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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pulas \Pu"las\, n. [Skr. pal[=a][,c]a.] (Bot.) The East Indian leguminous tree Butea frondosa. See Gum Butea, under Gum. [Written also pales and palasa.]


Etymology 1 vb. (en-third-person singular of: pale) Etymology 2

n. (plural of pale English)


In ancient Roman religion, Pales was a deity of shepherds, flocks and livestock. Regarded as male by some sources and female by others, Pales can be either singular or plural in Latin, and refers at least once to a pair of deities.

Pales' festival, called the Parilia, was celebrated on April 21. Cattle were driven through bonfires on this day. Pales and the Parilia were strictly connected to the foundation of Rome which took place on the day of their festival.

Marcus Atilius Regulus built a temple to Pales in Rome following his victory over the Salentini in 267 BC. It is generally thought to have been located on the Palatine Hill, but, being a victory monument, it may have been located on the route of the triumphal procession, either on the Campus Martius or the Aventine Hill. According to the Fasti Antiates Maiores, there was a festival for "the two Pales" (Palibus duobus) on July 7, probably to mark the dedication of this temple.

Pales (fly)

Pales is a genus of flies in the family Tachinidae.

Usage examples of "pales".

As a bisexual, Pales was served by both priests and priestesses, usually dressed in big wooden donkey masks.

He/she sat among the rocks, as still as an inanimate object ought to be, enjoying the warmth, admiring Pales, and observing the people who came to photograph or point at Pales, many of them with an air of outrage.

Far overhead the arched ceiling was formed into intricate branches and vaults, a tracery of stone such as Pales had never seen.

Perhaps if you'll explain reckoning in all numbers to Pales, shell explain why you can't march a cohort for two days on sixteen measures of barley and a barrel of apples.

But it is merely a passing wave, soon the blue pales in places and I see the small island of hesitant purple reappear, grow larger, rejoin and reconstitute the suspenders.