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parental love

n. 1 The love of parents towards their children. 2 By extension, love which is similar to parental love.

Usage examples of "parental love".

The race had certainly needed parental love in vast quantities to permit its infants to survive.

Even unreasoning animals, like mankind, have a sympathy and parental love for their offspring.

If shame be a powerful affection of the mind, is not parental love also?

While we draw presumptions from shame, one affection of the mind against the life of the prisoner, should we not give some weight to presumptions from parental love, an affection at least as strong, in favor of life?

Sarah-Charlotte made a face, claiming this lukewarm parental love meant she deserved her own car, insurance paid and gas supplied, of course.

Tad sighed with resignation, and submitted himself to the unrelenting pressure of parental love.

Quentin- all react- in different ways- to the lack of parental love.

I don't believe gadgets can substitute for parental love and presence.