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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Park \Park\ (p[aum]rk), n. [AS. pearroc, or perh. rather fr. F. parc; both being of the same origin; cf. LL. parcus, parricus, Ir. & Gael. pairc, W. park, parwg. Cf. Paddock an inclosure, Parrock.]

  1. (Eng. Law) A piece of ground inclosed, and stored with beasts of the chase, which a man may have by prescription, or the king's grant.
    --Mozley & W.

  2. A tract of ground kept in its natural state, about or adjacent to a residence, as for the preservation of game, for walking, riding, or the like.

    While in the park I sing, the listening deer Attend my passion, and forget to fear.

  3. A piece of ground, in or near a city or town, inclosed and kept for ornament and recreation; as, Hyde Park in London; Central Park in New York.

  4. (Mil.) A space occupied by the animals, wagons, pontoons, and materials of all kinds, as ammunition, ordnance stores, hospital stores, provisions, etc., when brought together; also, the objects themselves; as, a park of wagons; a park of artillery.

  5. A partially inclosed basin in which oysters are grown.

  6. Any place where vehicles are assembled according to a definite arrangement; also, the vehicles.

  7. A position of the gear lever in a vehicle with automatic transmission, used when the vehicle is stopped, in which the transmission is in neutral and a brake is engaged.

    Park of artillery. See under Artillery.

    Park phaeton, a small, low carriage, for use in parks.

    industrial park a region located typically in a suburban or rural area, zoned by law for specific types of business use (as, retail business, light industry, and sometimes heavy industry), often having some parklike characteristics, and having businesses, parking lots, and sometimes recreation areas and restaurants. The sponsoring agency may also provide supporting facilities, such as water towers, office buildings, or for large industrial parks, an airport.


n. (alternative form of park nodot=yes English) (partially enclosed basin in which oysters are grown)

Parc, NY -- U.S. Census Designated Place in New York
Population (2000): 54
Housing Units (2000): 29
Land area (2000): 1.395329 sq. miles (3.613886 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.395329 sq. miles (3.613886 sq. km)
FIPS code: 56291
Located within: New York (NY), FIPS 36
Location: 44.668549 N, 73.454735 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Parc, NY
PARC (company)

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated), formerly Xerox PARC, is a research and development company in Palo Alto, California, with a distinguished reputation for its contributions to information technology and hardware systems.

Founded in 1970 as a division of Xerox Corporation, PARC has been in large part responsible for such developments as laser printing, Ethernet, the modern personal computer, graphical user interface (GUI) and desktop paradigm, object-oriented programming, ubiquitous computing, amorphous silicon (a-Si) applications, and advancing very-large-scale integration (VLSI) for semiconductors.

Xerox formed Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2002.

Parc (Montreal Metro)

Parc is a station on the Blue Line of the Montreal Metro rapid transit system, operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM). It is located in the Park Extension district of the Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The station was built inside the extreme western part of the Canadian Pacific's former Park Avenue Station, and connects with Agence métropolitaine de transport's Parc Station.

Parc (AMT)

Parc is an Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) commuter rail station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It is served by commuter trains of the AMT and is part of the Saint-Jérôme Line.

The station is close to the Parc metro station of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), housed in a wing of the former Canadian Pacific Railway Park Avenue station. The AMT station's platforms are built along the main line; the space between the old Jean-Talon railway station building and the railway line, where the original platforms were located, is now occupied by a Provigo Le Marché supermarket and its vehicular access.


PARC or Parc may refer to:

PARC (gene)

Cullin-9 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CUL9 gene.

Parc (film)

Parc is a 2008 French drama film directed by Arnaud des Pallières. The film is based on John Cheever's 1969 novel, Bullet Park. The film stars Sergi López, Jean-Marc Barr and Geraldine Chaplin. The film had its international premiere at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival on 11 September.

Parc (Charleroi Metro)

Parc is a Charleroi Metro station, located in downtown Charleroi, in fare zone 1. It is an underground station featuring a central platform, with street access at both ends.

Interior decoration, themed around the Lucky Luke Belgian comics character, features a fresco of the comics main characters on one side, and a short comics strip depicting a train attack by the Daltons on the other side. There's also a Lucky Luke statue outside of the station, near the park's eastern entrance.

Until February 26, 2012, Parc used to be a dead-end station (terminus of former lines 55 and 88), where trams would arrive from Janson on the western side of the central platform, then park in a short tunnel section south of the station, before coming back in the station for departure on the eastern side of the platform. The parking tracks are now part of the Parc to Tirou section.

The station name (French for Park) comes from the adjacent municipal park.

Usage examples of "parc".

Jos’s Isidor went from his lodgings into the town, and to the gates of the hotels and lodging-houses round about the Parc, where the English were congregated, and there mingled with other valets, couriers, and lackeys, gathered such news as was abroad, and brought back bulletins for his master’s information.

Protection found—as it had to be at Villiers’ house in Parc Monceau—within the building itself.

Tell the old men that if any find him, get word to Parc Monceau but do nothing.

And since Parc Monceau was eliminated, I had no telephone number to give them but my own, which as you know, is a rundown café in the Quarter.

He had a clear view of the Citroën, the taxi which had been summoned to Parc Monceau was no longer there, dismissed by Villiers’ wife.

There was death from Parc Monceau and &Anjou knew it as surely as he knew the dead woman in Neuilly-sur-Seine was Jacqueline Lavier.

All things considered, the assassin might decide to stay as far away from Angélique Villiers as possible, taking no chance that one of his men could be picked up, thus proving his connection, the Parc Monceau connection.

Strangely enough, thought Jason, if there was no one posted in Parc Monceau on this particular night, his entire strategy was worthless.

It was a patently stupid act, serving only to point up the fear of the men stationed in Parc Monceau.

He would see it any moment, and as he held his wrist, he knew why Parc Monceau had struck such chords in his mind’s eye.

He had sealed the pages in an envelope and mailed it to Parc Monceau from Kennedy Airport.

I am going to the Parc aux Daims with Sergeant Méridol and twenty men to capture my quarry while I know where I can get it.

The Parc aux Daims lay about midway between the two cities, to the right of this main artery.

Back at Le Parc he went to the front desk and laid a thousand dollars on the desk.

He went back to Le Parc, where he was still paying for a suite, drove into the garage, and carried his cases up the rear stairs to his suite.