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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merl \Merl\, Merle \Merle\, n. [F. merle, L. merula, merulus. Cf. Ousel.] (Zo["o]l.) The European blackbird. See Blackbird.


n. (alternative form of merle nodot=yes English) (blackbird)


n. common black European thrush [syn: blackbird, merle, ouzel, ousel, European blackbird, Turdus merula]


Merl may refer to:

  • Merl (name)
  • Merl, Luxembourg, a quarter of Luxembourg City
  • Merl (Buffyverse), a fictional character in the television series Angel
Merl (name)

Merl is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Monika Merl (born 1979), German athlete
  • Noah Merl (born 1983), American soccer player
  • Volkert Merl (born 1940), German racing driver

Given name:

  • Merl Reagle (1950-2015), American crossword constructor
  • Merl Saunders (1934–2008), American keyboardist

Usage examples of "merl".

Karaoke bar downtown when I get wind of this lizard demon, Merl, who sometimes does favors for the vampire with a soul.

The head writer, Merl Kinney, was there, gray hair, white at the temples, three-hundred-dollar suit, way too thin for a man his age and way too tan as well.

Angel, Merl and Wes all talking at once, while the Lorne is shaking his head and Gunn tries not to laugh.

I mean, okay, so we - we bust our butts day and night until we find whatever it was that did Merl and this Larch guy.