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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Farin a died in a motorcycle accident days after the book came out.
▪ On February 11, 1988, their eldest child, Nicky, died in a motorcycle accident.
▪ Her 32-year-old partner, Nas, was killed in a motorcycle accident on 10 July, 1998.
▪ If you can avoid heroin addiction and motorcycle accidents, you might have a swell time.
▪ In the following spring he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.
▪ Yet he had never ridden a motorcycle himself.
▪ He rides a Japanesebuilt Yamaha motorcycle.
▪ He was arrested for alleged possession of drugs while he was riding a motorcycle.
▪ Two friends also riding motorcycles were with Tyson.
▪ They became friendly and soon started riding motorcycles together.
▪ They have to ride a motorcycle, then a bigger motorcycle.
▪ This was the machine that took the motorcycle racing world by storm 40 years ago.
▪ By 2030 there could be a billion, plus another 500 million trucks and motorcycles.
▪ Cars and motorcycles had been confiscated or were rusting away useless for lack of parts.
▪ Dozens of police motorcycles have been taken off the road in London after routine inspections found them not to be roadworthy.
▪ He was arrested for alleged possession of drugs while he was riding a motorcycle.
▪ Her solution, however, is different: She bought a motorcycle.
▪ On February 11, 1988, their eldest child, Nicky, died in a motorcycle accident.
▪ Read in studio An investigation has begun into an accident which killed a police motorcycle instructor.
▪ Tight shoes A motorcycle with two flat tires.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

motorcycle \motorcycle\ v. i. to ride a motorcycle.

Syn: cycle.


motorcycle \mo"tor*cy`cle\, or motor cycle \mo"tor cy`cle\, n. A two-wheeled vehicle having a motor attached so as to be self-propelled. In common usage, a motorcycle is of heavier construction with larger wheels, a more powerful motor, and a higher maximum speed than a motorbike.

Note: A motorcycle may have a small appended compartment called a sidecar, supported by a third wheel, which can carry a passenger.

Note: In Great Britain as of 1913 the term motor cycle was treated by statute (
--3 Ed VII. c. 36) as limited to motor cars (self-propelled vehicles) designed to travel on not more than three wheels, and weighing unladen (that is, without water, fuel, or accumulators necessary for propulsion) not more than three hundred weight (336 lbs.).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1895, a hybrid from motor + -cycle, from bicycle. Motocycle also was used late 19c.\n\nThe horse follows the crooks of a country road, but then the training of the "motorcycle" (horrid name) will inevitably straighten out the crooks in the country road, and afford long ranges of straight tracks.

[Payson Burleigh, "The Age of Steel," Oct. 12, 1895]

\nRelated: Motorcyclist.

n. An open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels. vb. To motor around on a motorcycle; to ride.


n. a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame [syn: bike]


v. ride a motorcycle [syn: cycle]


MotorCycle is the tenth studio album by Christian alternative rock band Daniel Amos, issued in 1993 on BAI Records. It was the band's first album under the Daniel Amos moniker - as opposed to the shortened DA - since Vox Humana in 1984.

The album saw the band temporarily shift their sound to neo-psychedelia and saw the return of longtime guitarist Jerry Chamberlain. The album was dedicated to the memory of singer-songwriter Mark Heard, who died in 1992.

"Grace is the Smell of Rain" was later rerecorded by lead singer Terry Scott Taylor's other band, the Lost Dogs, for their 2004 album MUTT.

Motorcycle (disambiguation)

A motorcycle is a single-track two-wheeled motor vehicle. It is also known as a motorbike.

Motorcycle may also refer to:

  • Motor Cycle (magazine), a UK publication from 1962, previously named The Motor Cycle
  • Motor Cycle Weekly (magazine), a UK publication from 1977, previously named Motor Cycle and The Motor Cycle
  • Motorcycle Mechanics (magazine), a UK publication from 1959
  • Electric motorcycles and scooters, vehicles with two or three wheels that use electric motors to attain locomotion
  • Moped, a class of low-powered motorized vehicles, generally with two wheels
  • Motorized bicycle, a bicycle with an attached motor used to assist with pedalling
  • Motorized scooter, a vehicle consisting of a footboard mounted on two wheels and a long steering handle, propelled by a small motor
  • Motorized tricycle, similar to a motorcycle, but with three wheels
  • Motor scooter, a two-wheeled motorized vehicle with a step-through frame
  • Motorcycles (film), a 1949 Czech film
  • David Mann (artist), a painter of biker culture
  • Gabriel & Dresden's trance act formed by the duo and Jes Brieden
  • Motorcycle, a song by the Devonshire band The Rumble Strips
  • MotorCycle, a 1993 album by rock band Daniel Amos
  • Motor-Cycle (album), an album by Lotti Golden on Atlantic Records

Usage examples of "motorcycle".

The traffic was bumper-to-bumper on Alii Drive, jammed up by a crowd of thugs who had swarmed onto the road to stomp the driver of a motorcycle that had gone out of control and plowed into a gang of surfers.

All Angels wear this patch, as do most other outlaws, and all it means is that they are proud to be part of the alleged one percent of bike riders whom the American Motorcycle Association refuses to claim.

The letters bdr stand for Black Diamond Riders the legendary Toronto outlaw motorcycle gang led by the even more legendary Johnny Sombrero, known to his mother as Henry Paul Barnes.

How was she supposed to know that every firefighter in Boise loved to ride his motorcycle there on a Sunday afternoon for the ambiance?

There was a squealing of brakes, car horns honking, and suddenly the other motorcycle, too, had reversed direction and was just behind them.

First he said he wanted to go to Brno on Sunday for the motorcycle races.

I started seeing Mel because he was single and not bad-looking and the weekday assistant cook at the coffeehouse, with that interesting bad-boy aura from driving a motorcycle and having a few too many tattoos, and no known serious drawbacks.

The crooks were elated when they saw The Shadow spring from the motorcycle and dive into a clump of trees.

He preferred her as a motorcycle, and Lady Day preferred to take that form, but as soon as the weather turned, she was going to have to take on the form of a little econobox car, unless he intended to take the subway across town to Juilliard.

Blue EU flags already lined the main roads, and large black convoys of Eurocrats drove around with motorcycle outriders, heading from premeeting to premeeting.

Niels Bohr and his wife roaring off on a motorcycle, Werner Heisenberg taking a swim, a bare-chested Enrico Fermi swatting at a tennis ball, and Gamow himself with Wolfgang Pauli on a Swiss lake steamboat.

ANGELS: A Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs appeared in 1967 has there been such a thorough account.

They are the gang out of which all outlaw motorcycle gangs grow, the primal ooze out of which the last link crawls, white trash on wheels.

Angels, like other outlaw motorcycle gangs, reject society, its values, its laws.

The American Motorcycle Association bars roving Motorcycle gangs from membership for casting the sport into disrepute.