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flare gun

alt. A large-bore pistol-like firearm used to fire signal flares. n. A large-bore pistol-like firearm used to fire signal flares.

Flare Gun

Flare Gun is an album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. It was released as an LP in a limited edition of 479 copies.

Usage examples of "flare gun".

The Brennan-monster glanced back at the flare gun, flickeringly, then apparently abandoned the idea of hijacking the dustboat.

Murdock took the small flare gun from his fanny pack and broke open the waterproof plastic seal.

She took the flare gun from the chart room, loaded and cocked it, stuffed a few more rounds in her pockets and went to the radio room.

Bolan hastily selected a flare with a short-time fuse, reset the azimuth on the flare gun, and let it fly.

She took the flare gun from her belt and aimed it up and away from the ship, then fired.

Maybe there's a flare gun in that compartment or even a mirror for sending signals.

His loaded flare gun was in his coat pocket just in case anybody tried to give him a hard time, and he strode right up to the suitcase.

Praying against fate that it contained a flare gun or radio, he clambered past her and grabbed the bag.

Then he stuck the Afghan's curved knife into one jacket pocket and the flare gun into the other, and waved both arms.

On the floorboard, behind his right boot, were a flare gun and two red flares.

If by some miracle he makes it this time--well, there's always the flare gun.

While Nancy used the flare gun to distract the terrorists, Mick and Theo would emerge from Kea Lake, free George and Kevin, and guide them out through the underwater passage.

While the others maintained a steady fusillade at the war wags, Dean took Krysty's empty weapon and passed her the second flare gun, loaded and ready.