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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Between 1961 and 1981, the population of the six largest conurbations fell by 2 million.
▪ In the other areas the larger cities and conurbations proved difficult to incorporate in a wider uniform pattern.
▪ In the large conurbations, the creation of unitary authorities has required new quangos and joint boards to handle such issues.
▪ Which is the largest conurbation in this area?
▪ They also came from large conurbations able to provide additional revenue through commercial support and gate income.
▪ In addition, other policies had an adverse effect on the major conurbations.
▪ Work will then start as soon as possible so that major conurbations at least are cabled by 1986.
▪ Even in this case, Redcliffe-Maud recommended a two-tier structure in the three major conurbations outside London.
▪ However, their potential implications for the major conurbations merits their inclusion here.
▪ It failed to create a genuinely corporate approach towards the problems of a single, major conurbation.
▪ Headquarters is located in a major conurbation where there is a wide variety of manufacturing industry.
▪ DONs can be a fast way of establishing links between major conurbations, often by means of fibre optics.
▪ Despite its physical separation from the continuously built up conurbation, Cramlington is now socially a part of Tyneside.
▪ From that moment, it was doomed to become a huge, sprawling, one-story conurbation, hopelessly dependent on the automobile.
▪ However, their potential implications for the major conurbations merits their inclusion here.
▪ It failed to create a genuinely corporate approach towards the problems of a single, major conurbation.
▪ North Shields and Cramlington are both parts of the Tyneside conurbation.
▪ The older conurbations, cores tend to accommodate larger proportions of the unemployed.
▪ The other factor was the need to cater for population moving out of the Tyneside conurbation.
▪ These engulfed some older villages, such as Gosforth, which are now smaller shopping centres within the conurbation.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1915, from Latin com- "with, together" (see com-) + urbs "city" + -ation. Coined by Scottish biologist and urban planner Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) in "Cities in Evolution."


n. a continuous aggregation of built-up urban communities created as a result of urban sprawl


n. an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities [syn: urban sprawl]


A conurbation is a region comprising a number of cities, large towns, and other urban areas that, through population growth and physical expansion, have merged to form one continuous urban and industrially developed area. In most cases, a conurbation is a polycentric urban agglomeration, in which transportation has developed to link areas to create a single urban labour market or travel to work area.

The term "conurbation" was coined in 1915 by Patrick Geddes in his book Cities In Evolution. He drew attention to the ability of the (then) new technology of electric power and motorised transport to allow cities to spread and agglomerate together, and gave as examples " Midlandton" in England, the Ruhr in Germany, Randstad in the Netherlands, New York City– North Jersey in the United States, the Greater Tokyo Area, Taiheiyō Belt in Japan, NCR of Delhi in India, and Southern Metro Manila in the Philippines.

The term is described in Britain, whereas the term is described in the United States to most closely be a metropolitan area by the Census Bureau. It may consist of a central city and its suburbs. A conurbation consists of adjacent metropolitan areas that are connected with one another by urbanization Internationally, the term "urban agglomeration" is often used to convey a similar meaning to "conurbation". A conurbation should also be contrasted with a megalopolis, where the urban areas are close but not physically contiguous and where the merging of labour markets has not yet developed.

Usage examples of "conurbation".

I could see the characteristic bubble-cluster shape of a Conurbation, but it looked dark, poorly maintained, while suburbs of blockier buildings had sprouted around it.

Deathlands, mainly the once-great conurbations, that were totally and irreversibly destroyed.

The sprawling, nuked ruins of virtually every major American conurbation were a breeding ground for every kind of mutation and social perversion.

Why, we're right in the middle of the Northeast Corridor Conurbation, and that's a sort of jungle Fringers aren't well equipped to deal with.

Diana Heywood and Gonzales sat high in the Berkeley Hills, looking onto the vast conurbations spread out beneath them.