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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Osa may refer to:

Osa (canton)

Osa is the fifth canton in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. Located on Osa Peninsula, the canton covers an area of 1,930.24 km², and has a population of 29,892. Its capital city is Ciudad Cortés, formerly known as Puerto Cortés.

Osa (handgun)

OSA (, " wasp") is a family of Russian non-lethal pistols that can be also used as flare gun, flashbang gun or starting pistol. The system consists of the gun (2-4 cartridges, laser target pointer, electronic ignition capsule), and various ammunition types.

OSA was developed in the 1990s by engineer-constructor and weapon designer G.A. Bideev (Г.А. Бидеев). It was designed and is manufactured by the state-owned organizations Federal Center for Research and Manufacturing and The Institute for Science and Research in the Applied Chemistry. The pistol is available in the civilian market.

Usage examples of "osa".

Osa walked three steps away from him and stood at the streetside railing staring out into the yacht harbor.

Over 128 feet long and displacing 215 tons, the Osa was a larger version of the American patrol torpedo boats of WWII.