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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ousel \Ou"sel\ ([oo^]"z'l), n. [OE. osel, AS. [=o]sle; akin to G. amsel, OHG. amsala, and perh. to L. merula blackbird. Cf. Merle, Amsel.] (Zo["o]l.) One of several species of European thrushes, especially the blackbird ( Merula merula, or Turdus merula), and the mountain or ring ousel ( Turdus torquatus). [Written also ouzel.]

Rock ousel (Zo["o]l.), the ring ousel.

Water ousel (Zo["o]l.), the European dipper ( Cinclus aquaticus), and the American dipper ( Cinclus Mexicanus).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also ousel, from Old English osle "blackbird," from West Germanic *amslon- (cognates: Old High German amsala, German amsel), probably from PIE *ams- "black, blackbird" (cognates: Latin merula "blackbird," Welsh mwyalch "blackbird, thrush," Breton moualch "ouzel").


n. 1 (context now regional English) The (vern Eurasian blackbird pedia=1), ''Turdus merula''. 2 (context chiefly North America English) The (vern water ouzel pedia=1), an aquatic perching bird, (taxlink Cinclus mexicanus species noshow=1).


n. common black European thrush [syn: blackbird, merl, merle, ousel, European blackbird, Turdus merula]


Ouzel may refer to:

  • Common blackbird or ouzel, a species of thrush, all-black in the male
  • Lord Howe thrush or ouzel, an extinct subspecies of the island thrush
  • River Ouzel, a river in England, a tributary of the Great Ouse

Usage examples of "ouzel".

Yet daily with its flattering voice, Talking amid its fluttering wings, Store of ouzel dainties choice With busy bill the poor bird brings.

To the north-west of Buckingham, and both east and west of the Ouzel, the land rises in gentle undulations to a height of nearly 500 ft.

The Grand Junction Canal, reaching the valley of the Ouse by way of the Ouzel valley from the south, has branches to Aylesbury and to Buckingham.

Another ouzel appeared, carrying something in its beak that was not seaweed.

Segnbora said to the first ouzel, which had come back with a piece of kelp nearly twice its size.

He saw a water ouzel with its white cravat flash from the cover of a stone bridge.

A fleeing ring ouzel hurtled across the little clearing on blurring wings, and a sizable shrew, fearing the bear more than the evidence of its nose, rushed in among the men, headed directly for the fire.

American, two species of Otter, habits of, how acquired Ouzel, water Owen, Prof.

For some reason she moved even closer to Ronan, who had no conception of such powers and no more defense against them than a water ouzel might have had.

The water ouzels were bobbing at each other in courtship display, but she always wondered how they could walk underwater without getting their plumage waterlogged.

The larch plantations would be a pale mist on the hillsides, the hazel coverts would be budding, plovers would be everywhere, and water ouzels would be flashing their white breasts among the stones.

Ouzel and throstle, new-mated and gay, Singing their bridals on every spray - Oh, hear them, deep in the songless City!

Ouzel and throstle, new-mated and gay, Singing their bridals on every spray - Oh, hear them, deep in the songless City!