate, children should be placed with those who are best able to care for them.
▪ Men are to be exploited as providers of parental care, wealth, and genes.
▪ They act like huge and flightless cuckoos, as they stroll off and take no part in parental care.
▪ Step nine: Incubation and parental care Once the eggs are laid you must decide what to do with them.
▪ As testing was done on the basis of parental choice these infants would not be screened.
▪ Under the concept of parental choice, schools will be held accountable for their students' performance.
▪ Discrimination and parental choice have come to be linked over a number of issues of current importance.
▪ This would make great sense, if tied to parental choice.
▪ He said the move increased parental choice and responded to complaints that the Government was discriminating against church schools.
▪ These will require, in addition to the factors described in the previous section, an allowance for the effect of increased parental choice.
▪ In education, extended parental choice has been a marvellous idea put into practice effectively.
▪ Somehow, schools must serve and respond to parental choices.
▪ If any prizewinner is under 18, then parental consent must be obtained before the prize can be awarded.
▪ A bill that would have required parental consent for abortions died during the last session.
▪ A minor seeking an abortion was required to obtain parental consent.
▪ And the statutes indicated that you could use reasonable force in terms of restraint so long as there was parental consent.
▪ Entrants under 18 must supply parental consent. 4.
▪ The governor said he will urge the 1997 Legislature to require parental consent for abortions performed on minors.
▪ Informed parental consent was obtained before the study.
▪ It also mandated that no child could be hit without parental consent.
▪ Grants and parental contributions would be frozen at 1990 levels and loans would eventually form half of a student's maintenance award.
▪ Mature students and those who do not receive the parental contribution towards their grant have always been a problem.
▪ Yentob is being slightly disingenuous when demanding parental control.
▪ It targeted families by offering multiple email addresses and parental controls.
▪ Full of self-importance, they take no part in parental duties.
▪ And they have to be safe for the performers, so that the nest-owners can survive to continue their parental duties.
▪ This parental guidance, however, can not always be provided.
▪ Neither does close attention and strict parental guidance.
▪ Her loving parental home, she knows, is only a temporary shelter.
▪ Children often long to escape the parental home and a parent may be severely critical of one particular son or daughter.
▪ Adam lived as far away from the parental home as was possible while still living in north London.
▪ The couple were deluged with rice and we all walked back to the bride's parental home afterwards.
▪ These factors include leaving parental home, marriage, fertility history, occupational change, retirement and sickness in old age.
▪ Janet Seligman's parental home was partly destroyed by a bomb, and Rita May's damaged.
▪ Individuals have no economic rights as parents and no claim to the fruits of their parental investment.
▪ Social Security checks essentially come from the same place that babies come from: parental investment.
▪ Edis and Brabazon have suggested that parental involvement would be improved if parents were given more extensive rights.
▪ On the other hand, sending a child off to a series of lessons can not replace parental involvement.
▪ After the visit the head talked about the importance of parental involvement.
▪ There is a lot of parental involvement and we have made several improvements to give it a better image.
▪ They praised the relaxed atmosphere of the school and the emphasis placed on parental involvement and links with outside organisations.
▪ The ability of the school to enlist - and respond to - parental involvement, will be crucial.
▪ The concept of greater parental involvement was favourably received, and this involvement has increased in the years since Plowden.
▪ Some local authorities also encouraged parental involvement, by setting up consultative panels of parents.
▪ The roles of both parents should be underwritten by proper parental leave and by universal and trusted childcare.
▪ In February 1990, Sacramento became the first county in California to offer paid parental leave to its employees.
▪ It prefers six weeks of state-funded parental leave.
▪ But is there no career penalty for men who choose parental leave?
▪ They have blocked directives on parental leave, on part-time workers and on maternity rights.
▪ How far can programs such as legally mandated parental leaves go toward meeting the individual needs of employers and families?
▪ It helped validate that parental leave was for both men and women and helped change the ratio of use.
▪ We may have contributed to the improvement in the 1980s by changing the name from maternity / paternity leave to parental leave.
▪ As I have said, he was a victim of circumstances, and of a strong concentration of parental love.
▪ No dividend of any imaginable percentage could make parenting profitable-it would just make parental love less expensive.
▪ Contrary to most political and economic models, parental love is generally recognized by biologists to be a very precious evolutionary asset.
▪ Economic considerations not withstanding, parental love will always be the most important asset in the family equation.
▪ However, the 1980 Act requires parental preference to be granted unless one of the exceptions applies.
▪ Views may differ as to whether the religious leaning of the school or parental preference should prevail.
▪ Once again men get the whip hand; they can exercise paternal rights or evade parental responsibilities-as they choose.
▪ Some fathers sincerely tried to become parents, sharing the home workload and parental responsibilities.
▪ This includes an unmarried father whether or not he has parental responsibility.
▪ This cuts to the heart of the problem: parental responsibility.
▪ The person named in the order will have parental responsibility for the child while the order is in force.
▪ Where the application is made on behalf of a parent or person with parental responsibility one form is sufficient.
▪ Richard and Mary will have party status in the proceedings as they each have parental responsibility for Jane.
▪ The new law does not use the terms custody and access but talks instead of parental responsibility, residence and contact.
▪ And what supports do some families need in carrying out their parental roles?
▪ The importance of parental support in effective transition can not be overestimated.
▪ Nor does parental support necessarily end with college graduation.
▪ All the indicators show that parental support helps young people come through solvent abuse quicker.
▪ Some students come from homes with a solid structure and parental support while other students are deprived.
▪ This dependence upon parental support, though necessary if schools are to survive, is socially divisive.
▪ Michael has the initiative and parental support needed for a two-year project, Morgan said.
▪ Perhaps Svend had generous parental support?
▪ The early phase of child-rearing is the time popularly associated with particular reliance upon parental support.
▪ Policy props up parental wishes and desires, but does it acknowledge the effect on the deaf child?
▪ In reply, the Secretary of State said that parental wishes were paramount.
▪ The impossibility of guaranteeing adherence to parental wishes was acknowledged by the government in the provisions of the 1980 Education Act.
parental responsibilities
▪ Critics of such parental activities argue that activist parents should be devoting their energies to lobbying legislatures to fund all schools adequately.
▪ Nor does parental support necessarily end with college graduation.
▪ The adult response of reason is swept away to reveal the small child cowering under parental wrath.
▪ The findings also suggest that recession and growing parental responsibility have resulted in fewer legalized women immigrants working outside the home.
▪ These will require, in addition to the factors described in the previous section, an allowance for the effect of increased parental choice.
▪ This cuts to the heart of the problem: parental responsibility.
▪ When advising an unmarried father it is important to note that party status is based on parental responsibility and not paternity.
▪ Yentob is being slightly disingenuous when demanding parental control.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Parental \Pa*ren"tal\, a. [L. parentalis.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a parent or to parents; as, parental authority; parental obligations; parental affection.

