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parental home

n. A home that a child or young adult shares with a parent, guardian, or a person acting in the capacity of a parent or guardian. Home of one's parents or guardians.

Usage examples of "parental home".

Aunt Cassandra, after living with the family for forty years, had moved back to her parental home, starting suit against the Buonarroti to oblige them to return her dowry and to pay Francesco's debts.

There was an Indo-Chinese culture in which females affected to ignore the existence of males for an almost indefinite period, remaining in their parental home until the bride's parents insisted that their daughter's husband take over the support of his by-then-numerous offspring.

In the same letter he mentioned the fact that his son had recently sailed for America and that his wife and daughter were making a protracted visit at the parental home of Mr.

Thus in the parental home, Monk had been brought up to speak English and Russian with equal flu­.

They would place a saddle in the gateway to the parental home before the bride and bridegroom entered it.