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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Os \Os\, n.; pl. Ossa. [L.] A bone.


n. (plural of os English)

  1. n. a mouth or mouthlike opening

  2. a hard brittle blue-gray or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals; the heaviest metal known [syn: osmium, atomic number 76]

  3. (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services [syn: operating system]

  4. the left eye [syn: oculus sinister]

  5. rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates [syn: bone]

  6. [also: ossa (pl), osar (pl), ora (pl)]


See os

Ossa (motorcycle)

Ossa is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer which was active from 1924 to 1982 and reborn in 2010. Founded by Manuel Giró, an industrialist from Barcelona, Ossa was best known for lightweight, two-stroke-engined bikes used in observed trials, motocross and enduro. The company was known originally as Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anónima (O.S.S.A.) and was later renamed Maquinaria Cinematográfica, S.A.. In 2010, the Ossa brand was reborn when the trademark was purchased and a new company began producing motorcycles.


OSSA as an acronym may refer to

  • Officer of the Order of the Star of South Africa
  • Ontario Service Safety Alliance (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Office of Space Science and Applications (NASA)
  • Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (United Nations)

Usage examples of "ossa".

The Investigator made a snapping sound with its fingers and the Ossa attendant immediately departed the chamber.

But there would be a few unreconstructed Ossa among them, the first contingents of what was already being called the Underground Railroad.

This point was made by Plesser and me, and was impressively put into practice in subsequent work by Candelas with his collaborators Xenia de la Ossa and Linda Parkes, from the University of Texas, and Paul Green, from the University of Maryland.

I believe--in spite of our noisy disputes-- that it is, on the contrary, impossible for men not to become some day all at unity buried under the mass of contradictions, a Pelion on Ossa, which they themselves have raised.

Although each river-cloven vale, with streams Arrowy glancing to the blue Aegean, Each hallowed mountain, the abode of gods, Pelion and Ossa fringed with haunted groves, The height, spring-crowned, of dedicate Olympus, And pleasant sun-fed vineyards, were to him Familiar as his own face in the stream, Nathless he paused and asked the maid what path Might lead him from the forest.

Pelion on top of Ossa before I see our rightful privileges overturned!

Olympus, the seat of the Immortals, and Ossa, and Pelion, where he stood.

The giants themselves, those who are actually handling Pelion and breaking their shins over the lower rocks of Ossa, are always advancing in some sort towards the councils of Olympus.

In their stupidity they piled the mountain called Ossa upon the one called Pelion and then both upon Mouth Olympus.