  2. Becoming to, or characteristic of, parents; tender; affectionate; devoted; as, parental care.

    The careful course and parental provision of nature.
    --Sir T. Browne.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Latin parentalis "of parents," from parens (see parent (n.)). Related: Parentally.


a. 1 of or relating to a parent 2 (context genetics English) of the generation of organisms that produce a hybrid n. A person fulfilling a parental role.

  1. adj. designating the generation of organisms from which hybrid offspring are produced [ant: filial]

  2. relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent; "parental guidance" [syn: maternal, paternal] [ant: filial]


Usage examples of "parental".

Sternberg, by an insidious pedagogical Mesmer of an archery coach, from an ambivalent parental Catholicism to Trinitarianism, known also as Mathurinism or Redemptionism.

Bork believed in terrible things like parental notification before a minor has an abortion.

Let us, then, make parenthood the most responsible, the most deliberate, the most self-conscious thing in life, so that there shall be children born to those who love children, and only to those who love children, to those who have the parental instinct naturally strong, and who will, on the average, transmit a high measure of it to their offspring.

What is so often a slothful, unapparent sense of parental and filial duty, was with them a living, active spirit, for ever manifesting itself in some new form.

It was these frequent glimmerings of the man underneath the childhood he was shucking that swept Angevine with true passion for him, that stained her vague parental warmth with something more hard and base and breathless.

Therefore, the actions filed by other agencies to secure legal custodianship of the Din- gillian children should be dismissed in favor of the existing parental rights.

He was a transfer, the result of some headhunt involving a parental unit: these were frequent among the Compounds.

She sees in Saul the househusband who will enable her parental ambitions without disabling her autonomy.

They range all the way from the earliest parental communications, interpreted nonverbally through tone of voice, facial expression, cuddling, or noncuddling, to the more elaborate verbal rules and regulations espoused by the parents as the little person became able to understand words.

On the other hand, there is the constant demand from the environment, essentially the parents, that he give up these basic satisfactions for the reward of parental approval.

I believe that by the time the child leaves the home for his first independent social experience - school - he has been exposed to nearly every possible attitude and admonition of his parents, and thenceforth further parental communications are essentially a reinforcement of what has already been recorded.

The newspaper says that our traditional Parental Laws have been officially nullified by Rehoboth, and a shooting star might break the world in two.

In particular, recall how the evolutionary battle of the sexes has resulted in parental care being provided by the mother alone in about 90 percent of all mammal species.

But, though the patriarchal system is the earliest form of government, and all governments have been developed or modified from it, the right of government to govern cannot be deduced from the right of the father to govern his children, for the parental right itself is not ultimate or complete.

Larkin avowed a sort of parental interest in both parties to the indentures, and made, at closing, a little speech, very high in morality, and flavoured in a manly way with religion, and congratulated Mark on his honour and plain dealing, which he gave us to understand were the secrets of all success in life, as they had been, in an humble way of his own.