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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pasha \Pa*sha"\, n. [Turk. p[=a]sh[=a], b[=a]sh[=a]; cf. Per. b[=a]sh[=a], b[=a]dsh[=a]h; perh. a corruption of Per. p[=a]dish[=a]h. Cf. Bashaw, Padishah, Shah.] An honorary title given to officers of high rank in Turkey, as to governers of provinces, military commanders, etc. The earlier form was bashaw. [Written also pacha.]

Note: There are three classes of pashas, whose rank is distinguished by the number of the horsetails borne on their standards, being one, two, or three, a pasha of three tails being the highest.


n. a civil or military authority in Turkey or Egypt [syn: pasha]


Pacha may refer to:

  • Pacha (dish), a word in many languages for whole boiled sheep's head, feet and/or offal.
  • Pacha (Inca mythology), a concept of space-time and the spheres of the cosmos

In Afghan politics:

  • Pacha Khan, an Afghan leader
  • Pacha Khan Zadran, a powerful militia leader, politician and Pashtun nationalist in the southeast of Afghanistan

In Incan mythology:

  • Mama Pacha, a dragoness fertility goddess who presided over planting and harvesting in Incan mythology
  • Pacha Kamaq, the deity worshipped in the city of Pachacamac by the Ichma
  • Uku Pacha, the underworld located beneath the Earth's surface in Incan mythology

In other fields:

  • Alternative spelling of Pasha, a Turkish military and government rank
  • Pacha (The Emperor's New Groove), a fictional character from the Walt Disney animated canon movie The Emperor's New Groove
  • Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, a commission formed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1995 to provide recommendations on the U.S. government's response to the AIDS epidemic
  • Pacha Group is a nightclub franchise in Spain.
Pacha (Inca mythology)

The pacha (often translated as world) was an Incan concept for dividing the different spheres of the cosmos in Incan mythology. There were three different levels of pacha: the hana pacha, hanan pacha or hanaq pacha ( Quechua, meaning "world above"), ukhu pacha ("world below"), and kay pacha ("this world").The realms are not solely spatial, but were simultaneously spatial and temporal. Although the universe was considered a unified system within Incan cosmology, the division between the worlds was part of the dualism prominent in Incan beliefs. This dualism found that everything which existed had both features of any feature (both hot and cold, positive and negative, dark and light, etc.).

Usage examples of "pacha".

He invited me to come and spend a whole day with him, naming the days when I would be certain to find him at home, but he advised me to consult the Pacha Osman before accepting his invitation.

The second day after my first visit to him being a Thursday, the pacha did not forget to send a janissary according to his promise.

During the two hours that we spent together, the pacha enquired after several of his friends in Venice, and particularly after Marc Antonio Dieto.

The day after our arrival, I took a janissary to accompany me to Osman Pacha, of Caramania, the name assumed by Count de Bonneval ever since he had adopted the turban.

Hij liet ze allen in gedachten voorbij trekken, als een processie van bejaarde dames, die glimlachend en buigend, hem hare quasi zedig blozende dochters voorstelden, als ware hij een Pacha, die er een harem op na ging houden en maar voor het nemen had.

It was easy to imagine that this desolate region, not frequented by mankind, was the playground of unbenign spirits, and he fancied, as the Pacha had done, that elfish beings scoffed among the pines upon the plain.

And he was in the docks when the Turkish Pacha arrived from Singapore.

He invited me to come and spend a whole day with him, naming the days when I would be certain to find him at home, but he advised me to consult the Pacha Osman before accepting his invitation.

A few days afterwards, I dined with the Pacha Osman and met my Effendi Ismail.

Two days afterwards, the cardinal gave me a passport for Venice, and a sealed letter addressed to Osman Bonneval, Pacha of Caramania, in Constantinople.

The cardinal's letter representing me as a literary man, the pacha observed that I ought to see his library.

The effendi, whose name was Ismail, entreated the pacha to come to dine with him, and to bring me.

Still they were most graciously received, as the purport of their intrusion was to induce the vizier to interest himself in their behalves when their cause came forward to be heard and decided upon by the pacha, who in all cases was guided by the whispered opinion of Mustapha.

To-morrow morning I will moor the _Speranza_ in the Golden Horn at that hill where the palace of the Capitan Pacha is.

The Pacha of a Pachalic does not trouble himself with appointing tax-collectors.